Megaten Monday: Digital Devil Saga Part 4


Hello again faithful Simon readers. Here we are at the temple this week to see what direction this whole tribal warfare thing is going to take.



So the trip to the temple itself was actually really easy. No fighting necessary! Always a good thing. As it turns out though the temple is in fact not a temple. It’s the giant megailith tower we saw in the opening sequence.


Each tribal leader has one of these rings that they insert into these pillars to verify that they are who they say they are. It’s also how you access the stores to buy guns, ammo, and healing items.


So there are these ummm scary ass upside down women attached to this pillar thing in the center. It creeped me out, it creeped me out even more when they started moving.


Dissemination what? What does that even mean?


But they summoned us here…..oooooh it’s gotta be some sort of virus in the system.


….Hey that sounds vagueishly familiar.


Mmmm mystery voice.


Angel? An angel in digital DEVIL saga……Bet ya that’s gonna be a villain of some sort.


Do they even know what heaven is?


And now Angel’s are giving me commandments……I’m going to guess “Though shalt not devour won’t be amongst them.” Probably not “Thou shall not murder either.”


Yeah I’m pretty sure we are right on the edge of Ee of the Tiger territory.


Personally I would be pretty damned pissed off about that whole thing if I were Serph, everybody else has a brand on there arm, or leg, but they marked his face. How is that fair?


Man I love heaven in video games, this is a commandment. Thou shalt devour thine enemies.


So what if we eat everyone? Oh by the way Warriors of Purgatory would have made a much cooler name for a game then Digital Devil Saga.





See they don’t understand demon, so why would they understand Angels, heaven, murder, and what not.


Mostly because vague definitions do help.


Yeah Nirvana that was the other word that I was looking for, do they even know what they’re aspiring for?


But the stalemate is already ending, cause we beat the Vanguards already.


Thank you!


The eleventh commandment.


Oh. Yeah, that. So Sera is offputtingly relevant.


That must be a sign from the heavens 🙂 The Embryon tribe are meant to win. Unless this is one of those stupid instances where the heroes loose in the end, but there is a sequel so I doubt we’ll get devoured.


But that stipulation didn’t exist before. So is it really necessary.


I really thought that was censoring at first, but I think it’s actually the ‘signal’ with ‘heaven’ breaking up.


Back at the base Sera is apologizing for existing.


Well rend, devour, and bite the enemies to death until they’re all gone. Take Sera to Nirvana and then play the sequel. Which inevitably means ‘Angel’ is evil and so is Nirvana.


Ah Heat, as voiced by the wonderful Crispy Freeman, does a fantastic job being the team motivator. By that I mean, I think he likes power and wants to hurt people.


Spock is okay with this plan.


And Argilla is good with, killing everyone if it means she might be able to find a way to cure her insatiable cannibalism.


Aw mans plans, are akin to strategies, and those usually mean work. And I think I totally slaughtered that quote.


To defeat the other tribes. There are the Wolves, The Brutes, The Maribels, and The Solids. Personally I think they should go after the Maribels first. That name sounds pansy ass.


Ooh ooh!


That would explain why I have a party limit of three characters. If we were going to have tribal warfare wouldn’t a fight system like Fire Emblem make more sense? Not that I’m not enjoying this game mind you, but the Embryon really could be using their resources better.


Ah, wartimes makes for strange bed fellows, that being the case though we should go after the leader of the Solids first, because I’d rather have the chick as my strange bed fellow to be perfectly honest.


Hey it makes sense to me.


And it’s still been at a stalemate, that’s pretty impressive all things considered.


Yes Argilla precisely, like I said Strange bed fellows.


Somehow I doubt that. It seems kind of like everyone sans Gale is changing.


Then there’s the question of what to do with Sera, if everyone’s looking for the black haired girl then where do you hide her? Where do you keep your flag in Capture the Flag?


True they haven’t exactly broadcasted it…..yet.


Except for the fact that everyone who was a Vanguard knows about her. They probably aren’t exactly loyal.


They give you a character option here. If you want Serph to be more calculating you can choose to betray the Maribels afterwards, or you can choose the more humane route.


So next week we’ll check out the Maribel base, and try to form an allegiance. See ya then!


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