Shin Megami Tensei What The Hell Moments

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Hello again Megaten fanboys and fangirls. Today I answered a challenge from Colonel Fancy. This was to narrow down my list of Shin Megami WTH moments down to a top ten list. I decided to leave off Persona 4 announcements, as well as P4 arena since it technically does not have the Shin Megami logo on it. Warning this will contain spoilers.

Coordinate 136 stands out really strong against the pile of other WTF’s because it seems like such a jump in scenery from the rest of the Junkyard. A castle? With speakers droning on and on about Princesses and Princes, and you even have a fairy navigator named Twinklebell. The castle’s monsters are all troll and fairy type monsters and the Princess is being held on the top floor.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I thought “Nothing Atlus does could possibly still surprise me.” And then Teddie grew a human. I had a lot of questions racing through my mind at this point. Things like how is this possible? Will he be a human in combat now? What if my Teddie got hurt in combat? What would be the repercussions on the human inside the suit? While he was growing was it like I had a pregnant woman in my party?

I really expected that Chiaki and Isamu were going to look just as awesome in there ultimate forms as they did in their half demon ones….and then I saw this….
Huh? What the hell is even going on there? I mean it looks like a giant whale with nubby limbs. Awkward. And then it has his face…and even more offputting his hat? Why is the giant whale thing wearing a hat?

Russian faith healer Rasputin joins the long list of real life individuals that have appeared somewhere in the Megaten universe. And just like Hitler was a zombie we find the famous emissary was in fact a robot. This information was gained by the way of trying to beat Rasputin over the head with a beer bottle…and knocking his head off…. oops….

Shadow Maya honest to god infiltrated your party and traveled with them for an entire dungeon. It wasn’t even a freaking short dungeon. It was one of the longest in the game. She was there the whole time! I had no freaking idea!

Shin Megami Nocturne was an exceptionally weird game, but one of the oddest aspects of it came in the form of the shop keeper Manikin. Read the dialogue box up there in the picture. It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out why he’s on my list.

Honestly Hitler on his own wasn’t too amazingly shocking, but what did make him a wait what? Was the fact that nobody even reacted to it. I mean the party is just standing there like “Oh yeah we fought Hitler today. So how about some coffee?” What the Hell Atlus?

One of the funniest things about pretty people is that changing one small detail about them will likely make them less pretty. By that reasoning taking two pretty (by this games standards) people and shoving them together you get a scary SOB wearing a thong. It has Serph’s eyes, Sera’s boobs and waist, Serph’s arms and ass…. and then to top everything off Heat calls it cute. ?????

Shadow Kanji
Shadow Kanji terrified me the moment that I saw him…. Well terrified and made me laugh my ass off. I really think I was okay until he started grinding his hips at me.

If I’ve ever been more shocked by a game then Serph Sheffield is the villain then I can’t think of it. In what was probably the most badass turn around in video game history we find that Serph, the man your hero is based of off was a truly despicable human being. The lowest of the low. Responsible for multiple deaths, including most of your party members. Chaos dammit!


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2 Responses to Shin Megami Tensei What The Hell Moments

  1. ColonelFancy says:

    Congratulations for finding a way to narrow this down to ten. No easy feat, given the freakish amount of material they throw at you per game. And seriously, a floating whale face-beast!? I’m waiting for the head to tell Simba to return to Pride Rock and defeat Scar!!


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