Megaten Monday Persona 2 Eternal Punishment Part 23


Deep in the dungeon of Monado Nyarly can’t hide forever.



So this week opens with us having an exciting look at a Katsuya Suou flashback. Apparently Jun’s dad was one of his teachers which I suppose is a kind of cool note.


Oh god he’s a student and he’s still acting like a little #&$#$. His sideburns are still stupid by the way.


Seems like true to the flashbacks that we saw in IS Mr Kashihara really was a pretty nice guy. I have no clue why Jun was so ashamed of him.


Big jump from patisserie.


Regrettably for Katsuya though he may be intelligent but he lacks entirely in common sense. He thinks that’s pennies.


Right because daddy Suou was arrested for…..I really want to say it was “tampering with evidence” but honestly at this point I’m getting my stories crossed and that may have been Phoenix Wright. anyway Katsuya became a police officer ( a crappy one at that) to try to clear his fathers name.


Deep down I don’t think I’ll ever like this guy.


I do love how as soon as the vision fades everyone has their weapon ready to kill whatever is in the room.


Oh god he looks even worse as a shadow.


And there is the standard Persona trademark of blatantly denying the obvious.


Also kind of obvious really. Look at how he treats Ta-chan throughout the game. Even if he doesn’t despise him exactly it’s clear he barely cares and does not respect him at all.




He’s getting that glazed over falling for it look…


Baofu as always is willing to jump at any chance to yell at the nimrod.


Even a blind deaf moron could have seen that one coming a mile and a half away.


………….no comment


Who’s protecting who exactly? The only thing relevant to ‘protecting’ Tatsuya that I can think of was shooting a bullet off a metal incarnation of Jun, after the younger Suou brother was already in the process of freeing himself.


But all that is enough to convince Katsuya to turn around and level his gun at his younger brother. The worst part of it though is this….


Resignation to the fact that he deserves his brothers scorn. I’ve read a few people recently describe Tatsuya as being a “Mary Sue” character. Or a character without flaws that everyone loves without any particular reason. How they find a deeply troubled character like Ta-chan to be flawless is beyond me, but I think I might try to shed some more light on that in a week or three.


I kind of wish F**K off Katsuya was an option.


True because shadows don’t lie. They don’t need too.


Denial never ends well.


But Katsu manages to maintain a medium of dignity by firing at the shadow instead of his brother. Also he acknowledges his own face as an eyesore.


Please, go away, I really don’t need to stare at this guy twice.


An emotionally damaged teenager? Sorry for doubting you? Gonna win Maya in the end so screw off?


Technically he isn’t though. I think we’ve been over this.


Is it? Cause when you deny your shadow is when you end up like Mitsuo….


Not even a contest.


I can not be happy about that and I do not want to know what he’s alluding to.


And everyone else in the multi verse….



So which part was true? Loving Maya or Hating Tatsuya? Hmmmmmm? Personally though I’m sticking with both.


After crawling through more dungeon the next place we find ourselves is a fancy restaurant with Ulala and Maya.


Why would she be? All you ever do is prattle on and on and on about men….


So now we have timeframe for this bit….it happened just before the game began. Probably right around the same time as the ending of IS.


Cause most desperate women do?


For answers to that I would highly recommend looking in a mirror instead of punching one, it might explain a lot.


Okay….it’s official. I hate her more then Katsuya.


I believe that’s probably why Baofu referred to you as a freakish crossdressing man.


Your place is being a nitwit and getting innocent people hurt. Not to mention falling for cons, I’m pretty sure that’s part of her place in the world too.


Well maybe try not doing the bad dye job, and wearing clothes that weren’t rejected by Morticia Adams and you might not have to be.


Did you just now notice?


You bother because Maya’s the only person on the face of the planet whose saintly enough to put up with you.


At least she was trying to be a friend at this point…..kind of, if we ignore the rant up above.


Oh good lord Shadow Ulala looks worse the Katsu….not as scary as Tatsu was back in IS who wins my personal award for P2’s most bat shit crazy looking shadow.


Member him? I think the calm demeanor of this shadow was what made it so scary in the first place. All creepy small smiles and intelligent speak. Not what I was expecting after having had already played P4. (Though Kanji’s shadow is and always will be a veeeeery close second….)


Of course I kind of like shadow Ulala….


Wait again with who’s looking after who exactly?


Though she’s willing to admit she sucks.


And the heart emoticons are pretty funny…


Ummmm why?


One answer seems totally right, one incredibly wrong sooo….


Crap. Wrong answer.


So we scare away Ulala’s shadow, laughing at the party all the while. And next week we’ll probably fight her and shadow Katsu. I look forward to beating both of their faces in…..I wonder if I can de-equip my weapons to make it last longer…..



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