Megaten Monday: Amala Midnight


Hello there. How would you like a special edition of Megaten Monday? Brilliant I thought you’d like that. Well then today we’re going to take a peek at The Amala Midnight Championship Edition by Black and Persona.


Right, so the cover was designed to grab attention. That’s that gut from Persona 4 (the only game in the series) right?!?!? What you don’t notice right away are the shadowy figures behind him, which include Serph, Hitoshura, Mr Space Marine, Aleph, and Tatsuya.


Inside the front cover there is a handy index telling which game each story will focus on as well as who the respective artist is.


The first story is The real bitches of St Hermlin High: The Prom Queen Quest. I had a hard time trying to decide if this one was funny or not honestly. So here’s what Persona-sama did, for this story he took the Revelations cast and completely localized them, not just their names. Mary and Ellen were pulled straight out of the 90’s, Brad was appropriately useless (and cuddly), Nate was blessedly barely there, and Mark was the blackest guy ever. I mean that. By all rights it should have been downright offensive, but honestly watching the girls convert a SEBEC secret entrance into a dance hall was way too awesome. There is however some heavy language in this one…I mean it was based off of the nineties…..


Also Colonel Sanders IS the coolest Persona user ever. No that’s not an opinion it is officially a fact.


Virginal Damnation was probably my favorite of the comics in this book. Probably because it pokes a lot of fun at Tatsuya who is my overall favorite Megaten lead so far. The name comes from the ongoing fanbase joke that Tatsu will never have a stable relationship in any world in the multiverse. There are various jokes at the expense of the casts collective intelligence and various times where it’s called out that they are shameless perverts.


There is also an awesome obscure Sailor Moon reference. I love Black for including this.


Where as I said that the first story could be seen as generally offensive to everyone, the second story actually holds more questionable themes. Tentacles, Nazis, references to Rini, gay relationships, and Lisa….so pretty much all the stuff you’d warn someone about before they played the game.


The most eligible Demi Fiend shows Hitoshura wandering through the Amala Network trying to figure out why he doesn’t have a love interest. So our satanic, shirtless, and single bad boy crosses time and space to try to find the right lady.


All with varying levels of success of course. There’s also an amazing jab at Dante in here. I really enjoyed this read, it was pretty fantastic. I’m not going to spoil who the love interest was in the end, but I will say the relationship has my full support.


Daily Lives of High School Cannibals opens with three reasons why you should do play DDS. The first two are Tribal Warfare and Cannibalism. the third reason is always in your face, but as River Song is so fond of saying “Spoilers.” This one is fun since we get to see the DDS cast all over the board.


I love Heat trying to explain what a kiss is to Serph. They also end up in Pokemon for a page, why? To try to eat their Pokemon of course.


And eventually they end up in high school, Serph is In a girl’s uniform for obligatory jokes about having the nicest ass in the Megaten multiverse. The other tribe leaders are there as other teachers or students. It’s fun and well written…but there’s a severe lack of Roland. Oh and the fairytale part is so melt in the mouth sweet I think it gave me diabetes.


Welcome to the Persona 3 is from the POV of Minato Aristao in a new game+. As though he retained his memories from the last play through. It’s a fairly awesome idea riddled with great timing. Igor and Elizabeth also make an appearance.


In there somewhere Minato has a dream where in he meets Raidou, Serph, and Hitoshura, each who leaves behind a gift when he wakes up. The joke at the end of this story is totally killer.


The fall of Mr Space Marine introduces us to the cast of Strange Journey as they try to overcome racism, sexism, and sleeping with a member of the Cyphre ‘family’.


I think this section was particularly fantastic as far as the art went. The demons all looked great, kudos as always.


And the comedy had great timing.


Soul Hacking My Way to Ultimate Power was probably my least favorite. I haven’t played Soul Hackers yet. Sorry. I’m sure it meant more to others. Hitoshura was awesome though!


Persona 4Koma was the most redundant (shockingly) part of the book where in Yu Narukami tried to prove he could summon a Persona from any type of card. It started off really funny but feel kind of flat after a few pages.


The Persona 4 Koma’s did Segway nicely into The Super Wanton Violence in Amala Midnight Fight Championship 2012. Where in Teddie gathered various Megaten leads together to have an ultimate showdown. It was pretty awesome considering I got to see Tatsu cut at least two people in half…..


The ending is of course decided by you based on your choices.



Very Funny

Great Art

Diverse Characters

Diverse Stories

A little something for every Megaten fan



A few typos

Dat was used in reference to someone’s ass…….

Over sexualized Demi Fiend hips…..wait is that a con?


Black and Persona’s works can be found here: You can also purchase a copy of Amala Midnight there.


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