Megaten Monday Digital Devil Saga Part 13


So last week we finally blew up Bat, this week we’ll be catching up with Sera and Heat!

dds (1)

Well he is in a life or death, kill or be killed kind of situation. I think worrying is a little natural.

dds (2)

I love the over use of that word. Comrades. They throw it around a lot.

dds (3)

And Heat is really being kind of pissy about this.

dds (4)

When has he failed her exactly? Cielo did, and Gale did, but when did Serph himself fail her?

dds (5)

That can mean only one thing….

dds (6)

Heat’s getting rather passionate about their fake battle though.

dds (7)

Did I mention that it was kind of part of the plan? Serph dodged more then enough to show his own prowess. And heaven forbid I hit Heat with warcry…..

dds (8)

Especially seeing how you keep stating that fact over and over and over. We’re strong, I’m strong, the weak get devoured blah blah blah.

dds (9)

You are so right girlie. What good is strength without brainpower backing it up.

dds (10)

Yeah we all knew that was coming like four pictures ago…

dds (11)

But Sera quickly pushes away and runs off leaving Heat frustrated and confused.

dds (12)

Just in time for the party to return from their pseudo successful venture.

dds (13)

Heat has now mastered the art of deception. First a feint to trick the enemy now a lie to your fellow tribe members faces.

dds (14)

That’s bad  right?

dds (15)

Ah the wolf pack is on the verge of being snuffed out.

dds (16)

So our next course of action is either snuff out the remaining wolves, or slam tackle Varin. The colonel seems to be more of a plot focus so the wolves will probably just be written off.

dds (17)

That could hurt.

dds (18)

You are not. Fear is an emotion and Gale still hasn’t awoken to those yet.

dds (19)

I’m with Cielo.

dds (20)

That is a very good very valid point.

dds (21)

Argilla: Varin is ugly and his face paint is stupid….Jinana on the other hand…

dds (22)

Or that answer works too.

dds (23)

Funny no one asked you….

dds (24)

And yet that rule is no longer in effect. Just lie how Bat was able to betray Jinana.

dds (25)

No really?

dds (26)

I like how she looks equal parts mystified and confused. I also like that they weren’t even really conscious of the game breaking apart around them.

dds (27)

If they accepted as easily as the Maribels did anyway.

dds (28)

It has nothing to do with the sheer bulk of dead soldiers.

dds (29)

And then this little nameless Embryon peon comes running into the room with the oddest message. Someone from the Wolves wants to speak to the Head of the Embryon….

dds (30)

It’s the one and only Lupa. Leader of the wolf pack.

dds (31)

The Vanguards place?

dds (32)

Onward to another trap!

dds (33)

So it doesn’t take very long at all before we are standing face to face with Lupa. This man is big and intimidating.

dds (34)

And blunt. Really really blunt.

dds (35)

Which means he interacts well with Gale who is in fact the exact same way.

dds (36)

And then we can go to Nirvana because that would be game set match.

dds (37)

Seems like a pretty good deal, if it’s legit of course.

dds (38)

Gale being Gale whips out his boot knives and puts one to Lupa’s throat. He  wants reassurance that this is not a trap.

dds (39)

The words these people toss around so casually…

dds (40)

Gale does not comprehend.

dds (41)


dds (42)

Very good question Gale because I sure as hell don’t see it in you.

dds (43)Anyways I’ll catch you guys here again next week. See you then.


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