Sailor Moon 1/8 Bandai


Character: Sailor Moon

Series: Sailor Moon

Scale: 1/8

Manufacturer: Bandai

Release Date: March 2014

Run: Standard

It seems like lately a lot of really great figures are thrown under the bus, by fussy people that can’t have things their own way. This is the second figure that I have gotten in a calendar month that people nitpicked and bad mouthed for virtually no reason. My favourite of these complaints being “$90 for a FiguartsZERO! Bandai must be crazy!” The average figure in this line is 1/10 scale and runs between 40-60 dollars depending on the franchise involved. This figure however is 1/8 scale, which is considerably bigger. The quality is also much better. There are even people that feel entitled enough to troll Bandai about this disgrace.



Before we even start on the review, we are going to take a look at this picture. Lets get it out of the way right from the start. This is kind of a weird place to start a review, but I am sick of hearing about “the broken arm”. Look at that. I fail to see why this is such a problem unless you never saw the show. This happens to be one of her signature poses, and the only big discrepancy is her hair. Simple advice…If you don’t like her shut up, and save your money for something else. You could even go buy her S.H. Figuarts if you want a better figure!


Oh wait I lied, this is her best new figure….


Anyway I am officially moving on to how fabulous this figure is. Yes she has flaws. Two of them to be precise, but we will address those in due time.  I will give you a hint though, despite people raging about Bandai’s paint jobs, neither are in her  paint.


Her face is spot on. I am actually really glad that somebody decided to make a line of Sailor Moon figures pre-update. The new designs look alright, but this is exactly what I want from Sailor Moon. Her eyes and expression fit perfectly with the charming style of the nineties anime. Her features are applied well, right down to the blush lines on her cheeks. Her tiara is also fantastic. They did a great job on the paint, and the red stone is nice and shiny.

Moon4 Sailor Moon’s bangs look great! They are poofy and round, just the way they should be!


The lines on the top of her head make it look as though her hair is pulled into the pigtails. The seam line behind her bangs is the only noticeable one on her hair.


Her meatballs were done pretty well. The red stone is actually a transparent piece, as opposed to a painted red circle. The gold paint surrounding the bauble is done quite nicely.


The back of her buns shows the hair wrapping around itself which is pretty cool. I also really like the nape of her neck. The hairline there looks really good.


Her pig tails look great! I am absolutely in love with the spiral curls at the bottom of each side. These things are awesome! The very ends are just a bit transparent, which looks really nice paired with the sparkly paint used on her hair. It is very subtle. The yellow looks like standard paint until you hold it in the right light, in which it shimmers just like hair in the sun. It is a fantastic addition where it wasn’t really necessary. It is nice that they took the extra step just to make it look nicer.


The other side looks as if it is curled a bit tighter. It also doesn’t have the loose strand that the right side has. The fact that they both look pretty different keeps it from looking too uniform. Miku has a tendency to have pig tails that are almost identical on each side. It looks unnatural, and yes I know I am talking about unnatural looking locks on a plastic figure of a girl with floor length green hair….


Her choker and ear rings look really good. The paint is crisp and clear. This is definitely a step up from the S.H. Figuarts, and her mutated earlobes.


Sailor Moon’s collar is painted with a gorgeous shimmery royal blue. It is a great colour on her, a bit darker than her anime design’s outfit, but very nice indeed. Her bow has a great sculpt. It looks rather full and poofy, as opposed to dull and flat. The red paint also shimmers in the light. Her brooch is painted pretty well. It has a bit of a rough edge around the gold, but it isn’t visible at all until the camera blows it up. The inside design of it is perfect.


The stripes on the front of the collar are perfectly straight, but here on the back side you can really see the precision.


Her arm is outstretched in her battle pose. The position of it is very close to the way it looked in the anime. Her glove is painted well, and the wrinkles around her wrist add a realistic touch to her.


The scepter itself isn’t bad at all. The paint on it is clear, and well within the areas it should be. The ball in the center looks like a lollipop. Again though, I am glad that they went with a transparent piece here instead of shiny paint to distinguish the jewel.


The back of the scepter is painted just as nice, but looks a bit silly in comparison given the lack of detail. Her hand is defined well, and her fingers are great.


Her bent arm lacks a bit of presence in comparison to the attention hogging right arm. This one has a decent sculpt as well, and like the other arm her glove looks great. The red paint is perfect, and does not seep onto the white at all.


Then there is this crazy hand. I think it looks really good, but I must question why she is using the sign for love when admonishing someone? Awkward. Her fingers look pretty damn good.


Sailor Moon’s white leotard is one of my favourite and least favourite parts of this figure. They did a great job with the sculpt. I love the layered ring sleeves, as well as the ring around her waist, but what I really like is the paint. They used a shimmery white with grey shading which looks fantastic.


Her skirt is downright sexy. I love the way it swishes to one side. The pleated fabric looks great, and the shimmery blue just adds to the appeal.


The back of her skirt looks nice, but is dangerously close to showing off her goods. Think I’m joking…I’m not. The red bow is just as pretty as the one on her collar.


So here we have a tiny “BIG” problem. I rarely ever take panty shots because unless you are laying your figure down on the shelf there is virtually no way that you will be viewing them regularly…unless plastic panties turn you on, in which case I’m sorry. I am however going to post this one because this is so far from the realms of sailor Moon that it is almost funny. We have plenty of pervy figures out there, why pander to the lowest common denominator for a character like Sailor Moon? Now that comment about showing off her goods, yeah I am not going to post a picture from behind, because the little bit she is wearing is riding up in her crotch. She just got a lot less sexy…


Thankfully we are back on the tasteful side of the fence. Her legs are thin, but shapely. She has nice ankles, calves, and thighs. Her proportions are pretty good. I am glad that with the inclusion of stripper panties they decided not to enhance her bust, or hips.


Her boots are pretty nice to look at too. They don’t have shimmery paint though, just a really shiny finish. They look like vinyl. The shape of them is perfect, the painted trim isn’t bad, but it isn’t great either. I love the folds near her ankles. The way the fabric of her costumes moves, and creases looks fantastic with her bodies positioning.


Problem number two comes in the form of a crescent moon. It is a very nice design, and had potential to be quite the classy base, but for whatever reason Bandai went and made it transparent. I really like the trend of coloured see through bases, but you can see all support pieces through it. It looks awful….



A good statue of the classic sailor Moon is always a plus.

Her paint job is very nice.

The shading on her leotard is a nice touch.

Her accessories all look good.

Her hair is awesome.

Lastly the shimmery paint is kind of sexy.


Her transparent base does an awful job hiding its underneath supports.

Her panties do an awful job hiding her crotch…..

Overall Enjoyment 4/5








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