Natsume Takashi, Madara, and Kogitsune


Hello again SIMON faithfuls, after carefully hunting through Rakuten I found my next treasure to review. Today may I present to you Natsume, Kogitsune, and Madara.

So we’ve got a nice start with Natsume’s hair. It’s just a tad bit bushy which is nice, I hate it when their hair looks completely flat. He also has nice eyes, they look very compassionate as he looks down at Kogitsune. His mouth has very little definition and I’m not very fond of the pink line as well.


I like the cut of his shirt quite a bit, it shows off a nice bit of chest without being too revealing. I think this is a good thing personally I think Natsume is a bout as buff as a piece of paper. The shirt itself has some nice wrinkles on it and the shading here looks pretty damn good.


Natsume’s pants aren’t too tight, unlike what I’m used to for anime figures. It looks like he bought clothes that actually fit him. there are a few wrinkles around his crotch that accentuate his body decently.


Natsume’s jeans are done relatively well, I like the wrinkles on his bent leg quite a bit.


And he’s wearing a pair of simple black shoes. Slip ons, that have a grey heel. The paint here is pretty good. No real problems so far.


Natsume is loosely holding what I think is supposed to be a bunch of flowers. I really think they could have afforded to sculpt this a little bit better, it just comes off kind of messy.


Peeking out from behind Natsu’s leg is Madara, who looks fantastic. The decals for his face are really well applied and I love how totally mischievous he looks. The paint on the top of his head looks really good too.


Oh my god, then there’s this insanely cute little guy here. He is so cute, I absolutely adore him. I am a little sad though that he has no definition between his nose and mouth. I think his expression is perfect, he looks so happy. Dadadadada I’m loving it!


He’s wearing a very simple kimono, it’s a flat brown, but it’s pretty nice. I really like the folds in the fabric. Especially were the kimono meets the obi, it looks nice, and his colours are in nice contrast to Natsume’s.



For some strange reason though the obi is perfectly flat. Awkwardly so even. I wish they had done just a little more with this area.


The bottom of his kimono doesn’t have as much detail as the top, but it still looks pretty good.


Kogi has really thin legs, but you can still the shape of his calves as well as his nicely defined ankles.


His toes and sandals are pretty poorly painted. I’m not very fond of this bit.


Natsume’s profile is pretty questionable, it makes a great reminder why this is the elusive forbidden angle. Does it look horrible? Not really just kind of average.


In typical Natsume fashion he has a kimono hanging off of his shoulders. There’s a kind of nasty seam line on the breast of the kimono.


I love the colour palette on this thing, I really like how it fades from a dark green down to light green and eventually into white. I also think that the pink flowers pop nicely.


There is a seam line running down the side of the kimono, but you can only really see it on the white portion of the fabric.


Natsume’s hair looks fantastic, the layers are really nice, and the definition is fantastic.


The back of his kimono is very pretty the green gradient going down the back is absolutely gorgeous. And the wrinkles that accompany it’s blown look is very nice.


I didn’t honestly even notice the lighter pink flowers at first, but they look very nice as well The decals are applied really good. It’s a gorgeous kimono.


I also like that the pattern isn’t perfectly consistent. There are some small flowers, some large flowers, and even a few tiny blossoms scattered about. The light pink flowers stand out fairly well against the green.


Kogitsune is clinging to the back of Natsume’s shirt, it’s way cute.


And in return Natsume has his hand resting on Kogitsune’s back.


He’s got a great tail too. It looks really fluffy.


He has one foot raised and his sandal is hanging loosely on it. The paint job on this foot isn’t much better then the other one.


The butterfly is a cute touch. Putting some design on it may have made it look a bit more realistic, but I like it regardless.


Madara’s rollie poly body is awesome, I love that he has no real body shape. Just round cat parts….


Yeah I think he looks damn near perfect.


He does have a kind of questionable seam running along his side though.


Now that I’m looking a bit closer he has a seam running down the side of his head too…..


The base is covered in these little leafy bits, they kind of make me think of a fairy circle….


Very pretty.

Cute dynamic between characters

Gorgeous colours


A little derpy

Poorly painted feet


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2 Responses to Natsume Takashi, Madara, and Kogitsune

  1. Lehst says:

    D8 augh. I was just researching Natsume figures yesterday, and this one caught my eye. No~~ now i really want one xD.

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