The Great Haul- May 2014


Wow. We are almost half way through the year! It is hard to believe how far we already are. This month was pretty productive as far as loot goes, and interesting too. Tekizen and I decided to make this month good, because we are taking June off. Don’t fret though, there will be plenty of content for S.I.M.O.N. We have some really great loot planned for June, but only two of which are pre-orders!! I know that’s crazy, but it’s a fact Jack! May though had some really great stuff, lets take a look.


The first loot of the month is no stranger to our blog. Cb27ded reviewed her some time ago. Unfortunately as her collection grew Kureha was displaced. This was a lucky break for me, as I had been eyeballing her for awhile. This is one of my wish list items for May!! If you are interested in the review you can find it here.


Next up was Kuroko from Big in Japan. I was pretty excited about this figure at first, then I got his Megahouse statue, and …uh…well….


I think this is honestly my favourite figure from this month. She looks really nice, and represents Sailor Moon very well. She also already has a review, check it out! Megahouse recently announced a statue of Serena, which is pretty exciting, but I don’t think it will be as cool as this Moon!


This one is kind of funny. I really am not a fan of these Sailor Moon action figures. I have already sold Serena and Amy. I meant to cancel Venus, but somehow she slipped past me. I decided to give her away, but I kept Artemis. No seriously, I like him, so I kept him, and gave away the figure. Oops.


Tekizen snagged this awesome Ringo figure off of Ebay. Can’t look a gift horse in the mouth there. She was well worth the money.


This box was pretty awesome! Morgianna was definitely the highlight here, with Kise being a close runner up. The pettankos were a bit disappointing.


I was starting to wonder where the heck my Sakura was. Cb27ded had gotten hers weeks ago, and mine was just missing. Awkward. I don’t know what Big in Japan did with my box, but it took forever to get here.


This little dude game as a surprise. I ordered him from Rakuten, but the surprise was that he showed up without me paying shipping. I got him for 3$. I am not complaining, but it was quite unexpected.


We got one other Rakuten order this month. There should have been three, but one still has not shown up, so I’m sure she will pop up in June. This box was really great! Tekizen found an awesome figure of Black Jack, that we had never seen before. He wasn’t even categorized in MFC. He is now ;P I was able to snag Lily, who was on my list of 24 items to strive for this year! That makes three!


Edit: Black Jack missed the picture….


Tekizen, ColonelFancy, and myself got a pile of cool looking Pokemon shirts from Pop Up Tee. These were pretty awesome!


This was our first month doing LootCrate, which for those of you that may not know, lootcrate is a $20 a month blind box of goodies. This month’s theme was Adventure, and drew me in with the promise of Zelda trinkets. I absolutely love the shirt, and the bottle opener. I am pretty fond of the skeleton as well! I will definitely do this again.


The next bit of loot this month was Tekizen’s Persona fan book. I don’t know anything about this, but she sure does love the thing!


Lastly the reason my post is late, is because the night of the 31st Tekizen, dad, and I were out late snagging autographed t-shirts from our favourite driver!!It was a great night at the races!

That is all for May, but I not joking, there is already cool stuff here for June, and we are only on day 2!




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I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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