April Fools review….


Strange I don’t remember ordering a figure Dolly Parton.



So let’s start of the Rika shall we? This is her first figure to grace SIMON and I’ve been looking forward to that for awhile. Rika’s face is really cute. Her mouth is open in a wide smile and her purple eyes are alight with energy. The number one problem here are her glasses which don’t rest on her nose. I presume this is because her nose is missing in it’s entirety.


Where as I do usually enjoy a nice breast bone Rika’s is raised to the point where it looks freakishly unnatural. To have the bone that prominent you’d have to deliberately be pushing your shoulders up and as we can clearly see Rika’s shoulders are perfectly level equaling out to a really weird breastbone. Her lab coat looks pretty good up at the topI like the way it frames her chest. Her boobs are equally awkward because they’re well curved at the bottom, but there’s nothing up top. Weird.


Her stomach has a nice bit of detail to it. I like the way it looks quite a bit.  However she has zero hip bone definition. I normally wouldn’t even bring this up, but for a character as boney as Rika its just weird.


The bottom of her bikini has the same faux lacey look as her top. But again her body isn’t properly defined. That is not how a woman’s body looks. I call foul. Her jacket bellows out around her nicely though.


So another strange feature about Rika is how they decided to do her legs. They are fantastically shiny. Her skin literally sparkles. Like Athrun’s hair. I mean it looks like she bathed her legs in glitter. They do have a very nice shape though, her hips, thighs, and calves are all very nicely proportioned to her body. Her ankles are decently defined and I would give her that she has decent enough feet, but(that’s like my favorite word ever) she doesn’t have toenails. And yet again I must say…awkward. It’s like they used the most generic cute girl body design and forgot to fill in the details.


Her hair is decently sculpted, they did a mild bit of dark shading around the lines in her hair, which adds a little bit of body to it. Her hair scrunchie is probably one of the two best things about this figure. I like how it looks quite a bit. Her long ponytail looks okay, but they could have separated the strands better.


The second best thing about Rika is her sleeves. The prominent wrinkles really look great and do a good job of matching up with her pose. Her hand looks really nice, I love how her fingers are curled around the stick she’s holding.


From the side we can see just how far out her jacket goes. The bottom is a little jagged, on a better looking toy that’s something I might be able to get over. On this toy though mega thumbs down.


She has no ankle bones……. :/


I love the little tendril of curled hair off to the side. It’s really cute.


Her back has nice definition, the wrinkles are really nice.


The back of her lab coat floats nicely on the breeze (that doesn’t affect her hair)  and gives it a nice sense of movement.


The bottom of her feet are perfectly flat. Which as always looks really stupid.


Her bangs have a really annoying injection mark on them that kind of pisses me off. It’s big and obvious.


The there’s this arm. What exactly is she doing? Her hand isn’t resting on her hip, nor is it in her pocket. She’s just holding her arm up at her side for no discernible reason. However both her sleeve and her hand do look great, I just wish I understood what she was doing.


Aside from the rough bottom edge the coat looks pretty good.


I wouldn’t have bitched anywhere near as much about her legs if she just had toenails. I know it seems like a minor complaint but it’s something that drives me crazy.


Then there’s this. What is it exactly? Well we at SIMON discussed it and we came up with a few plausible answers.

A) A poop on a stick

B) a phallic representation

or C the least likely: A chocolate covered banana.


It has these weird pink diseased spots too. Odd. I really love this figure ^_^ Now let’s move on too the always lovely Sena Kashiwazaki.


……Oookay. So we’ll start with the fact that Sena’s hair looks chunky. There are scuffs on her bangs and really they look pretty hideous. Her face looks like her eyes are too low. And whereas the eye decals are pretty they also have a strange hollow look to them. Her eyebrows are orange. They aren’t light either, her eyebrows are a dark orange that stand out waaaay too much against her pale hair and skin. her smile is kind of nice though and unlike Rika she does have a nose.


Oh my gawd. What are those? Implants? I mean even for Sena this is ridiculous. There is no way that teeny tiny bikini top could support those things, which is made even more evident by just how saggy her boobs are. I’ve made endless fun of this: Yoko Littner for having the same problem. Sculptors really need to get a grasp on proper anatomy before they break poor Sena’s back. Also notice that amusingly both of these figures are leaning over heavily, why because they simply cannot up straight, just imagine the chiropractor bills. then there’s the strap holding her uniboob together. This thing has really bad seams…….


Sena’s stomach is fairly nice, she has decently defined abs and she slightly shows hip bone which is always a nice touch (here’s looking at you Rika).


It absolutely amazes me (not in a good way) that they actually managed to screw up the little bit of paint that is on this figure. The yellow however does overlap onto the light blue. Sadness.


Whereas the sculpt of Sena’s hand actually looks pretty good there are dots of green paint all over it. I don’t think I need to express how bad that is. And there’s an injection mark right smack dab on the side of her hand. Her legs are nowhere near the Sena standard and whereas she does have great hips her thighs just don’t have what it takes.


Her calves are decent as are her feet. The fundamental lack of nails makes me believe that the sculptor was really lazy. I do really like the curl of her toes though on her raised foot. Other then that though there isn’t a whole lot to praise.


The butterfly in Sena’s hair is probably the best thing about this figure, the sculpt looks good and the paint matches up with lines nicely. Her hair however still retains a chunky look and this time there are clearly evident mold lines that should have been sanded better as well as injection marks.


Her boobs don’t look any better from the side. for that matter it looks like her boobie is part of her back. Sena doesn’t have sides…. The curve of her spine is nice and I do totally dig how her stomach looks from the side angle.


Now onto the next issue, her swimsuit bottom. This is one is really impressive. The side straps of her swimsuit aren’t raised at all. They are the exact same as her flesh. This means that this bathing suit is either painted on, or digging into her skin. Scary.


The back of her hair is listless and lifeless. Where Rika had a few definitive strands Sena has chunks of hair. Where Rika had dark shading to add body to her hair, Sena has paint scuffs.


And then there’s this. What the heck is this? Instead of shapely curves and a well formed body, what should have been amazing piece of tail looks like they didn’t even finish sculpting it. On another strange note there’s also this weird shiny spot right on her ass.


I think her legs look a lot better from the back since from that angle you can’t tell that she doesn’t have kneecaps….or toenails…..or appeal….


From this angle Sena resembles a gremlin. Oh yes you read that right. Her lifeless eyes take on an even more creepy look since now she appears to be looking over her shoulder at you. Combined with the scary smile, she looks kind of like she just fell out of Higurashi….


Her hips are nice and I like the curve of her spine quite a bit.


The there’s this. How much more unappealing can you get then that?!?! Worst fanservice of the year here I come.


She doesn’t fit on her base right, apparently the sand is just too hot for her since her feet refuse to touch the ground. Both her and Rika’s bases do look passably nice though.


Their boxes are fairly standard and do show you exactly what your getting.



……………? I like Sena’s butterfly.

Nice base design


Saggy boobs

Poop on a stick

Bad Paint

Creepy Higurashi face

No nose

What the heck is up with their bone structure


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