Mobile App Review: Pinball Deluxe Premium

Pinball Deluxe Title screen

There are certain types of games that I must have while on the go, so generally I carry my Gameboy Advance so I can play Tetris, Operation C, or Dr. Mario. I don’t play many smart phone apps because I learned how bad I am at games that lack a tangle button press. They simulate it well enough with that “bump”, but it doesn’t have the same feel. I miss the keypad. But if there is one game that could be easily adjustable to a smart phone format, it’s pinball, and Deluxe Pinball doesn’t disappoint!Pinball Carnival TableAvailable on most marketplaces (Google Play, Amazon App Store, Blackberry World) for the Android phone (sorry, iPhone users) and tablets, Pinball Deluxe is the best Pinball app game I’ve played. The five tables that are available are each very unique, varying in size and themes, and littered with a variety of challenges to keep you busy. The sound effects are pretty authentic, though some tables lack the clacking of the flippers. I play the game on my Samsung Stratosphere, which is a grade below the typical Android model, yet it still runs pretty smoothly and I experienced very little lagging or slowdown. Seldom has the game crashed in my time of playing it and upgrades to the Premium version will almost get rid of the bugs. The key word here is almost. Sometimes (mostly on the Wild West table, the ball will get a mind of its own) the ball will hiccup and pop back upwards or gain even more speed, leading to some cheap ball losses.

Great Tables

The five tables, as said before all look pretty cool. Perhaps the most creative idea is the Brix Arcade table, which looks like a spiritual successor to Super Breakout Bricks

There can be a lot going on. Different colored balls will appear, each with a different function and purpose (score multipliers, additional bumpers, etc.) to help clear each generating screen. It really does harken back to some classic Atari games and becomes a battle of endurance to see how long you can survive this ordeal! I found it very intense and adrenaline-pumping, and while it might not fit the theme of authentic pinball tables, Brix’s approach certainly does have a nostalgic arcade quality. In contrast, there is the Diving for treasure table, an ocean themed stage that honestly has the least going for it. It’s way too big and spacious and at times I just found myself waiting for the ball to roll down to the flippers so I can bat it upwards and watch it roll for another 14 minutes.

Diving for treasure

Pretty Close to Realistic Physics

While the ball rolls around with the velocity of a real pinball, the flippers aren’t pressure sensitive, so no matter how soft or hard you whack the ball, you hardly feel it. In fact, hitting the flippers seem to slow the ball down more than speed it up. Aiming your shot can be a bit of a pain, being that you can’t force the ball in any particular direction, meaning the ball has more say over where it’s going than you do. I hope that this a small snafu that is corrected in updates.

In Closing:

If you love pinball and gots  to have it on the go, this one shouldn’t disappoint. It may not be perfect, but really does simulate the real thing more than other pinball apps. A fast running speed, a cool variety of tables with fun mini games, and a multiplayer mode to challenge your buddies as to who the real Pinball Wizard may be makes this a very solid mobile app game. Some slightly off flipper-to-ball physics and the Wild West table kind of buggy are the only real faults on this otherwise very enjoyable title.





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