NIS-fest: Ar Tonelico Melody of Elemia – Part 1 – Things are Bad

ArTonelico Cover Art

Okay, I couldn’t think of a cute, phonetic title (if you have suggestions, hit me up for some!) I’ve had this game for years and have always wanted to play it, but time has been sparse. Seeing as it has made up to three entries in the series, it must be doing something right.


They were called Bronies.

2014-06-26 09.36.23

In a nutshell, the upper world of Sol Ciel is pretty much a living computer where virtually every function of society is based on data that can become sentient, and potentially dangerous if something went horribly wrong. I see this as an intentional design flaw on part of Geek Squad to maintain their services in the future…past…of this place.

The prologue ends and somewhere in a room, there’s a lot of shaking going on!


leard2 a new virus

leard a new virus 2

A group of unknown viruses have begun an attack, leaving Leard here completely frustrated. He might need somebody in military garb to “talk to him”.

2014-06-26 09.40.49

His son, Lyner (who looks and dresses too much like Cless from Tales of Phantasia for my tastes) informs him of the situation. You can tell he’s an RPG lead character because he has one big shoulder protector.

leard3 Lyner is confident

Leard4 waiting for orders

whose knight are you

By the way, doesn’t his dad just have a face you can trust? Lyner is stepping out of protocol and demands that a head on attack without answering to your superiors is the proper course of action. Lyner isn’t old enough to know the bureaucratic way of handling things in games and anime; wait until the situation is way out of control, then declare martial law! He is reminded that he is under command of Lady Shurelia!!

2014-06-26 09.46.23

…Who is wearing a helmet so big and awkward, I didn’t see her mouth, and with that form-fitting, oogle-worthy chest plate, she looks like she was designed by Aksys. Shurelia and Lyner proceed to find out the source of this fracas.

leard when will you grow up

Well, jeez! I see that taking action is for effective people, Dad!

the virus monster

Lady Shurelia and Lyner meet up with their other comrade Ayatane and encounter one of the viruses, which looks to me like a Puzzles & Dragons monster.a first taste of combatThen comes a scripted battle sequence that doesn’t really give you this gist of how the combat in this game works just yet. It’s turn-based, so I was very happy to learn that.

monster no sells

After striking the beast several times, it becomes transparent!!

monster invisilbe

lyner attacks invisible monster

Oh boy, here we go. It’s transparent, like that space between your ears!!

we mus retreat

Realizing this is going nowhere fast, Shurelia decides it’s safe to regroup and recalculate a  strategy. Aww, but I wanted to see Lyner try to beat up a dotted line with a broad sword!

platina power is knocked out

These creatures are pretty witty, as they knock out Platina’s power supply like this was a scene out of Aliens.

platina meeting

We can only hope the enemy is patient enough to wait until we have countermeasures in order to defeat them.

Ayatane stays behind

These creatures can instantaneously teleport and our trio is cut off before getting very far. Ayatane, NO!! That guy that we met seven minutes ago!!! Well, this pretty early, but at least it’s playing the stakes as being high.

lady shurelia orders and feelings2

lady shurelia feelings and orders

I’m going to side with Lyner here. Because sticking around and lamenting the immediate loss of a comrade and making their sacrifice in vain is the knightly thing to do. I never understood why this irrationality comes up in fiction so often, especially when so many of today’s characters are a part of a military faction of some kind. You can’t be surprised if your comrades might get munched by Titans, it’s a very high possibility and you knew that prior to signing up!


orders and feelings3

Don’t make me sick Armin back on you, Lyner.

There is a waythere is a way2

The power of dance!

there is a way3

Lyner is now tasked with the nearly impossible job of heading to the surface world and locating the one item that can put a stop to this virus onslaught. The only way to reach the surface is via airship, which Lyner has second thoughts about using.

there is a way4

“But I’m not flight certified yet. I’m still working with Microsoft Flight Simulator!!” Lyner, in full Japanese RPG hero bravado, vows never to leave anyone else behind again

lyner will not leave shruelia

Shurelia stays behind“Besides, your fruitless sword swing at near-invisible objects is far to funny and distracting with so much hanging in the balance.”


Now hurry and board it. Two kids from S.E.E.D. hijacked our red one that we had sitting on standby and we can’t take anymore chances!


Shurelia give Lyner a Hymn Brooch that will help him find the Purger Crystal that will aid in defeating these monsters. Don’t f*@k this up, kid.


Lyner takes flight…


…and seriously gets knocked out of the sky in about 20 seconds. That has to be a record for whizzing it down your own leg!

mysterious girl

A mysterious young lady watches as Lyner tries to land his jet in Top Gun.

lyner is healed

The mysterious girl looks over Lyner’s corpse, and seeing no external wounds from crashing a high-speed vessel into the ground, deduces that he needs medical attention.

lyner is magiked She then immediately bolts off, leaving Lyner on the ground.

lyner survives a fallEhEHEHEH!! Just shrugged that right off!! “How inconvenient!! Not a scratch on me despite not being buckled in, or even properly ejecting!! A parachute would’ve gotten in the way!”

Lyner recapsWell, her healing magic didn’t fix Lyner’s brain damage, since he can’t remember what super important task he was left with before being shot down all of 4 minutes ago…story recapHe needed a sepia-toned flashback…

story recap2To recall what I just saw!

the hymn broochthe hymn brooch2“In my pocket!? What sleight of hand trickery is THIS!?” I feel Lyner might swallow the damn thing if he gets any stupider.

new placeNow it’s time for Lyner to explore this new surface world and hopefully will find the Purger Crystal before his loved ones and comrades become malware. UNTIL NEXT TIME!!!



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