The Great Haul- April 2014


April has been a surprisingly cool month for loot. March was a bit on the small side, so I wasn’t expecting such a quick recovery, but man did we really nail this one? There is some really neat stuff here.



The first box that came to us was Tekizen’s Big in Japan order. I am not the biggest One Piece fan, so this one didn’t stand out to me too much, but she was happy, and that is good enough for me. The epic appearance of this set is also a pretty big plus, now we just need to locate the other two.


With a bit of old trade fodder in the form of figmas I was able to get Rise completely based off of store credit. That was pretty awesome, especially given the final product!


Later that same night we met up with a friend named Timmy who did a nendoroid pajama box split with us. It was a pretty solid deal. We got three pieces, between Tekizen and I. The heads that we placed on them are merely for example. They sure are cute though.


This next bit was our first of three Hobby Link boxes this month.  The highlight of this box was definitely either Link or Momo. You would think it should be Estellise, but all I have to say about her is “Shame on you Alter”. Then there is Hibiki who might be doomed to nightwear for all eternity because GSC screwed the pooch on his paint job.


I was just starting to wonder if Bid Bad Toy Store was going to get my Kuroko figure, or not, when I got my invoice. I was pretty happy when he finally shipped, and now that he is here I am even more excited for Kise. I sure hope he goes up for order soon!


The day after we got Kuroko was to be an exciting day indeed. According to tracking numbers the Vampire Lord from Hobby Search, as well as Tekizen and my own most anticipated figures of the year were all out for delivery. Now what happens when we get to the post office, and find only one box?  


Our second box from Hobby Link came in next, while the third was declared lost, and a case was opened with USPS.  This one had some really interesting goodies. I had fun putting Mewtwo together, and Lily looks really cool. The sexy Yukimura mini blanket in the background came in this box, as well as the matching microfiber bag.


Finally after what seemed like forever I got a call from my local post office! My package had been found. Raidou and Link were finally home, after being lost for over a week. I can’t think of a worse box to lose, sans possibly my Link/Epona statue. It was a great coincidence that Hobby Link invoiced each of our highest anticipated items together, and it was great fun to open them together, but damn it sucked having them both missing.


The day after it was hard to leave the house, I really just wanted to ogle my toy further, but I had promised a friend that we could go south for a shopping road trip. It turned out to be a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed the store Gamer’s Paradise. They weren’t lying in their title. This guy had a great store. I picked up Phantom Hourglass from him, so I could continue exploring The Legend of Zelda.


Just a few days ago I got a couple of boxes together…the funny thing was that I was only expecting one. The sender was from Illinois, I wasn’t sure what to make of it, but just recently I sent some goodies to a girl who got jilted in our Secret Santa. She lived in Illinois so I had a hunch. I wasn’t quite ready for what I found inside though. She had picked these four figures from my wishlist, and sent them to us. It was really cool.


The second box that day, the one I was expecting, had faded into the background a bit after that surprise. This one was from Big Bad Toy Store. We had found a couple of cool items from our wishlist still in stock. It was awesome. Joey was a must have for Tekizen, and I really liked Koto’s Gumi figure!


This next package came from Pop-up Tee. I know I had never heard of them either. One day they popped up in my Facebook, advertising Zelda shirts. Well who am I to turn down Zelda goodies? I ordered Tekizen and myself each a shirt. She got pocket Link, and I got this cool Ocarina of Time design. They turned out pretty cool. It was only after I ordered them that I realized this store only sells each style of shirt for one week. Crazy!


The last bit of loot for this month is this Sheryl figure from Big in Japan. Man she is heavy!


It has been one heck of an awesome month. Needless to say Tekizen’s choice for figure of the month goes to Raidou, and my vote goes to Link. There was no way of duking this one out unless it was to the death. Anyway that is it for April. See you next month!


About Topiki

I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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