Megaten Monday Special: Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th Megahouse


Okay I think I’m finally mostly past the point of “Gya! Oh my god, yay! Johei-san!” The figure was lost in the mail for a week, a full seven days. He’s finally here though so let’s stare at him….. and I do mean stare.


Staaaaaare….. Like Tatsuya level stare….

Starting at the tip top Raidou’s school boy cap is fantastic, the shape is perfect. The white ribbon is painted really well and looks very nice. the emblem for Yumiziki School looks great. I always thought that this was a moon partially obscured by clouds, but it actually looks like a crescent moon with three lines next to it. His face is a masterpiece, he’s staring out at you from under the brim of his hat, his blue eyes are perfect, surrounded by dark liner they make a very strong impression against his otherwise pallid skin. His facial features are really well done with oval shaped eyes, rounded nose and pale pink lips, it looks brilliant. His mouth is set in a thin line matching well with his serious expression.

Raidou wears a stylized military brace, redesigned for his own purposes. Across is chest are four summoning tubes, each one is intricately carved and shows very fabulous detail. The tubes are held in place by thick leather straps. This kid is loaded for bear. The brace goes right down to about the mid point of his ribs so you still get to see plenty of his school uniform. That’s right I said school uniform, because our boy here the number one badass in Devil Summoner is in fact a teenager. Somewhere between 16 and 18 years old. And armed like this….wow. Anyway I think I got a little off topic somewhere, I love the wrinkles on the side of his jacket and how well they match with how he’s turning his body.

Raidou’s gun holster matches up nicely with his brace and is presumably the same material. There’s light shading around the raised portion of the holster which gives it a nice old looking feel. We can also clearly see Raidou’s revolver peeking out of the holster. The paint job on the handle and trigger look fantastic.

His legs are spread in a wide stance, there are nice wrinkles at both his knees and hips. One thing I do find kind of funny about this figure is that Raidou’s body is twisted at the waist in a manner often akin to T & A figures and while I do think this figure is a raging pile of fan service it’s not exactly sexy. O_O please don’t kill me…..

His pants are slightly rolled up so as to show off his nice dress shoes. the white bands around his ankles are really awesome and I love the freshly ironed creases on his pant legs.

Raidou has a very nice profile, this is one of the benefits of a full lip art style, the noses are usually rounder and full lips usually aid in a really nice profile shot. ne of the things I love about Kazuma Kaneko’s art style is how every protagonist he’s drawn in the Megaten franchise looks more like they’re wearing a helmet rather then hair (to the point where the creator’s joked about it once) and Mr Kuzunoha’s sideburns are no exception. They are so perfectly angled and sculpted that you really can’t help but wonder. His head is tilted downward so his chin is obscured by his cape’s collar.

From  the front you can see the full extent of his brace. They normally hold a grand total of eight kuda, but the two slots on the far right are empty. The use of shading across his chest is magnificent. With the cape on we can see four silver buttons going down Raidou’s front. I really like the rustic look of the buttons and the kuda. Something else that I kind of dig is how his jacket twists with his body. With the turn of his torso you also see how tight his school jacket actually is. It kind of shocked me a little bit at just how slim he actually is. Ninety eight percent of the game his body is covered in almost it’s entirety by his cloak, this is almost a shock. I presume it’s because Narumi can’t afford to feed them…..

His belt angles downward so his holster rests low on his hip. The buckle is well painted and the holes in the belt are very nice. The belt even bunches up a little bit at the buckle.

His shoes are really nice, they’re well shined and very pretty. I’ve always been under the impression that Raidou takes extra effort to look good (again I think this is because Narumi is too broke for repairs) and it’s in the little details like how nice he’s kept his shoes while saving the world, that shows what kind of person he is. So anyway I love the buttons on the shoes, they look fantastic.

Next we’re going to take a look at Johei’s arms. One arm is raised holding his sword. The wrinkles around his shoulders are very nice, I’m very fond of the way the fabric pulls against the brace. like his pant legs his sleeves have a white band wrapped around each forearm. His katana is clutched in his pale hand. The sword looks fantastic the weave on the hilt looks amazing. I love it.

Then there’s the sword itself which is also really well done. It’s got a nice bit of carving on the guard and it looks amazing.

This is how it looked in the manga for a wee bit o’ comparison.

Raidou’s other arm is raised as well, again the attention to detail is very nice, the fabric of his jacket matches up beautifully with his movements. In his hand we see his two missing kuda. They’re clutched tightly between his fingers. I love the sculpt of this hand a lot the bone structure is amazing and the positioning of his fingers is fantastic.

Back to the question of wether or not any of these guys have actual hair, there is no definition on Raidou’s hair anywhere. No seriously I mean that. None.

Trailing down a bit back to Raidou’s chest we a clear view on just how much his torso is twisted, the buttons are completely out of line and it’s fantastic. The wrinkles and folds in the fabric are magnificent in their simplicity, it’s a lot more subtle then a lot of figures would have done.

Another thing that I positively adore is how he’s holding his cloak back with his raised arm. It looks really freaking sweet.

Going down a bit further we can see how the pieces of his belt overlap, for a fairly intricate looking wardrobe piece. Very nice. Also down at his side is his sheath. If your not using it the sword can be put down at his side. I love it when the weapons actually go into their respective holding areas. Now in case you thought I was joking when I said Johei was armed to the teeth, there is even a throwing knife sticking out of his sheath. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him use this, but it’s a pretty sweet touch.

From the front (?) His pants looks fantastic. The subtle use of folds in the fabric is very nice and as always an appreciated touch.

From the back his cloak looks amazing. The blown fabric is really nice, and I love that you can see his hand through the cape. His fingers are curled tightly against his palm and I think my favorite thing about it is that this hand doesn’t look like it’s sculpted for aesthetics but more so the strange positioning of his fingers and the visible bone structure on the other side of his hand reminds you that this isn’t about looking pretty, this is a teenage boy fighting for his life….. right sorry tangent again. So anyway about that cape, the gradient used on it is awesome and supplies a heaping helping of shading that adds a fair bit of realism. Also the slits on the cloak are awesome.

Next we’re going to take a longer look at that sheath of his….there’s another throwing knife visible here, this one isn’t protruding outward as far as the other one is but it’s still plainly visible and apparently very long. Good god Raidou give it a rest already.

Raidou’s shoulders show off nice detail and I love the X straps going across his back.

If we thought the front of Raidou’s brace looked fantastic then the back is a masterpiece. Here we see where the whole thing comes together. It laces up in the back almost like a corset, keeping everything firmly in place. It also serves as a reminder why Raidou goes (in a loose sense)  to a school where a cloak is part of the uniform, it conceals everything so perfectly well. Anyway the paint here is dead on.

He keeps extra bullets in storage on the back of his holster. Eight again (lucky number maybe) that go straight across his back. One of them has a smidgeon of glue showing on it. Sad sad.

At the risk of beating a dead horse, I must say that I really like the folds at his leg joints. It looks so freaking nice.

In my excitement I almost forgot about this. You can’t see them unless you are paying a fair bit of attention, but there are buttons on his mantle. It’s just another bit of very nice superficial detailing.

Then there are alternate pieces……Megahouse really out did themselves with this fine piece of figure, you see they didn’t just give us Raidou Kuzunoha no they also gave us Raido Kuzunoha….okay okay let me back up a step here since I can already sense bewildered stares my general direction. As compared to Raidou, Raido is an alternative universe version of the same guy.  You actually get to meet him in Devil Summoner as part of the main story. It was pretty sweet in that meeting yourself is supposed to destroy the spacetime continuum….but when has Atlus ever played by the rules anyway? So anyway alternate Raido here has a few major differences and they’re pretty easy to spot right from the get go. The first being his face. same amazingly pale blue eyes, same lips, same nose, but the scars are undeniably different and they really make you wonder what this version of Raidou has seen and done…hmmmmm… anyway the scars are sculpted, not just painted. Oh and there’s a cut on his school cap now too. I really like the way this face looks, the scars are jagged and look painful really, however this isn’t my Raidou so it’s probably not how I’m going to display him.

Raido prefers his gun to his sword, so he comes with an alternate hand to hold his gun. at this point you draw the gun from the holster, detach the sword hand and swap out the hands. Now take the sword and place it back in it’s sheath. Nice! The gun looks nice and his finger is resting on the trigger, somebody’s about to get a faceful of stun bullets. The sculpt on both his hand and gun are really great.

From the side you can see just how well sculpted his face really is.

I must say one really cool thing about alty here is that he has given up entirely on the pretense of being a normal student, that’s right he leaves the mantle at home so get a full view of what this boy is armed with at all times.

Then they gave us Gouto. One of the two coolest talking cats in the history of ever (Artemis is the other) He’s fantastic. his fur has great detail, and I love his eyes.

His body is lithe and thin, again the detailing on the fur is very nice.

His head is shaped perfect, you don’t get more perfect ‘cat’ then this. Which considering he isn’t a cat is a pretty epic feat.

His back looks really good and from this angle he looks very attentive, I like that.

Also they did full detailing on his paws. Yay for paws!

Raidou’s base is sexy. I mean that. The texture on the bricks is fantastic and I really like the shape. I just kind of wish he stood on it facing the other direction so it wouldn’t feel so lopsided.

Speaking of sexy Raidou’s box is gorgeous too. almost a display piece all it’s own. In red, white, and black they set a beautiful mood and using lotus blossoms they increase the overall appeal. It’s really beautiful, the golden trim simply adds to it instead of detracting to. It’s very nice.

The side windows are shaped a little bit unusual, but not so off as to give a super limited view inside the box. It’s gorgeous. The windows kind of give it a misty effect…. hmmm….

Even the top of the box commands attention.

So what do I think of him? In summary for anyone who just decided to skip to the bottom of this review. “Gya Squee! Wonder! Shock! Staaaaaare……..” I means seriously this is a fabulous piece of merchandise and he is well worth his price tag for any fan of Megaten! Raidou Kuzunoha is amazing as always.


Amazing detail

Kazuma Kaneko over saw the design

Great paint

Unique Pose

Scale Raidou freaking Kuzunoha


Base feels a little tiny bit lopsided.


I promise next Monday I won’t get distracted by something shiny…..


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