Noriaki Kakyoin Di Molto Bene

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen who frequent SIMON, newcomers as well for that matter. My name is Tekizen and today I bring you a super special treat, my favorite character from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders, Noriaki Kakyoin!


Restore did a brilliant job on Noriaki’s face, yeah I really mean that. I love the furrowed brow and the arched eyebrows, even though the rest of his face seems pretty impassive. There’s reason for that of course, he was always cool as a cucumber until the enemies had fallen into his trap. His eyes are serious, he’s staring straight ahead, I do wish though that they would have chosen a slightly darker green for his eyes, you know so the colour might have been a little bit visible…..


The sculpt of his hair is fantastic, whatever we call this weirdo do of his, it’s sculpted perfectly accurate to his character design, with the long piece poofing up and over. The lines defining this gravity defying hairdo look fantastic and depth for a design that would look like it fell out of Yu-Gi-Oh instead.

3Not an angle that I regularly talk about, but I love Noriaki’s jawline. It looks fantastic!


Over the course of writing for SIMON I have made endless fun of girls who simply must be wearing clothes made out of saran wrap, but I think this takes the cake. Clearly those buttons should actually be bulging just trying to keep this shirt on him, I mean honestly look at those pecs! If he were wearing a muscle shirt this would at least be in the realms of acceptable, but seriously guys? What the hell. And he’s the slim one of the group O_O  In other news though I’m going to draw your attention back to his collar, specifically the gold paint here does not stay where it’s supposed to, the gold buttons trailing down his chest don’t come off much better either.


The amazing tightness of his shirt continues on down to his waist, however at least there are wrinkles here which kills a bit of the impression that he might have just painted his school uniform on. And yes I did say that.


Now also seems to be a good time to note that Kakyoin here is incredibly hippie. I mean most girls would kill for an hourglass figure like this. Okay okay maybe not, but seriously look at how thin his waist is compared to his shoulders and his hips.


Just like his shirt Noriaki’s pants are tight in all the right places, exemplifying the shape of his hips, thighs, and calves much more nicely then this fan girl can honestly appreciate. They also did an ample amount of shading on his crotch and thighs….. You know for the ladies.


Grease proved a lot of years ago that being sewn into your pants is perfectly reasonable. And honestly that or a supreme lack of fabric softener are the only ways I can imagine pants this tight. Yet they still have wrinkles……hmmmm…… I really wanted to cosplay as this guy once upon a time, but I think I might be changing my mind…..


I’ll be honest leather brown loafers wouldn’t have been my choice for foot wear while trekking across Egypt, but, his shoes do look good. Very classy.


Another thing that I pretty much love they gave him back his classic earrings (changed for the first anime series) back to cherries. They were his favorite food, so I thought the choice for earrings was cute….well as cute as anything in Jojo can get……anyway…


His hands look nice, though there is a mold line cutting across his fingers, but the definition on his hand more then makes up for it. They provided nice definition of the bones in the hand, gave him  fingernails, and added subtle shading to his skin. That’s a lot more then a lot of figures offer.


Seriously his waist is ridiculously small. The folds in the fabric of his shirt look fantastic however, I wish school uniforms really looked like this. Anyway Di Molto did a nice job with the shading between the folds. Very nice.


The inside of the shirt (jacket, thing) is a nice off white that contrasts very nicely with the rest of his wardrobe, it does however have one small spot near the bottom where the paint scuffed.


It’s a bit hard to see, harder even then to get a good picture, but he has pants pockets, which when you can’t really see them is a nice tough, unnecessary but definitely nice. I’m a bit surprised that the fabric isn’t pulled completely taut across his thighs but I’m pretty sure it’s so they’d have an excuse to make his ass all that much more detailed. Sorry no pictures of that after my Kaiba review Topiki threatened to cut off my thumbs if I tried again….


So one point of minor disappointment for me is the choice of hair colour, I like the reddish brown well enough, but so far the only accurate depiction of his actual hair colour was the Medicos Entertainment action figure. Right bright pink, Would it look as good? Probably not but dammit I want an accurate Kakyoin, also ‘Like a Boss Keanu Reeves Sunglasses’ as an alternate option would have blown me socks right off.


Because of the mold line on his fingers, it actually kind of makes it look like his pointer finger is a little dirty. which honestly is kind of funny. Regardless though I really like how his fingers curl against his palm. It looks very nice.


Kakyoin has a very nice profile, it’s very well defined, and pretty damn masculine. I also like (a lot) how the shorter parts of his hair still look wavy. It’s pretty fun all things considered. I wonder how much hair gel he used….


Kakyoin is in the prototypical male figure pose, of hips thrust forward, shoulders back. I don’t get this, and god willing I never will.


The fabric blowing back behind him though looks amazing, I love how wind swept it looks. Magnifique!


And the paint along the edges looks great, it’s even and thick and I couldn’t ask for more then that. If your going to find annoyingly thin paint it’s always on trim. This figure does not have that problem.


Really now just make them a little tighter….


Those classy brown loafers have nice seams on the back of them, which make them stand out a little bit more then your average school shoes.


I really wish they would have painted his earrings better, but it’s in the back so it’s something I can live with. Kakyoin’s hair gets a bit longer in back so it brushes his shoulders, it’s not exactly a mullet, but I have no real words to describe it either….a paradox maybe?


Surprisingly Noriaki’s back is nowhere near as detailed as his chest. You can see his shoulder blades, but after the pecs I really expected a bit more here.


The back of the figure looks fantastic, the sartorial seam going down the back is magnificent and I love that it isn’t just some straight line, but instead follows the flow of the fabric.


His other hand is curled into a fist, it looks pretty nice. Though it doesn’t have the same room for detail as the other one.


I love how the bottom of this shirt (?) looks, it’s blowing out nicely in a manner that makes you think of a dramatic action scene. Personally I think of the fight with J Geil every time I look at tis toy.


I love drama coats….


Last thing I’m going to talk bout in regards to Kakyoin himself is this seam on the side, it’s definitely eyecatching if your looking for flaws, but otherwise it’s kind of hard to spot.


Kakyoin comes in a bizarre looking purple and black box. The gold trim is nice, and so is the lettering up at the top.



Three StarDust Crusaders Party Members have now been made into figures

Fantastic Sculpt

Great Details

A Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure figure that’s pose doesn’t scare the hell out of me


Sloppy Seams

Minor Paint flaws

Would have loved Pink Hair…..



About Tekizen

I am a thirty three year old fujoshi. I adore Aniplex and Capcom both to a near criminal degree. I love cosplaying. Some of my favorites to date are Miles Edgeworth and Chrollo Lucifer. I am also currently working on Varuna. My absolute favorite genre is mystery. I LOVE a good mystery. I have a varying degree of fandoms. I love a lot of different anime, but I can honestly say I love old school american cartoons just the same. My favorite book is The Bacta War in the Star Wars X Wing novel series. I finally beat the Demi-Fiend! He was freaking hard!. I think that's all for now though.
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