Free Charapuka- Ensky


Characters: Makoto Tachibana, Nagisa Hazuki, Rei Ryuugazaki, Haruka Nanase, and Rin Matsuoka

Series: Free!

Manufacturer: Ensky

Release Date: February 2014

Run: Standard

My Figure Collection:

These fun, and “currently” unique trading figures really stood out to me. Not only are they cute, but they float as well. I mean seriously, you can put them in a bathtub, pool, fish tank, or virtually any other liquid. Most of the characters are even pretty loveable, so why not add a little bit more Free love to my shelf?



I’ll start with Haru, being that he is the main character. Each of these little dudes has their own little inner tube, that is genuinely filled with air, and floats. Pretty nifty. I don’t know how well it will hold up over time, but I like living in the moment. Haru is cute, but his face looks so unhappy. Not really ideal company for tubing. His sculpt is decent for a chibi, and his face is applied well.


His tube is clear, with a blue underside, and polka dots. Each boy has a different inner tube, to match his character. They look pretty real though.


The paint on his swim shorts is pretty good too.


Next up is Makoto, because he was my favourite Free boy! His figure looks a bit funny to me, like he is really high. He is cute none the less. I like the sculpt of his hair. There is a bit more to it than Haruka’s.


His inner tube is covered in green hearts. I think these are really good for Makoto, as he was such a sweetheart. I also should mention that each floatation device has the characters name clearly printed on it. No fighting over them here.


The details on his swim pants are pretty good too. The logo is clear, but the stripes are a bit on the sloppy side. I also really love their tiny feet!


Nagisa is adorable. He was actually the reason I needed this set. This character is such a puffy ball of cute. I love it. I laughed when I opened him though, his eyes are clearly too far apart…


Nagisa always seems pretty cheerful, so I think stars were a good choice for him. The bright yellow, also goes well with his bright personality. I think that the shapes chosen for each character are pretty amusing. they all seem to fit pretty well.


Like the other two Nagisa’s have the little white logo, as well as some swirly stripes. His shorts are bit on the sloppy side too. they really could have done a better job painting these.


Next boy on my list is Rei. His glasses are hilarious, and not really in a good way. This guy looks pissy too. Who wants to go tubing with cranky people?


Rei’s inner tube is covered with a flock of butterflies. He is the only one who got his character critter on his tube. He is also the only one with an insect. anyway it looks pretty cool.


Like Makoto, Rei has long swim pants. I really kind of like this look, as it gives off a more serious athletic vibe. It also looks pretty cool. His stripes are purple, and painted unevenly.


Lastly is Rin, mostly because I honestly thought about leaving him off entirely. His face looks ridiculous. He looks like a snarly brat that is trying to be sexy. The facial features are applied well, but I don’t even like looking at him.


His tube has red triangles all over it, which is fitting because triangles are prickly, and Rin is a prick! The inner tube is the best part of this figure, which it appears it was left on the sand, so maybe he will get lost at sea.


Rin’s swim pants are painted about the same everyone else’s pretty much, except for some reason his stripes are painted better.

In closing this set of figures is really neat, and at least for now, fairly unique. If you like Free! and want to put the boys in their favourite element this is the way to go. Again I am not so sure about the shelf life of the inner tubes, but for now they are nifty!


Unique idea.

Fun character themed inner tubes.


Expressions don’t really fit the concept.

Paint is sloppy.

Don’t think the will last long, but maybe.

Overall Enjoyment: 7/10


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I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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2 Responses to Free Charapuka- Ensky

  1. These look supercute!
    But…. but why is there never any love for Mikoshiba?! Q_Q
    He was my favourite…. And if there is merchandise of him he’s always paired up with stupid shouta Ai… daaaaaamn >_<

    • Topiki says:

      I really liked Mikoshiba as well. I think he was my third favourite after Makoto, and Nagisa. I hope with another season he will get more attention. That would be really cool!!

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