Megaten Monday: Persona 2 Eternal Punishment Ending

Hello ladies and gentlemen welcome to the ending of Persona 2 Eternal Punishment. Warning it’s a mind trip.


It kind of pisses me off that he’s making fun of me right from the get go.

Of course ever angry Tatsuya demands Jun is to be returned to him. Pronto!

But I’m guessing we are not going to get a rerun of Shadow Tatsuya. Having three of them on the screen at the same time would be way awkward.

I kind of forgot about that whole thing honestly…..

Right like death and taxes….

I thought the entirety of EP was our last trial….

Thus making it so the cast never met, and Jun never went bat sh*t…

Which I think makes him a very bored god…

And more importantly Maya would be less dead….

Tsk he has to have some use….

Then why does my job suck so bad?

That’s how it sounds Sherlock.

Which is why we all refer to Ta-chan as “The will that broke the universe.”

Because they’re in Philly’s domain…yadda yadda yadda…

Because be offered one do over just isn’t enough….

Which we’ve known for a very long time, even back when this actually happened we knew all that….

Like Adam and Eve….wait…ewwww….

You of all people have no right to forget….

And in doing so Eikichi secures himself a hot GF……

Like you wouldn’t be in the sequel…

Which is why Ginko is now a pop star, Eikichi and Miyabe are serious, Maya’s alive, and Jun has a happy family life….

Rendering this entire concept pointless….

Why on Earth would I see you again if we’re restarting in a world where these kids don’t have to worry about personas?

Last time I punched him in his head so let’s see…

Oh the seeds of doubt. So in retrospect this is all Philemon’s fault.

And I’m sure we all remember the scene of everyone disappearing.

Looks of sheer disappointment….

What punishment? That’s how they’ve looked at him through the whole game anyway.

Really, cause I kinda thought you were trying to destroy it….

Refuses to even try to defend his actions….

And yet Philly gave them a fond wish of being able to remember….

Maybe, kind of… a little bit

I actually had a few theories about that too…..Meaning Tatsuya probably really was the only person left in that world…

What pain? They don’t remember any of it, how is that painful?


Would we be surprised if Tatsuya regressed into a non speaking little turtle again….no not really.

I want to punch this guy a few times too…and you just said that you facilitated the meeting that made Tatsuya remember in the first place so ha! Not Guilty!

I do love that Maya got pissed off and stands in front of Tatsuya with her gun drawn.  She’s always so defiant.

Makes killing you that much more delightful.

Which is presumably why shadows crave acceptance, because that’s accepting the truth of being fated to be who you are. If this ends with giving Nyarly a hug I’m going to go punch a puppy.

A casual reminder why we all love Baofu so much…

The hero in Star Ocean.

By that logic then everything that happens was fated to. Which in it’s own sense makes sense…

Even Ulala gets it!

They kicked your ass too?

But the point of living is to leave your mark on the minds and hearts of others….

Which means you have a whole boat load of issues to address.

I love it when he acts all tough.

And here he is the final boss fight!

One thing that I love about this is that Tatsuya, Nyarly, and even Shadow Tatsuya all have completely different facial expressions. It shows a very strong dynamic all things considered.

Stop stealing my glory!

This is mankinds potential? that explains so much….

Even though it worked better in the last side story of IS.

It does kind of make sense….

Welcome to an Alanis Morsette song..

I think he really wants to get in the last word.

Great now Tatsuya’s going to go slit his wrists…

Because every human has things they hide about themselves.

He really just wanted to get in a few more good parting shots before the credits roll….

One thing that I love about Tatsu is his lack of hesitation when swinging that sword of his around.

However even with Nyarly gone, Tatsu insists that there’s still something left to do…

Oh for the love of…stop being a martyr!

I kind of think the guys saw this coming…

The girls on the other hand….


I think the answer here is pretty obvious.

Did….did he just lie to her?

Did he just lie to her before kissing her? Seriously Ta-chan?

That would be the proper reaction me thinks.

That however is not…

And thus Tatsuya knocks Maya out and leaves her to be the responsibility of three maroons.

He’s lying again, there shouldn’t be any people there because of the synching….Why does Tatsu always have to seclude himself for the sake of everyone else?

Well why not? He planned everything else out to a T. Why not his dramatic departure as well. the only think he didn’t count on was having help.

I hate how that face is such an amazingly bittersweet smile. It breaks my heart.

Your brother sucks…

Why does Baofu always have better lines then Katsuya when it comes to Tatsuya?

Of course he’s grown up enough over the course of these games that he already knows….

With that the Tatsuya’s separate and “The other side Tatsuya” vanishes from their lives forever.

Thank you for the heartbreaking monologue Philemon.

And by the time of Persona 2 most will have forgotten…

That made me teary eyed…

I think it will live on in anyone that played this game.

After the heartbreaking monologue we see Maya back at her workplace.

Showing that she’s an inspiration to those around her and that that fire does in fact exist….


Oh god…Ewww… Baofu you can do better…..

Which isn’t entirely true according to P3.

Lot’s of missing people considering people turning into monsters and Tatsuya hacking up guards on a submarine…

Betting “He” is Katsuya.

He has a new partner, betting it’s Ulala….which makes me shudder.

And he’s going by Kaoru again….that so much less unique then Baofu.

I’ll go with the safe assumption that they are simple business partners for the sake of my brain thing.

Because that would help anyone rest in peace.

Oh wow I honestly didn’t expect to see Nanjo and Eriko….

Three games later I’m still not a fan of her….

Of course it was….

I think it’s messed up how often this ending has made me all ‘Doki doki.’

Life’s full of little ironies, I think it’s funny he’s still wearing the red outfit personally.

There’s nothing really to imagine, its just what it is. a normal life.

Nah they’re just faking it.

Death and taxes?

We saved…..the whole group, but I get what he means….

Eventually the rest of the goon squad shows up….

Was she seeking Shunsuke’s approval?

Shouldn’t that be Chris’ announcement then?

Oh god he knocked some girl up…..

Specifically it combines the kanji in Reiji and Kandori…

It looks like Naoya’s returned at long last.

It looks like Eikichi and Jun have met up at Araya shrine….

Never wanted to see Eikichi’s sad sad face ever again.

And naturally the last of the goon squad had to show up as well…

You do have the option of going back before the end fight and waking up Eikichi and Lisa, it’s supposedly very heartbreaking.

Overdramatic as always.

Abrasive as always….

And after Tatsuya has the courtesy of lighting Katsu cigarette for him he’s rewarded with…..more sarcasm!

Tatsu feigns indifference.

And the two brothers are back to not speaking to eachother….

Until once again Tatsuya takes it upon himself to break the ice….

Even to the point of being worried about upsetting their dad….

Because he’s proven to be so good at his job…

A sudden realization!

But Katsu your brother doesn’t have any idea what’s happened.

It’s kind of like the start of Tatsuya’s “Being a man means….”

Lastly we see Maya standing at a crosswalk, as traffic passes her by.

It pans out and shows Philemon’s butterfly across the street.

And then the light turns green.

Just as Maya’s about to cross the street her eyes widen and her feet hesitate. There’s a familiar figure nearby.

This world’s Tatsuya is on his motorcycle just across the way.

The screen goes entirely gray as Maya steps forward again and Philemon flaps his wings.

A soft smile crosses her features at the sight of her “love”.

And Maya knowing what’s best for the world walks right on past.

She stops at the other side though and turns around as the light changes again, she watches as he rides away, and then she closes her eyes, that smile still in place.

The games final message flashes across the screen, with a simple message. “You’ll be alright.”

It was a long and strenuous journey at points, but one that I can’t make myself really regret as much as I thought I would. Next week I’ll talk a bit about the gameplay, my final scores for this one, as well as my confessions.


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