Megaten Monday Persona 2 Eternal Punishment: Confessions and Final Thoughts.

Alright Persona 2 Eternal Punishment has finally been brought to a climax. What was my opinion overall? Well you’ll just have to read below.

Last time we started off with my slightly cynical IS confessions, well here’s what I’m willing to confess for EP.

This one’s actually a little hard for me to admit. I really really really  rather passionately hate Jun, but Nyarlathotep makes me want to go shred my Lovecraft books, and throw my figures of Nyaruko san down the stairs.

It may have been a sad bittersweet smile, but if Maya hadn’t smiled at the end of the game I would have broke the disc in half.

I think I actually need to expand this a little bit. Make that car, blimp, mecha, train, speed boat, or motorcycle…and they were never in a plane but we might as well throw that in there too for good measure. I’m not sure I trust Maya to even walk….

I hate this pairing. I understand that the ending is supposed to show Ulala as a stronger character now, but she was still just leaning on her friends, in this case Baofu whom I love. I don’t want to see him with a codependant stuck to him for the rest of his life. That sucks.

He walked around cutting people in half without asking for surrender. Tatsu is hardly just a teenager without direction anymore, he is a brutal killing machine by the end (middle… first appearance) in EP. That’s the kind of guy I want leading my zombie apocalypse team.

Finding out that Maya does not pick out her own clothes helped.

Yep Philemon is amazing like that.

This guy is so fantastically awesome throughout this game. I mean I liked him in IS, but damn.

This song just happened to be playing on my computer as Tatsuya bid Maya farewell. I’m not sure if it was the scene or the song but I cried.

And I’m pretty sure this last one is a mutual consensus amongst anyone who played this game. Tatsuya should have stayed. Friends, family, he finally regained something he could have bee happy with, but he instead did the right thing and gave this life back to the other him. I can’t even begin to imagine how hard that decision must have been to make.

Graphics: So for it’s time I’m pretty sure that Ep wasn’t that bad. Some people would argue that the graphics are really lame compared to things like FF7 which was on the same gaming engine, but they had Popeye arms so I’m not buying it. EP wasn’t a bad looking game for it’s time,  so I think a final score of a B is in order.

Soundtrack: Haunting melodies that will stick with you long after you’ve turned off the playstation earn this one a solid A+ in my book.

Story: Every ploy hole that you thought they forgot about back with IS is filled in here. Like it was all intentional from the get go. The story leaves behind a lot of intrigue this time, but I think they reused a few too many things. How Maya evacuated the building, the Sky Museum, and the school in the beginning just to name a few. Still I understand the necessity of these things and am willing to go with a solid B.

Gameplay: EP kept most of the same combat options as IS. Except for the fact that now your characters will just keep using the same abilities over and over unless you go into the menu to switch it. This felt way too much like gambits to me and I didn’t really dig it. Still the demon negotiations were awesome as always and I love the issue of Personas and compatibility. So we’ll sit this one down with a C.

Characters: Ye ouch. In this game Tatsuya easily shines brighter then he did in IS, he’s stronger and more determined to take responsibility for what’s going on around him. Maya on the other hand takes a step backward. Don’t misunderstand me, I love Maya Amano. She does not fit the character type of silent protagonist though. Ulala Serizawa is a character that I cannot get behind.  She’s loud, codependent, arrogant, insulting and she never has a freaking clue whats going on. Fifty plus hours into the game she’s still asking inane questions about what’s going on and why. And don’t even get me started on her and the Joker game. I’m pretty sure we were supposed to be seeing a softer side of Katsuya then we saw in Is. That being said I don’t get this guy. He acts completely sweet to Maya, which is great he clearly likes the girl, and like a callous jacknob to his emotionally distraught little brother. Things like “Didn’t I teach you to hold a knife by it’s handle” this isn’t endearing or cute, it just makes me want to push him out of a blimp again. And that’s another thing don’t stop to ask stupid questions (how do you know how to pilot a blimp, “I don’t that’s why it’s crashing”) when your life and the lives of others are in jeopardy.  If you wait to long to jump off the blimp then the suction from the sinking blimp would pull you under the water. This guy is just so completely inane. Then there’s Kaoru Saga I thought he was pretty cool. I mean out of the new characters to the series he easily had the most epic moments. Last but not least for party members that I had in this game is Kei Nanjo. I love him and the throw back to Revelations made me quite giddy. So with three that I love, two that I can’t stand and one who had all their life brutally ripped out of them I’m going to give the cast of EP a score of D. Yeah I know I like the majority, but you also have to look at it from another stand point. Until he joins you party 3/4 of the way through the game Tatsuya’s appearances are sparse, and Nanjo joins about halfway through and then leaves again at that three quarter mark. For the majority of the game you have Katsuya, Ulala, Maya , and Baofu. The only one of them who stands out in a good way is Baofu. This is not a good thing.

Overall: So I actually had a hard time deciding between a C and D on this one. So I went to a GPA calculator and came up with a low end C. A C minus if you will. However if you played IS and enjoyed it I do recommend this game because you can’t have the complete story without it.


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  1. Yossarian says:

    No…nonono. you are wayyy too harsh, bro.

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