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I was so excited about the announcement of Amy getting figures that I hastily ordered all of them sans the Figma (they are pretty much dead to me). The first one of them that came home to me is Sega’s Amy. She looks okay for a once over, let’s look a bit closer.


Amy’s got a nice head of hair, it’s got good detail and frames her elongated face quite well. Yeah, I really intend on starting this review with the oddball shape of Amy’s head.It’s really awkward because it not only looks too long, but like she stuffed her cheeks too. Like monkey/chipmunk chimera Amy. Her green eyes are gorgeous, and the decals were applied very nicely. I wish I could say the same for the blush on her cheeks, however they aren’t lined up at all. You can tell from the white spots in the blush….both are going right…in other words one is directly under her cheekbone and the other one is at the halfway point of her eyeball. It’s weird. Really really weird.


Grace rests kind of flat against Amy’s arm. Not like she’s running, or standing, But kind of like she laying Diagonally on  Amy’s arm. Her paint job is the pits. The only thing on Grace’s head that looks like it was painted right are the inside of her ears.


Then there are her eyes. One eye is significantly farther back on her head then the other one and there’s no form of pupil. That white spot that you see is light reflecting. Grace looks like a demon. No joke. Okay slight joke but really her paint is crap.


I’ve wondered for a while now, does Amy know how to dress herself? Is this a vest that she doesn’t know how to wear right? Or is it a wrap that she cut holes in the shoulders. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s kind of sexy but what is it? I strongly dislike the fringe on her wrap. With a few defining lines scattered about it, it would have looked a whole lot nicer. Not very pleased by the lack of attention here.


I’m usually fairly forgiving about seam lines going down the sides of my figures, mostly because at your average display angles you won’t even see them. There are three separate seams in this picture alone. One on her shirt, one on her stomach, and one going down her skirt. And from the display angle. Ack! I am however very fond of how her back muscles look from the side.


Her cute little wrap skirt is held shut by a leather belt and it has this long leather piece going down her side. It looks like an unfinished gun holster. There is just a little bit of movement in her skirt and it does look very nice.


I’m pretty fond of her legs. They are nice full meaty things. She has fantastic thighs, that lead down to nice knees.


Her calves look pretty good too. I’m glad to have found something I like on her.


Back to the negatives though. I hate her feet, the paint is hideous all over her sandals. I mean I know her skin is supposed to be tanned, but brown? Oh wait that was supposed to be on her sandals… oops my bad. Her feet are also insanely flat. There is no arch to her foot at all, there all so isn’t any curve for her heel. This is ridiculous. How can you even justify feet this bad? These feet make me so happy about this.


Amy’s hair is pretty cute, I like the hair clip a lot, and her ears look great.


I think Grace looks really cute when you can’t see both sides of her head at the same time. The paint going down her back looks okay, but there is a little bit of chunky paint on her side.


The back of Amy’s whatever this is nice, I like the way it looks kind of wind whipped. I do wish that her hair showed some of the same movement, but things don’t always go my way. I don’t think I need to restate my feelings on the tassels.


She’s got a fairly nice back, I like how you can see how she’s twisting reflected on her skin.


Oh my God Becky look at her butt, it is so big. She looks like one of those rap guys girlfriends. Right so anyway Amy is little in the middle but she got much back. Okay seriously I’ll stop now….. Seriously though, they wanted you to know that Amy has one hell of an ass…..


Her calf muscles are very nice, I love good legs.


Because her feet needed to get worse she has a injection mark on the back of each heel.


Her hair does have very nice layers to it. It looks full of body and really good. I also love the little braids that come out from behind each ear.


Her shoulders are very sexy, but I don’t like that her wrap doesn’t actually rest against her skin. It does in fact look like it’s floating. So odd.


The seam going down this arm is kind of oddish, because it doesn’t go straight down the middle, but instead it goes the full length of both sides. In other words you can see it from any angle you try to view this figure at. That’s no good.


Amy does have fairly nice hands though, they have just enough definition to look good without going overboard. Strangely enough the nails on her pointer and ring fingers don’t seem to be anywhere near as defined as the other three fingers…


The pouch at her waist is pretty nice, the paint job on the pouch is decent, but not stellar. Now that I’m actually looking at it though the top rim of her belt isn’t painted at all. That is kinda lame.


Continuing on with the lack of anything pleasant about her feet, her ankles aren’t defined either, they might as well have not given her toes for all of this.


They did a better job on this hand, it doesn’t look like any of her fingernails were removed, and I like the positioning of her fingers quite a bit.


The decals on the front of her wrap are poorly applied and do not line up with the raised area.


Amy has a nice bust, not too big, not ridiculously small either, she has the body of your typical teenage girl (plus ghetto booty). Her tatas are well shaped and look pretty natural and I do like the wrinkles around them. She also has a fantastic stomach, I love how her muscles look, especially how her structure matches up with how her body is turned.


Her skirt looks fantastic, I love the wrinkles. It looks down right stellar sans my personal issues with the fringe.


29Her legs look magnificent from the front angle, especially at the knees, the sculptor did a great job with this.


30If we go back and lift up her wrap we get a nice view of her collar and the lacing on the front of her shirt, which looks really great.


Amy comes with her satchel bag, which is painted pretty well. Honestly it’s got the best paint job on the figure.


The bag rests on her base, to draw a bit more colour to the figure, but I also think it pulls a lot of attention away from her. Given the figure quality though….that might not be a bad thing.


She is tall

Great Legs

Cute Hair



Horrid Feet

Crap Paint

Seams Everywhere

It Cost Money


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