Hibiki Kuze Nendoroid #351


When it was first announced I was mega excited about GSC’s Hibiki nendo. He looked so cute, especially with that wavy hair of his. Today though I’m going to bring you the cold hard truth about this toy.

His hair is a messy mop of perfection, it frames his face very nicely and kind of looks like he just crawled out of bed. Hibiki has a great face with vibrant eyes, the shades of blue chosen are absolutely perfect. His eyes stand out beautifully. His mouth is open showing off his top teeth, I presume that he’s yelling the name of his summoned beastie.

His hoodie is….well, if you want me to be blunt, it’s a travesty. Every bit of trim on it is painted horribly. This is what I would expect from a bootleg figure, not GSC’s official merch. To be blunt about it though this figure was a HLJ preorder, not something bought off of Rakuten or Mandarake on the after market. The mispainted buttons, the horrible paint on the black diagonal stripe, even his sleeves are off. Every bit of paint on his hoodie is off.

Fortunately his pants don’t have anything to paint, so they look fine. The bright blue is a little bit off putting, but it is accurate to what he wore in the game.

Hibiki’s cellphone reads Nicaea which is a website that allegedly tells how people will die. Unsurprisingly Hibiki and his friends see their own fate on these phones. The interesting thing about this is that it’s this website that also allows them to summon demons to fight for them. The phone looks pretty good, you can clearly read the website name, as well as make out all the buttons.

Turning him to the side you can see how those little locks of hair do this adorable curling thing. It’s mega cute.

You can clearly see the uneven lines painted on his sleeves and the bottom of his hoodie.

From the side we can see that the blue paint from his pants got all over the sides of his shoes. I really genuinely didn’t think they could have messed that up too….

The back of his hair shows those same thick waves. I really like his hair a lot.

From the back his hood actually looks pretty good, like they actually paid attention while working on this piece.

The back bottom line of his hoodie is just as sloppy as the rest of it.

I really like the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to his hair.

Sloppy uneven paint, same story, different arm.

This shoe managed to escape the catastrophe that is his paint job.

I suppose next we’ll talk about poses and accessories. We already talked about his cellphone, but we didn’t talk about the energy to summon a demon. It circles around his arm and shows some nice crackling action. I can almost hear the sound effect in my head that would accompany it.

The odd thing about this is, I personally was under the impression that the cell phone generated the demon, not the character. So why does the ensuing energy connect to Hibiki’s wrist rather then the phone?

His alternate face is an adorable happy face, with wide blue eyes and a sweet smile on his lips.

Then there’s the hood…….oh my god. Look at the paint surrounding his face. The black trim is hideous. It’s all over the place.

The top of the hood looks good, which is reasonable since the blue here isn’t paint but a decal instead.

The bunny ears look awesome, they’re super long and are curled in a way that suggests there’s wind blowing.

Overall he’s really cute, but really horrible. I can’t stand the paint job at all.

The solution to this horrendous problem is this. If you give GSC more money you can buy Nendo pajama bodies….If you use the white one he can even keep his hood….

The last accessory that Hibiki comes with is a summon monster. It’s Byakko the white tiger. From the front view his paint job is actually better then Hibiki…..

There’s a pretty foul seam line for his tail, I honestly would have preferred it if they would have just made it stationary, but you can’t win them all. His paint job looks really great though and he stands really well.

Hibiki’s box is the standard white of new nendo boxes. It’s pretty lame, but I think I’ve complained enough about that in previous posts.


Very cute

Nice Accessories


Horrible Paint


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2 Responses to Hibiki Kuze Nendoroid #351

  1. oh… my god! D: what the hell is this?
    what’s with that paintjob? wow…. I haven’t bought any GSC nendos in a while, now I’m starting to get anxious for my Gilgamesh PO =_=
    I’d contact GSC about that, there’s bootlegs looking better than that O_o

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