Dark Angel Olivia 1/8- Kotobukiya


Character: Dark Angel Olivia

Series: Rage of Bahamut

Scale: 1/8

Sculptor: Kouei Matsumoto

Manufacturer: Kotobukiya

Run: Standard

My Figure Collection: http://myfigurecollection.net/item/166816

It has been almost a year since Olivia’s prototype was shown at Wonderfest. From the first time I saw her I was in love with her, but as time passed my feelings began to wane. I was no longer sure she was everything I wanted her to be. Her paintjob was revealed, and I loved it, but something wasn’t right. Her pose maybe? I had faith in Kotobukiya so I kept her on order. Rather suddenly they changed her hair colour from a very rich red, to a rather blas’e blonde. Now I really wasn’t sure. Today I hold the final product in my hands and continue to ask myself, “Did I just get caught up in the hype?”



Olivia is pretty big, especially considering her scale. They claim that she is 1/8th, but her proportions are far closer to 1/7. (Not that I know the original size of Olivia’s character) Here is a picture of her with Nyaruko whom is one 1/7 scale, and Yuri whom is 1/8th scale for reference. Look how close she and Nyaruko are in size. It isn’t just their height either. Their proportions are even similar. This isn’t really a complaint, it is just a bit misleading. She is nowhere near the same scale as Yuri!!


Now that I have seen Olivia’s new dye job, I can quite honestly say there things that I really like about it, and things that I do not. The sculpt of her bangs is very detailed. There are several small strands which make for a natural look. She definitely doesn’t suffer from helmet hair. The colour is pretty, but far more generic than it’s previous shade. I am a pretty big fan of the transition to orange. At the very least it doesn’t look drab.


There is this little detail about her bangs that downright pisses me off though. It is her hair accessory. From a distance it looks really cute, and fairly intricate, but up close it is a disaster. The paint isn’t crisp at all. I am pretty sure that this piece and the side piece are all one accessory that goes under her bangs, so I am going to refer to it as a headband. The edges of it are yellow, not gold, but yellow. Like her hair. That’s right. They didn’t paint the raised edges of her headband black. They painted them yellow, and the fine detailing in the center looks awful. This was one of the first things I noticed when examining her, and dammit, macro did not help.


The side piece of her hair accessory looks much better. The paint is sharper here for sure. I also really like the way her bangs curl towards her chin. They frame her face very nicely, so nicely in fact that you can’t see the sides of her head at all.


Olivia’s horns are quite possibly my favourite park of her. The sculpt is riddled with tiny details, such as curves and points. The horns are made from the same dark purple plastic as her wings. There is a really cool wispy design painted on the horns. The design is made up of gold and copper lines. This design is painted with sharp elegant lines. It looks very nice. Her hair does have some questionable seams around the horns, but that is kind of to be expected given the protrusions from her head.


With light shining from behind them you can tell they are clearly transparent.


Olivia’s face is another part that I really have mixed feelings about. The sculpt is fantastic. She has this mischievous little smile, which is quite cute. Her facial features are all round and soft in appearance. the shape of her face is almost perfect. The problem is her eyes. The very first time that I saw her coloured, I knew I was not going to be fond of them. They looked lifeless. It wouldn’t be so bad if she were sporting a stoic expression, but she isn’t. She is smiling, but her smile doesn’t reach her eyes. So why is she smiling with cold, dead eyes? To makes matters worse they didn’t even give them a glossy finish. Now they look flat, on top of cold and dead. My first impression still stands pretty firm. Though I really like the deep shade of red that they chose, her eyes are ugly.


The back of her hair is long and wispy. It doesn’t have that pulled taffy look like Goddess Madoka. The strands of hair are all thin, elegant and shaded very well. There is this one weirdo seamline off to the left side of her head, this little strand that they just had to shove in there to screw up her otherwise really awesome looking golden locks.


Her clothing is really interesting. It would appear that she is wearing a breast plate over a really cute white top, but the white straps overlay the top portion of the armor. I guess I have no idea what she is actually wearing. Regardless her outfit is riddled with tiny details, so I will do my best to cover it all. She wears a small beaded choker over the top of her armor. It is painted clearly, and adds a bit of additional flair.


The breast plate itself looks pretty awesome. I really like the elegant design of it, however they did a fairly shoddy job on the gold detailing. You can see a few places where it goes a little crazy. The sculpt looks nice, and after seeing Koto’s Cryska with two completely different sized boobs, I am glad everything is in proportion.


Under the breast plate there is a cool golden adornment. I can only guess this is a part of her armor. As a matter of fact it looks like her whole torso may be clad in black armor, then covered in a dainty baby doll frock, and topped off with a breast plate. I bet that is what is going on there. Anyway the gold plate has a pretty cool sculpt.


This next part is my favourite…I mean it…ok, no I don’t actually. When her hair was red she had these two transparent yellow strings protruding from the underside of her breast plate, now that her hair is the exact same colour it looks like she has to two long strands of hair coming from her breasts. Come on Koto, did Olivia really need boob hair!?


Her little white top has the cutest eyelet design. It almost looks lacy. This also appears to have boning in the sides like a corset to make it more form fitting. That is kind of sexy albeit pointless, because the front of the garment is worn open…odd. I can’t help but wonder if Olivia has magic clothing.


The red belt is pretty neat, and the colour really stands out well. The little gold embellishments are sculpted nicely, and painted “ok”. Again the raised edges were left unpainted, so all of the gold baubles are left with red sides.


The beaded belt is pretty cool. There is a single peg that fits into her back, to give it the floating effect. This piece is actually painted really good. Each tiny bead has a golden dot on it. On the side of the beaded belt there is another really cool looking gold plate. The shape of this gold piece is pretty unique, and it goes very well with the one on her torso. I will be honest, when the sculptor was first announced I freaked out. Kouei Matsumoto sculpted Military Akira, whom is one of my favourite figures ever, amongst other fabulous works. Olivia’s sculpt is almost perfect. From the neck down I would say it is flawless. I don’t know why they chose to ruin that awesomeness with such awful hair seams.


Her shoulder blades are covered by what looks like a sheer black fabric. I don’t know how she got it on over her wings, but I will again surmise that she has magic endowed clothing. The back side of the breast plate looks pretty nifty. The gold pieces are painted nicely, and look really sharp.


Her wings are gorgeous! I absolutely love the colours chosen. They look like a dusk sky. I think that is a nice look for a dark angel. The feathers are finely detailed with tiny barbs, and are tinted with gold dust. They applied a bit too much gold between the layers though, so it looks awkward in those spots. It is also a bit interesting that her wings are folded inward. Most figures with wings have them completely spread.


The back of the wings look a bit worse than the front. There are seamlines between the layers of feathers that are pretty obvious. It almost looks like they deliberately poured gold dust over the cracks to try and hide them.


Her right arm is bent back just a bit so that she can hold her sword behind her. I lover her tattoos. She has one on each upper arm. I am pretty fond of the tribal design. The tattoos are also painted very clearly. Her gloves don’t really look armored so I am going with normal gloves, or at least mostly normal. Standard gloves don’t typically come with cool golden armor bits at the top. Again the gold part is sculpted well. It is these parts that give Olivia such a unique appearance. The gloves themselves make me think of Midna from Twilight Princess. I think it is the cool wispy lines that go all the way down to her fingertips. It looks really nice. I think I may be playing too much Zelda, being my first thought is of Midna’s weird arms….


Her hand looks really cool. Not only because of the gold veins, but because they are sculpted very well. She has a loose grip on her sword, holding it with only two fingers. The other two are outstretched. she probably isn’t holding those swords because she feels threatened…


Her sword that rests in her right hand only has half a hilt, because the other portion does not come out of her hand. This sword has a pretty intricate design near the base of the blade. What makes it look really cool, is the blue-gray shade that they used for most of it. The sword is painted perfectly, right down to the little gold details. To put this sword in her hand you just match up the hole in her hand with the peg on the sword, and repeat with the hilt from the other side.


Olivia’s left arm is positioned further back, and is much harder to see once she is assembled. The design matches the right arm perfectly, from the tattoo right on down to her thin golden lined gloves.


This hand has a much more solid grip on the hilt. Her hand is fisted tightly around it. The sculpt looks good, but not quite as special as the other hand.


This sword is a completely different design, and just as neat. The same colour is used, which I am really liking. You can see the extra detailing in the corner picture. I am actually pretty impressed with how these turned out. This one you just slide the sword into her hand, and slide the hilt in the other end. Easy as pie.


Olivia’s pleated skirt is pretty damn sexy. It is just right length to pull off zettai ryouiki perfectly. It isn’t so short that I am stuck with her panties all over my shelf, but just enough to be visually stunning. The folds in the skirt look great. She also has some nice meaty hips.


Her thighs are nothing to scoff at either, after her horns, her legs are my next favourite part of this figure. They have great proportions, and she is wearing some amzing boots. We see two repeated themes here., the punched out eyelet design as well as the golden plates. Both aspects add a great touch, and add to her overall appeal.


Her boots do have this weird paint thing going on. The front has a subtle coppery sheen, which looks stellar. The problem is the back of the boots. What in the hell happened here? It looks like her calves are burning. The subtle copper was really nice, but this looks awful. It clashes poorly with the gold, and seems entirely out of place.


Olivia’s feet look nice. The gold tipped toe of her boots is yet another nice way to liven it up. The high heels are pretty sexy as well.


There is a little bit of extra decorum on the back of her boots as well. The gold armor over her knee fully encircles her leg. There is also a bit of gold over her heel.


Her base looks pretty good. It is a heavy circle with a night sky motif. I am not sure why there are big purple crystals coming out the night sky, but maybe she summoned them. The texture of the stones feels realistic, and they look alright, but I think making them look a bit transparent would have helped. They are shaped like crystals, but kind of look like purple rocks.


Olivia is held onto her base by a single screw. I wish there was a bit more of a wedge under her grounded foot for extra support. She doesn’t feel loose on her base, but she does wobble a lot. She just seems really unsteady.


Assembling her really sucked. I can’t read most kanji, so I had to go by the pictures. Nowhere here does it show her torso coming apart, but it does. If you pull her gently she comes apart right below her breasts. Given the wobbly base I recommend taking her head off first, then pulling her torso apart. Once you have these three pieces then slip the beaded belt over her waist and push the peg in. Next step attach the wings to her exposed back. Be careful. They go in quite tight. After the wings are both attached push her torso back together, and place her swords. Now you are ready to complete your assembly by reattaching her head. You have to line the hair up just right, or it won’t work. She was very hard to get apart and even harder to put back together. Best of luck if she is on your bucket list!



Her sculpted details are amazing!

She is beautiful.

She has great body proportions.

She is very sexy.

She has amazing horns.

Her swords are awesome!


Her pose doesn’t make much sense.

Seam lines in her wings and hair ruin a great sculpt.

Her painted details are mediocre.

Assembling her is awful.

Her eyes are ugly.

Overall Enjoyment: 7/10






About Topiki

I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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9 Responses to Dark Angel Olivia 1/8- Kotobukiya

  1. Tekizen says:

    I’m really not fond of her eyeballs either. It’s very akin to the Tony Taka girls who almost always seem so lifeless to me. And the boobie hair that’s just nonsense.

  2. Thanks for the torso tip I was asking miself how the hell I’m going to install her beaded belt, throught her shoulders no way anyways thanks again 😛

    • Topiki says:

      No problem! It might say that in the instructions, (which I can’t read), but it sure doesn’t show it in the pictures. I am glad I could help!

  3. Jororo says:

    The pose makes a whole lot more sense if you consider that it was based on official artwork taken directly from her card ingame.

    • Topiki says:

      I have seen the picture from the card,and yes the figure is accuarate to it. The question is what is she doing? I can’t answer that. She looks like she is posing for a photo opp and nothing more practical than that.

      • 5854584 says:

        Yes, she’s posing for a photo op like how gazillions of card game illustrations are if you’ve never noticed. And to be fair, I don’t think it’s wise to put that on the cons because they properly followed the official source, unless you mean “things I particularly didn’t like”.

      • Topiki says:

        The pose is not fun, lively, dynamic, memorable, or otherwise special in anyway. I would call that a con. It just means the source material has a blasé pose as well. Is it a deal breaker? No, but it sure does look silly in 3D.

  4. Saki says:

    She’s beautiful and I wanted to get her. I still do, sort of, because she seems stunning and all but I’m very worried about her base and how she’s fixed to it. Like, I fear she will lean or even fall at some point. Those wings seem very heavy and her position makes me wonder if her base will be able to hold her weight since, if I understood correctly, she’s fastened to it by one single screw. Thanks for the review, I found it very helpful and it shred some light on other doubts on her I had.

    • Topiki says:

      Thank you. I am glad you liked the review. As it turns out the screw just holds the foot support to the base. Olivia herself is glued to the foot peg. I am pretty wary of this myself. She seems unbalanced and wobbly…like it is only a matter of time. She is gorgeous but I am not real confident in her shelf life 😦

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