Eevee- Banpresto


Character: Eevee

Series: Pokemon

Manufacturer: Banpresto

Release Date: July 2013

Run: Prize

My Figure Collection:

If there were ever an anime that gave me that warm, fuzzy, nostalgia feeling it was Poke’mon. I try not to throw nostalgia around lightly, but this title harkens back to my high school days. You know sitting in the hallway playing the card game, wearing my Pikachu shirt, and sporting a Dragonair tattoo. Yeah, that was me. Poke’mon wasn’t even close to be my first anime, but it is one of the first ones that left a long standing impression. My favourite Poke’mon were Dragonair, Persian, Eevee, and Vulpix. There have been a slew of Poke’mon toys made over the years, but this one really stood out in a “BIG” way!


Not only did it fill my need for a cool Eevee figure, but it went above and beyond the call of duty. This Eevee is nearly six inches tall, comes on a really cool base, and is accompanied by his Foongus pals.


Eevee head is really cute. His long bunny like ears are shaped really well, and the black centers are painted clearly. I especially like the little tuft of fur between his ears. The features of his face are also applied nicely. He has the cutest cat-like smile, if you can call that a smile. He sure looks happy to me regardless.


Around his neck, Eevee has really long, fluffy looking fur. The seamline that goes around it could have been cleaned up better, but they made up for that with a really nice gradient effect.


The shape of Eevee’s body is well proportioned, but a little bit chubby. I think it looks good, I mean wouldn’t he look funny with a bulbous head and a super lean body? His paws are really cute too. I like the little pink pad on the bottom of each one.


Look at that bushy tail. I would love to have one these as a pet. He looks so soft. The sculpt on this figure is so simplistic, but it really brings out the charm of this Poke’mon perfectly. The paint looks great on his tail, though it does not share the same shading as the neck fur.


Eevee’s pose is really cool. It looks like he just leapt from the grass behind him. He may have even scared the Foongus behind him, causing the little fellow to hide.  Eevee is supported by two foot pegs ( one on his front right foot, and one on his back left foot), as well as a blade of grass that fits into a hole on his rear right foot. I don’t think he is going to fall over anytime soon.


The little Foongus guys are pretty neat. I appreciate that they are both in different positions. It adds a uniqueness to the overall figure. Their sculpt looks great, and their paint is perfect. Banpresto really dig a great job on this one. From the promo picture I had thought there was a Poke’ball, and a mushroom type Poke’mon sitting on the stump. I had no idea the Poke’ball was the top of the mushroom. Obviously I was unfamiliar with Foongus at the time.


His base is all one piece, so the only thing you need to do is attach Eevee to it. The bushes behind him look a bit too flat, but they make for a nice backdrop. If they had filled them out more it would have been too bulky I think. The stump that the Foongus are hanging out on is painted well, and detailed nicely. The bark has a rough texture, and the center of the trunk has rings. It looks really good. I really like the way the grass stands out in front of the bushes. I think this helps a lot with the flatness issue.


The bottom of the base is cute, but a little less special. The textures all look nice, the leaves are sculpted perfectly, but the problem comes in the colouring. The path and the leaves are the exact same colour. They did add some well placed black shading to the leaves, and trail edges, which looks great. I just wish there were a couple more shades of green. The bottom edge is a very nice rocky looking brown. This wasn’t necessary, but it looks pretty cool. I think it looks like the whole piece was plucked from the ground, dirt and all.


Eevee’s box is nothing to write home about, but it sure is cute. The colours, and images fit the theme really well.



This is exactly what Poke’mon figures should be like.

The sculpting is fantastic.

The paintjob is very crisp.

The variety of poses between the three Poke’mon makes them seem more natural.

The base is fairly detailed.


The seams are not cleaned very well.

The base could use a bit more colour.

Overall Enjoyment: 9/10


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