Link 1/6 Medicom


Character: Link

Series: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Scale: 1/6

Sculptors: MOTOR KEN and Perfect Studio

Manufacturer: Medicom

Release Date: March 2014

Run: Standard

My Figure Collection:

Back in January I listed this figure as my most anticipated figure of 2014. I could not wait to get my hands on him. After a year long wait, and a four month delay he was finally on his way home. He was almost here…..then he got lost in the mail. No I am not kidding. Now that it is the middle of April I finally got my hands on one of my most anticipated figures ever!



At the time of his release the internet erupted with complaints. His tunic had been spontaneously changed at the last minute just to screw with us…his paint was sloppy, the chain mail was awful, and his sword was too big. Wait, what!? There are pictures of him wearing this tunic back at Wonderfest. Just because no one was paying attention, does not warrant calling the change underhanded, so if you want to read bitching about the tunic than look elsewhere. I will however talk about the tunic, and its overall functionality. As for the accessories we can go over those in time!


I am going to start with Link’s faces as they are pretty complex, and damn cool. He has two different expressions. The first one looks pretty stoic. I like this one a lot more than the figma rendition which came off looking grumpy. This one looks fairly relaxed.


The second of the two is an awesome shouting expression. This face is pretty cool. The only issue I have is that his lips are gone. How strange. The slanted eyebrows look great and the area between them is furrowed. That kind of impressed me. The paint on his mouth is applied well. Overall the detailing on his faces is perfect.


Now two faces for a figure of this caliber might seem a bit cheap, but that isn’t the end of the options. Link also comes with four sets of eyes. These just slide in behind the face plate. They are easy to remove. The eyes themselves have a lovely blue gradient, which looks great with the dark outline on his face.


The first two are very similar, but with a slight change in lighting. The whole mood changes. Each pair is numbered right in the center to easily keep track of which is which. #1 has rounder pupils and a softer light spot, which makes the stoic expression look happier. The second set has narrow pupils which makes the same face look more focused. It is a subtle change, but a good example of expression reaching the eyes.


The third set of eyes has Link gazing off to his right, whilst the final set looks off to his left. These two work really well for the action poses. Counting both faceplates, and all four sets of eyes Link actually has eight expressive options. Not so bad at all.


Link’s hair looks fantastic! The sculpt is really detailed, and the light brown shading is wonderful. It is quite true to Skyward Sword Link’s design. Even the eartails looks great!


I have always loved pointy ears, and Link’s are no exception. The sculptor did a good job detailing his earlobes, right down to his tiny blue earrings! While we are checking out the side of his head, I would like to point out his profile. It has a very nice shape. His nose, lips, and chin are clearly defined. Even his cheekbones stand out. It isn’t often that I get a figure with such a stunning profile.


One of the few complaints that I have with this figure is that I don’t get to see the back of his head. They did such a great job with his bangs that I would like to see the rest of his hair. This complaint though is completely leveled off by the amazing poseable hat. Whoever decided to put a jointed arm inside the hat is a genius. The droopy headgear is glued to his head, so the mechanism inside stays hidden. What a cool idea, and way more aesthetically pleasing than the figma’s hat. The hair around the nape his necks looks pretty good. I am really digging the light brown colour.


Oh the dastardly green tunic…What to say about it? Well I think I can start off by clarifying the big felt scare. The tunic is not made of felt at all. It is made of fleece. A very soft pliable fleece at that. The stitching is done very well. They even included the double seam down each side. The bright green fits the games vibrant palette perfectly. It does look a bit bulky, but mostly just around the bottom where it covers the chainmail. Realistically the only problem with the tunic is that people hate the Skyward Sword design, mostly the colour scheme. This is no big secret, and regardless of how good it looks people will continue to complain because it is not from Twilight Princess or Ocarina of Time. After moving him about and posing him various different ways, I have found that the tunic does not inhibit his movements at all.


The chainmail is pretty nice! They used plastic sculpted to look like tiny linked rings. the really cool thing about it is that they only placed it where you can see it. It may appear that he is wearing a full chain shirt, however in actuality  there is a small strip around each arm, a small piece near his neck, and two overlapping pieces around his hips. These two pieces pull apart nicely so you can raise his legs. I thought this was fantastic because it looks great, and is fully functional. If they had made the chain shirt cover his torso, I fear that he would have been to stiff to move. They used a black stain over the silver rings to make them look more convincing. I am pretty fond of the overall look of it.


The chest strap that holds his scabbard on his back doesn’t look bad at all. This was the only change from the prototype that kind of bothered me, particularly the padding over his shoulder lost a bit of its finer details. The rest of the strap looks nice though. There is a bit of texture to give it a leathery look. The silver snap on the front is a nice touch.


Link’s belt matches the shoulder strap perfectly. It shares the same leather texture. The belt has a nice silver buckle, but has no actual end to thread though. How does he put this thing on? It is a nice looking belt, but it doesn’t seem very functional.


The two travel pouches, or mini bags of holding as I refer to them, are perfect. They are sculpted very nicely. There are even tiny stitches around the edges of each one. If that wasn’t enough special treatment, they also gave them a bit of black shading.


His arms look good, and have a very wide range of motion. The chainmail peeking out of his sleeves makes him look a bit intimidating. I really like the addition of the chainshirt to Link’s later designs. I hope this sticks around for awhile. It looks like it will through Hyrule Warriors at the very least, with addition of a sexy blue scarf. Anyway the white undershirt fits snugly against his body. I was worried about it becoming untucked from his bracers, but those just slide off so it is an easy fix. Speaking of his bracers though, they look nice and are very easy to work with.


Link comes with a total of eight hands, four for each side. One pair of hands is relaxed, with the fingers open. I like the sculpt of his hands quite a bit. The seams and creases in the gloves look great, as do his fingernails.


The next set of hands are a fisted pair. These are painted the best of eight. I think it is because the fingers are all together. That does make things a bit easier.


For the next pair we have gripping fists. These two are made to hold his sword and shield. Don’t worry you can’t mix up which is which. The holes are different sizes so his right hand can hold his sword, and the left his shield, but not vise versa. I am a bit altruistic so I am ok with this. These hands are also painted well.


The last pair of hands are my favourite, and least favourite at the same time. I think they look the best sculptwise. They are also the most original. The paint is sloppy, but that isn’t the main problem. The bow does not come apart to fit into his hand, so you just wedge it in there. No big deal right?


Wrong! Once I got the bow in his hand I noticed that the paint over his knuckles was cracked pretty bad. This happened when I was forcing the bow into his hand. I emailed Medicom and told them about the problem. They are sending me a new hand. I was pretty happy about that, but it doesn’t change the fact that it doesn’t work well. The arrow hand is great. It holds the end of the projectile well, and the sculpt is perfect. I love the curled pinky finger. I have done archery myself, and can really appreciate the natural way he holds both bow and arrow.


There isn’t much to say about his pants really. They are just the right amount of baggy, and the colour is perfect. The seams are just like normal pants. There is even a fly under the chainmail. They look good and fit him nicely.


Link’s boots are awesome! The field near his ankle does a nice job masking the point of articulation there. The sculpt of them is done well. The paint job on the soles is pretty solid. There is a sartorial seam along the inner side of each boot, but it only goes down to her ankle. I wonder if there is a zipper there.


This figure has 17 points of articulation that I am aware of. His clothes are not removable so there may be more that I can not see. Here is a list to break it down a bit.

#1 Hat

#2 Head

#3 Neck

#4 R. Shoulder

#5 L. Shoulder

#6 Chest

#7 R. Elbow

#8 L. Elbow

#9 Waist

#10 R. Wrist

#11 L. Wrist

#12 R. Hip

#13. L. Hip

#14 R. Knee

#15 L. Knee

#16 R. Ankle

#17 L. Ankle

The number of joints that Link has gives him quite the wide range of movement, especially if you take into account that some of said points are double jointed. Included in his box was a handy sheet to show how his joints worked, and their breaking points. Since I can’t physically look at the joints I thought this was a nice addition.


Link also comes with a plethora of goodies. There is the Master Sword, Hylian Shield, Beatle, Sacred Bow, and Arrow. Not a bad arsenal at all. On top of that you have all the hand and face options. Medicom did a fantastic job bringing a fun and customizable Link figure to his fans.


The Beatle looks so cool. I think I still have nightmares about this thing haunting me, but as a figure accessory it is pretty cool. He is sculpted very well, and his paint is spot on! There is also the bracelet that Beatle launches from. This piece is also painted fairly well. The bracelet does not fit over the bracer, so just slip it off and replace it with this piece. Next slide Beatle over the bracelet, and then replace his hand. Easy peasy.


I dare say, He looks pretty damn cool.


I was pretty excited taking Link’s Master sword out of the box! (It was the very first thing I went for.) the sword of legend looks phenomenal. The blue blade shimmers in the light, the purple handle looks great, and the ribbon around the hilt is painted cleanly. I love the triforce that is not only painted, but etched on the blade. The pummel is even removable, so you can easily slide the sword into Link’s hand. This sword also feels really sturdy.


The Hylian Shield looks just as good. The paint is perfect. The rounded face of the armor has raised edges, and a triforce design. The sculpt is excellent, and the details are gorgeous. It is pretty sexy.


If you have the figma, then the back of the shield should look familiar. There is a strap that goes over his forearm, as well as a handle for him to hold. It is pretty functional, and looks really good to boot.


My favourite of his sword and shield poses is definitely his Skyward pose. He looks pretty awesome like this.


The sheath is permanently attached to his back. The paint here is really sharp. The design is all raised from the blue surface of the scabbard. It looks really elegant, and sheaths the Master Sword well.


The alternate handle on the shield makes it so that you can hang the piece of armor from his back.


This makes for some really cool poses from behind. It also works well with the Beatle, and archery poses.


The Sacred Bow is huge! This has to be a longbow. The paint looks really nice. It starts at a pleasant baby blue near the center, and tapers outward to white and then back to blue. The accents are all painted gold. This paired with the white and blue definitely has a soft look to it. I would believe this bow was sacred. I still would not want to be shot with it.


His arrow looks pretty fake. I know the whole toy is plastic, so fake is relative, but the yellow shaft looks awkward. The fletching doesn’t look too bad. The colours go well with the strange looking shaft. The head of this thing looks scary though. I am glad it has a peg that fits into the bow or I might fear shooting my eye out while posing him. The rear end of the arrow actually has a counterweight and nock. Amazing! The string pulls back easily, and lays across the nock.


His archery poses are my overall favourites. I have had a few action figures that came with a bow, but never have I got one to hold it correctly. Not until Link. This figure pulls it off amazingly well, and looks gorgeous doing it!


It doesn’t really matter how you pose him, he seems to look great in most positions!


I really like my bottle! I need to make some pumpkin soup.


Link holds the bow very well.


I ordered these bottles before I even got my figure. I figured they were the perfect welcome home present for him. I think it turned out pretty well. He holds the thing perfectly, as if it were made for him!


The base is pretty shoddy. Not because it is boring or ugly, it is in fact standard to a RAH figure, but because it doesn’t support his weight well. It also doesn’t fit around his waist right because of his sheath and pouches. What a useless pain in the ass. Whatever you do…don’t try to pose him jumping with this thing. There is no way.


The front of the box does a great job of mimicking the Skyward Sword game. It is aesthetically pleasing, while being a bit special to fans of the game.


Each side of the box shows a sample pose of what this figure can do. Otherwise the sides aren’t too impressive.


The back side shows yet another sample pose on a white background. This box has a very simple yet classy look to it.


The front flap has a magnet that holds it shut. Inside we see several of examples of what poses he can accomplish as well as the figure in all his 11.7 inch glory. Some of his accessories are visible through the window, but several of them are in a second layer of plastic behind him.


The box also contained an instruction sheet showing how most of the pieces work.


In closing I can easily say this figure lived up to every expectation that I had for it, and is worth every cent of the 168.00 that I paid for him!



His faces look great!

The chainmail is totally believable.

The poseable hat is awesome!

He has a wide range of movement.

The arsenal of accessories is fantastic!

Majority of his paint is crisp!


The paint on his hands is sloppy.

Bow should have come apart.

Overall Enjoyment:



Also if you would like to leave a comment feel free. I will read them, but if it involves changes from the prototype don’t expect me to approve the comment or reply. Anything else though I would be glad to hear from you!





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