Nintendo’s E3 2014 Retrospective: My Personal Sleeper Titles


I’m totally camp Nintendo, so I was pretty psyched about some upcoming hardware, and with E3 come and gone for this year, I wanted to spotlight five Wii U titles that really caught my attention. Sure, there are some guaranteed heavy hitters, like Super Smash Bros., Bayonetta 2 and Hyrule Warriors (both I am excited for), but there were some games that are bringing some creativity, intensity, and overall universal entertainment for gamers of all types (unless you’re an EA fan) that could be some dark horses.

Xenoblade chroniclesX Logo

The spiritual successor to the first Xenoblade on the Wii, this one looks packed with a big story, a fantastic environment to potentially explore, and could be a solid RPG series exclusively to the Wii U. Xenoblade Chronicles The gameplay looks very much like Monster Hunter. It seems fast, efficient, and responsive. There aren’t a lot of RPGs that boast the science fiction theme that I have been fond of, what with the goofy handling of the Xenosaga series, and Star Ocean trying too hard to mimic the early 2000’s Final Fantasy formula, I really like the first game’s linear-style action. It put me in the mind of The Last Story, my favorite RPG on the same console.Xenoblade Chronicles XI really miss Japanese RPGs and the Xenoblade games look to incorporate that feel back into a genre that seems to be dominated by Western dev teams.



Sonic still seems to be shaking off the stigma left after Sonic 06, but I still admire Sonic Team’s efforts to put the Blue Bomber back in video game relevance. Sonic Boom looks to be a step in the right direction. I’ve never seen the TV series this game is based on, but after viewing the trailer, my curiosity is certainly piqued.

Sonic Boom 1The darker tone really put me in the mind of the SATam Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon and the new villain looks really imposing, an improvement over the Sinister Six from Lost World. They really felt out-of-place for a Sonic game, and the series needs to stop trying to delve into mystical lore. The Chaos Emeralds were fine, we didn’t ask for secret rings, soul scepter, magical knights, or that Silver the Hedgehog goofball! Sonic is at his best when it’s the forces of nature versus Robotnik’s cold, heartless, industrial empire!! Our four signature heroes return sporting new, redesigned models, providing a long-awaited…Sonic Boom Knuckles is BIG                                                                     WHOA!!!!!!

Me shocked at this

Knuckles suspended

Well…okay, that is apparently happening. It’s certainly different, I’ll give it that, and he at least has fingers. As I look into more of this game, there is a good chance that I might like the more I see. With the new character designs, the potential for co-op play, and a turn in tone without sacrificing the snarky comedy sonic has always been known for, this could help revitalize the franchise altogether! And please, stop calling him Eggman!! It has never sounded cool!

Devils-ThirdDevil's Third Lady Nintendo doesn’t always make games for kids, and Devil’s Third looking at having a lot of fun with their Mature rated title…to almost comedic degrees. I could not stop smiling while watching the trailer and the gratuitous violence (with a combat system that looks to blend first person shooter with third person melee brawler) and explosions! One of the titles that Valhalla Game Studios acquired in the fallout of THQ’s bankruptcy, Devil’s Third has been in development since 2008, so one of the things people have been chewing it up for is how “last Gen” it “looks”. I don’t care about visuals, as long as the layout is easy to convey, I’m a happy camper. Devil's Third 2Just based off what I saw, it looks like slicing up guys will be as fun as it was in Metal Gear: Rising Revengance in a Saint’s Row universe. Time will tell about the flexibility of the combat, as I am sure they wouldn’t want one favor heavily over the other

Devil's Third cinema

 I will confess, I really lay it to these lead characters in a lot of these action titles as bland, brooding, greasy guys with guns and no distinct personality (the lead character in Just Cause 2 or Darius Mason from Red Faction Armageddon). Ivan here looks like an open book that needs to be read!

hakushiYou would have to be a trained mercenary, you can’t apply for Target with that!! The first thought that ran through my head is that he looks like former WWF wrestler Hakushi with all those body markings. So, he wins instant points from me for having a very captivating appearance. I will be making my preorder as it becomes available. He sounds pretty witty and sarcastic, so the more he puts me in the mind of a Bruce Willis or Nicolas Cage from the mid 90’s and those style of action flicks, the more I think I am going to like him. Nothing against Liam Neeson,  or Jason Statham, but those two never gave me any wacky one-liners.


Now THIS looks like a multiplayer dream!! I have never really partook in online multiplayer on consoles, I have always stuck to playing Command & Conquer and StarCraft on PC for my multiplayer mayhem. There is a good chance I will change my opinion with Splatoon.Splatoon screenshotOOOOOOHH, the colors!! This looks to be pumping with adrenaline! The object of winning is to cover as much area with your ink before the timer runs out. You can swim through you own colored ink by transforming into a squid, making you go faster. Special power-ups, like a super jump and smart bombs look to available as you build up your power meter. This looks to be a blast, putting it in mere text really can’t do it justice, so here:


Giant Robot Miyamoto

 At the Treehouse Live event, style game where the object is to knock over your opponent, so Sumo rules apply. The right and left analog sticks control your right and left arm, respectively, while tilting the Wii U gamepad will control how far you lean and sway. Attempts to win mainly with brute force will not get you very far, and the robot customization will have you create any style of robot you choose! Just keep in mind the size and dimension of your bot will have serious implications, as that will factor in how fast you move, or easy it will be to topple you over!

Project Guard

Project R screenshot

 The issue that Miyamoto was stressing the most is making games fun for not just the person playing, but for people who watch you play games. He believes that the true entertainment value of a game is if someone who may just be a casual gamer, or doesn’t play many games (if any at all) could participate without having to understand the context of what is happening. Project R could be this generation’s KABOOM!!, not only one of my favorite Atari 2600 games, but one of my favorite games ever. You take the role of a solitary security guard, whose base is being overrun with aliens and R.O.B robots. By positioning the 12 cameras to provide the best view, you shoot the oncoming barrage until the required number is defeated. Bird robots can knock out your cameras, black ninja robots can’t be detected with your radar, so you must stay vigilant! If any enemy reaches the center of your base, Game Over!! The benefit of having someone else to keep an eye on the screen with you could make this a really fun co-op game. Miyamoto and his assistant were encouraging onlookers to assist, and when there are lots of people shouting numbers like it’s the Price is Right, it can get severely hectic. I think that I can say, with no doubt in my being, that this might be the game I am looking forward the most to playing on the Wii U. I really do appreciate Miyamoto’s craft of discovering unique ways to enjoy a video game. Cinematic cut scenes, EXP, large elaborate skill sets, and open worlds comprise a majority of today’s gaming, whether it’s your thing or you hate it is a matter of opinion. Shigeru Miyamoto continues to show a passion for wanting to discover new ways of having fun with the basic mechanics of the game itself. It’s the core foundation that has me and other gamers alike playing video games for most of their lives. Whether it’s Pikmin, Super Mario 3D Worlds or Star Fox, he really does develop games with the gamer’s senses in mind; using your wit and reflexes to conquer a scenario feels so gratifying and rewarding.


Miyamoto with Real robot



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