Estellise Sidos Heurassein Alter 1/8 scale

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I personally have never played Tales of Vesperia. I’ll be honest about that right from the get go. However I love the character designs from the game. Yuri, Flynn, Rita, and now Estellise all   drew me in with their designs.


I really like Estellise’s hair, it’s got pretty nice definition and looks lightly tousled by wind. I’mm also pretty fond of her eyes. They are a very nice shade of teal, that stands out very nicely against very overbearingly pink color scheme. Her mouth is open in a happy smile, it looks okay, but doesn’t have any of the definition we’ve come to expect from high grade figures like this : Eren  or this:  Miku and honestly I just expect better then this from Alter.


Her outfit starts with a really cute high collar. The gold trim is painted really nice as is the seam that goes down the middle of her dress. The top layer of the dress commands attention with it’s pristine white. The pearlescent paint on it goes hand in hand with the gold trim very nicely. Now one thing that I do have to question in regards to Japan is the need to draw attention to boobs via decoration. Recently in this blog I’ve talked about Sonico (Gloomy version who has buttons over her nipples) and Maya Amano (who has heart boobs) the funny thing about this is of the three girls in question only one of them has a sizable rack. Why would a dainty elegant cleric girl be deliberately drawing attention to her boobies?


Both parts of her skirt bell out which looks really nice, again the trim is really fantastic. It’s painted really well and I like the pattern quite a bit.


The skirt itself is four long pieces of pink fabric, that look almost like a budding flower. I like that it’s two different shades of pink, that makes it a little less mundane. Also the tips of the skirt curl just a little bit showing that they are being caressed by the same wind that is playing through her hair.


She’s got very cute knee high boots, that have a really cute wing design on them.


Her hair is blowing just enough to suggest a slight breeze, not really a blustery day. Her profile is also pretty bad. Again not what I expect to see when dealing with a company like Alter, there is very little indent for the bridge of her nose, nothing  between her nose and mouth, and there’s no definition between chin and mouth either.


She does have fairly nice hands, the shape of her fingers and what you can see of he palm looks good, and she does have decent knuckles, she also isn’t wearing nail polish on her gloves which is always an added plus note in my book.


The white piece over her skirt looks pretty good, however the gold trim does stray from it’s intended path a little bit on the right side.


The petals look really nice…errr ummm I mean the skirt looks nice. I like the fact that the colours match up all the way around so the light parts are next to each other, and the dark parts are opposite one another. It’s a nice bit of symmetry and congratulations if you made any sense out of that sentence cause I think it ran away from me.


Her little foot wings go right up to the ankle. I really dig this shoe design, I would totally wear these. Also I like the fact that where as she is wearing heels, they aren’t obnoxiously high or thin heels. If your going to wear dress shoes into battle this is at least a decent way to do it.


Her other foot is raised behind her as she all but skips around.


It has to be a detriment to skipping though when your foot comes broken in the box. No joke. It glues back on real easy, but buyers beware this is a COMMON problem and if you want your figures in perfect pristine condition, you probably do not want to risk it on this one. She’s a tragedy waiting to happen.


Her bracelet is really cute, I love the little heart shape up top. 😀 But this has a pretty big problem too. The whole piece looks great, but it feels really wobbly. Normally I wouldn’t be too concerned about this because she’s a static figure there isn’t really a whole lot your going to do with her hands, however in this case she actually comes with an alternate hand that plugs directly into that wobbly wrist piece. It’s a significantly weightier alternate too. For my personal piece of mind I’m going to display her with this lighter hand because I can see this piece breaking or falling off in the future from the increased weight.


The wind even played with the back of her hair giving it  a nice swept look. The lines sculpted into it also look really good. I’m very fond of her hair.


The back of her dress shows nice shoulder definition, it’s a lot more subtle then a lot of figures, but the sculptor of this one seems to understand that the more layers a person is wearing the less definition you should seen on their body. I wish someone would explain this to Piron or Arai Kyosuke.


The back of her dress shows of the completion of the pattern her trim was forming. It looks very nice and is painted really well.


However I’ve got another complaint (I’m full of those) this middle piece, when I first pulled her out of the package it felt wobbly. I thought that was pretty weird to be perfectly honest and was a little bit off put. But I decided to put her on my shelf and not really worry about it. The next day I came home and that piece was laying across her base. It had just fallen right off! And you guys wonder why I’m so worried about the wobbly wrist. Yet again I glued it right back on, but seriously? Really Alter? This is what monthes upon monthes of delays gets us?


The bottom of her pleasantly broken foot looks really nice.


I really love how the neck and shoulder line look, the slight creases in the fabric there are fantastic. Barring that little bit I would almost believe Estellise doesn’t use fabric softener ever. I mean look at her clothes! The only wrinkles in them are at her joints.


So there you have it super prancing Estellise! Mega cute, but my god this figure just falls apart.


I almost forgot her staff. It’s well painted well sculpted and any lesser reviewer would say “ribbed for her pleasure”. Right moving on.










Right so remember that wobbly wrist? Alter expects that in the long run that will be able to support the weight of her shield. I’m fairly skeptical about this concept myself.


Her shield actually has the same general design as her dress, except well flipped upside down. It’s a little generic, but it is painted really well.


Her alternate hand easily grips the shield. It’s kind of nice looking. I really like that they put the design on the reverse side as well.


On a less logical side they also gave us an alternate handle for the shield so you can have it without her hand attached….this leaves me a little dumbfounded honestly. Why even include this?


Her base looks very nice, I like the grassy texture a lot. As another fair warning to anyone out there who is still seriously considering buying this figure a LOT of people got warped bases and had to contact Alter for replacements. Mine came out mostly fine, but I feel that potential buyers should know the full extent of what they’re buying.


A slightly more upbeat accessory is Estellise Mini. She’s stuper cute and I love her little smile.


Her outfit is painted really nice, and it’s infinitely less likely for pieces to fall off.


I like her boots though I wish the wings were a little more defined.


Her hair has little to no definition, but really if you expected it to then you haven’t seen the others from the set.


Her profile is pretty much on par with the statue counterpart.



She’s very cute



Great Paint Job

Gorgeous base


Poor glue quality

Broken on delivery

I know she’s a static figure, but this is seriously static

Pieces fall off randomly

Feels unsturdy


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I am a thirty three year old fujoshi. I adore Aniplex and Capcom both to a near criminal degree. I love cosplaying. Some of my favorites to date are Miles Edgeworth and Chrollo Lucifer. I am also currently working on Varuna. My absolute favorite genre is mystery. I LOVE a good mystery. I have a varying degree of fandoms. I love a lot of different anime, but I can honestly say I love old school american cartoons just the same. My favorite book is The Bacta War in the Star Wars X Wing novel series. I finally beat the Demi-Fiend! He was freaking hard!. I think that's all for now though.
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