Tiny Treasure- Calintz


Character: Calintz

Series: Magna Carta: Tears of Blood

Manufacturer: Bandai

Release Date: September 2005

Run: Standard

My Figure Collection: http://myfigurecollection.net/item/5405#tab/user/date/1/1

Anyone out there ever play Magna Carta? I mean anybody but me? I really would not be surprised if the answer was no. This game came out in Japan in November of 2004. It’s hard to believe that it is almost a decade old. Wow! I bought the game in 2005, because it had a sexy collector’s edition, with a cool art book.  The game about drove me crazy, but I still loved the way it looked. It took me until 2013 to finally sit down and play this beast all the way through. I was amazed at how good it actually was. I fell in love with most of the cast, and truly cared about their plight. I had had the Magna Carta trading figures for as long as I had the game. (Did I mention I loved the art?) I chose Calintz for this month’s tiny treasure, because I have really liked his figure for nearly ten years, but recently that feeling has evolved. Now I cherish this figure.



He may not look the greatest. His face is a little off, and entirely coloured wrong. Whereas his face is pretty much all wrong, his hair actually looks pretty cool.


I really like the ponytail. They did a good job with spikes. The sculpt of his hair looks like it is loosely pulled back, some of it is even falls loose at his neck.


His outfit looks pretty cool, and fairly true to its original design. His form fitting white top looks good. Calintz has a pretty nice chest! The partially attached black sleeves look alright, but the wavy white lines should only be on his left arm. oops. The tiny details, like the gold strings on his shirt, are painted pretty well. His hands look decent, but what is up with the hilt of that sword!? Is that wood? Nice try. The sculpt isn’t bad, but it should be a red gradient, as opposed to brown.


The back of his top has feathers sticking out of the collar. In the game this looks really cool, on the figure well it looks weird. His tail feathers look ok though, maybe because they are bigger. He has a pretty nice back, and the black design is painted clearly. Really for a super old trading figure his sculpt is pretty good.


The yellow and black flaps that he wears at his sides are done very nicely. The paint all looks good, and the Tears of Blood logo is crisp, and clear!


Someone should probably tell Calintz that when wearing hakuma he should tuck his shirt in…or maybe not. He does have amazing hips. The pants look chunky, but overall aren’t too bad. The sartorial seams and traditional folds are in place.


Calintz’ sandals are huge. They look like a cross between geta sandals and rubber flip flops.


Overall the only issue that I have with him is his pose. He is supposed to be positioned with Reith and I just can’t stand her so for awhile I just left him on my shelf without her.


Then I had a fantastic idea. I had a Mafuyu figure that was just the right height. She is just as cute, and far more deserving than Reith. It worked out well. Now Calintz has this little cutie on his shelf with a view in my room. I was quite pleased with myself.

Overall Enjoyment: 8/10






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