Link & Epona- First 4 Figures


Characters: Link & Epona

Series: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Sculptor: Goran Sadojevich

Manufacturer: First 4 Figures

Release Date: April 2012

Run: Limited, 2500 Pieces Worldwide

My Figure Collection Link:


Have you ever wanted something so bad that you just couldn’t let it go? I have. Tekizen and I have been collecting figures for many years, and I have bought some things that I really love. What about the ones I missed though? You know the ones I missed the pre-order on, or just wasn’t into the franchise yet. It happens sometimes. I have a whole list of grail items that I am searching for. That list is now one figure shorter!


That’s right. Back in late 2011 I spotted this guy in a Previews catalogue at my local comic shop, I just couldn’t justify the cost. At the time I had no idea why he was so much money. It is funny how polystone makes so much sense now. Anyway, shortly after his release, his price skyrocketed. What!? Link became my most sought after grail item, and with this year’s fantastic tax return I decided to bring him home. The anxiety of how he would turn out while I awaited his arrival was downright torture. Do you think I regret it?


I know this is a bit different for me, but I am going to start this review off by looking over his box. Typically speaking I review figures, not boxes, but this one earned it’s right to be here. I knew he was going to be big. MFC had him listed as 16 inches tall, he is closer to 17, and they didn’t list his weight at all. You might think that is trivial, but nothing could have prepared me for what was coming. His box was huge, maybe even bigger than huge, and it weighed A LOT!


The picture on the front is pretty accurate to what the figure actually looks like. The background colours look quite nice as well. I am very fond of the sunset look of it. Very classy. I also like that Epona looks like she is leaping right off the picture!


The sides of the box show various angles of the figure. Looking at his box just got me more excited. Link looks really cool, and Epona…wow! Her shading looks fantastic!


The back of the box tells you exactly what you are getting. There is an informative blurb that tells you almost anything you need to know. The big number at the bottom is the product number. I got 2231/ 2500. I think I cut it kind of close.


The top of the box has a fairly impressive looking logo, as if there wasn’t already enough to look at. I am pretty fond of the Twilight Princess logo!


The inside flaps each have the crest from Link’s Hylian shield.  These weren’t really important, being that they are inside the box, but I love little oddities like this one.


The next “little oddity” rocked me a little bit! This was so damn cool it wasn’t even funny. An image of the figure was actually etched into the Styrofoam!


The other side had the title of the figure, and a bit more etching accenting it, but nothing as fantastic as the full figure image. The certificate of authenticity looks like a credit card…a really cool credit card. On it is the serial number of the figure. You use this combined with the figure number to register it online. Pretty cool. I haven’t decided for sure if I am going to register them or not, I will have to go check out the site.


So we have established that they are roughly 17 inches tall, and 16 inches wide, but I haven’t covered weight. My mom looked at me like I was crazy when I wandered off with her bathroom scale. She had asked why I needed it, and I told her to weigh my figure, at which point I was informed that this was not going to work. Unbeknownst to her, it did work. Link and Epona, completely assembled, weighed in at 15.8 lbs. That is crazy. This figure weighs 5 lbs. more than my cat!!!


There was a bit of assembly to be done. Link himself, came in four pieces. His body was already connected to Epona, and his right arm was in place holding the reins. I had to attach his head, as well as his left arm, which  was placed right below the tunic sleeve. The final piece that was added to him was the shield/ sheath combo that fit onto his back. The shield is not pictured here.


The only pieces that needed to be connected to Epona were the base, and her tail. I am thrilled that her feet fit down into the base for extra support, and the footpeg is metal. Yes!! Again Link is already attached to her back, so all in all there are six pieces Link/Epona, her tail, his head, arm, shield, and lastly the base. Thankfully it was really easy to put together, and it feels very sturdy.


Link’s face was done really well. The sculpt has fairly realistic features, which suits the Twilight Princess art style very well. Being that he is hand painted, I was very impressed with his eyes. I love the dark outline, and I was a bit stupefied by the detailing to his iris’. I must be blind, because I didn’t even notice it on the figure, it took the photo to really show them off. The light blue starburst around his pupils though is gorgeous. The tiny bit of red at the inner edge of his eyes is also a nice touch. My what lovely eyes you have Link.


His hair doesn’t look to shabby either. The mustard colour was a pretty good choice, and I like the use of brown and orange for highlighting. Overall it comes off pretty awesome, but they got a little sloppy between his head and his hair. This was another thing that I didn’t notice until I looked at the enlarged photos. :/ It kind of bothers me now that I have seen it, but I guess under the scrutiny of macro every figure has flaws.


Link has a pretty sharp profile, again I am really fond of his sculpt. It looks good from all angles! He also has fantastic pointy ears! You can barely see it in this picture, but Link is wearing his earrings. I will point it out again when they pop up clearer. That top strand of hair came broken, I was a little saddened by this, but it looks like an easy enough fix. I am not to concerned about it. He is very fragile though, so he must be treated with care.


From the back view you can see the broken piece, as well as his earring much better. The back of his hair doesn’t look quite as detailed as his bangs, but it looks pretty good. Here we also get a very good view of the stitching on his hat. The big stitches look cool, but I really like the tiny ones along the hem.


There is also more tiny stitching near the tip of the cap.


Link’s torso looks fantastic! The detail on his tunic is done really well. The decorative trim along the bottom looks nice. His belt looks good, and so does the buckle. The sculpt of the sheath strap is pretty decent, they even put little holes near the buckle. There are thick stitches around his collar, and along his sleeves. Link’s tunic fits snugly against his chest. It looks really good, but he is wearing a shirt, and chainmail under it, so I think it should look bulkier. The armour looks really cool. The black and gold colouring makes it look fairly believable. I appreciate that you can see the chain shirt peeking out from his sleeves as well.


The back of his tunic has some decent wrinkles, to give it a soft fabric look. It does look bulkier than the front, which is cool. The hole in his back is where the shield/sheath is attached. I love the belt pouches too. They have pretty awesome detailing!


The detailing on the sword/ sheath is done really good. All of the paint is perfect. Even the back of the sheath has screws and whatnot, it does not have a handle though…Awkward!


Link’s right arm looks really good as he pulls on the reins. You can see a decent amount of his arm muscles through the conforming grey undershirt. His bracer is both sculpted and painted well.


The hand holding the reins is sculpted very well. His fingers are given proper definition, his knuckles look good, and his glove is painted very nicely.


The arm holding the sword looks even better. You can see the shape of his arm so much better here. The detail around his elbow is fantastic! On his left forearm link wears a rust coloured arm guard. This piece looks pretty cool. There is a unique design etched into it. Very classy!


This hand, like the other one has a tight grip on the object which he holds, this time being his sword. His fingers look great, and I just love the way his knuckles look. The paint is a bit messy where his hand meets the hilt.


The Master Sword does not come out of Link’s hand, thankfully. I am scared that I am going to break it as is, I couldn’t imagine trying to get him to hold it. The sword looks fantastic. The blade has a nice edge to it, the Triforce is also sculpted into the flat of it. The purple winged design of the hilt looks really cool as well.


The bottom of Link’s chain mail is the same colour as his pants. That is pretty bad, and probably the most disappointing part of Link’s paint job. The folds in the fabric look nice, especially around his knees. They also added a sartorial seam down the outside of each pant leg. Link’s riding boots look pretty good. The seam on the outside of each one is a nice touch, as is the cool wispy design. The only thing that I really don’t like here is the shape of his foot. It looks a bit too round, and lacking in definitive shape.


Link’s other leg looks just as good, and pretty much the same. The detailing on his pants is done really well, the same can be said for his boot. In this picture you can see the stitching along the sole very clearly. This is just another example of this sculptor’s amazing eye for detail. Like his left foot, this one also looks a bit off.


Epona’s saddle looks really good. The sartorial seams are great, and the dark brown stitching is cool too. I am pretty fond of the saddle’s sculpt. The detailing that Goran Sadojevich put into this figure just amazes me.


Her saddle blanket has a really great paint job. It looks almost like it is made of felt, but alas it is smooth as a baby’s butt. The torn edge gives it a very realistic appeal, or at least adds to the overall realistic look of it.


The bedroll has that same rough fabric look to it. The straps and the buckle are painted pretty well.


Epona’s harness has a swirly design running the entire length of it. The emblem on her chest looks really neat. Not only does the crest look good, but the buckles and straps are painted nice as well. The paint above the strap is pretty bad.


I am a pretty big fan of the stirrups. The part that connects to the saddle actually looks rusted. I thought this was a really nice touch.


Epona’s head is really cool. Her body is textured to look like the short fur of a horse. Her bridle matches the harness in design, which is aesthetically pleasing. Her facial features are all well proportioned, and painted well. I love her eyes. She has great teeth too, but I have a better picture of those coming up soon. Up near her ear there is a bit of sloppy white paint. The dark highlights in her mane are pretty neat. The reign is actually made of pliable plastic, so it doesn’t feel too delicate.


The other side of her head looks pretty much the same as the previous side. The paint looks pretty sharp. I didn’t mention it early, but her little folded ears are adorable.


There we go. Look at those teeth! Wow!


Her entire body is textured like fur, and riddled with muscles. Her body looks fantastic. Again Goran’s eye for detail wins out! there is a bit of dark paint on her belly below the saddle blanket.


The shape of her neck, and legs is quite stunning. I especially love her knees?, would we call them knees?


Epona has great hooves! The fur matches her mane perfectly. The other thing that I really appreciate about her rear hooves is that they go down into the base. There is also a metal rod in one foot that goes even deeper, so the whole thing feels really sturdy.


She also has really cool horse shoes. I just love it!


Epona’s tail looks good, with the exception of where it connects to her backside. This seam is awful, but given the fact that I had to attach it, I guess it’s not so bad. Really this is the only seamline that bothers me.

Link41The base is fantastic! The grass looks nice, but a bit more like leaves than grass. The outside of the tree looks remarkably like wood, unfortunately the center looks like a mushroom than a tree. This beast is heavy, but man it sure isn’t going to fall over.


Here is the otherside of the base. The paint is superb! The shading looks great, and the texturing is wonderful.


In closing I can honestly say that I think he is worth every penny paid for him. It was a bit hard to review him, as I have never before inspected a figure that didn’t come in several prepainted pieces. He is more statue than figure, (if that makes any sense) as a result his paint job looks a lot less clean than PVC figures. On the other hand though it looks like much more effort went into the shading, and detailing. There are places where the paint is truly bad, but overall it is really a truly amazing figure.


This figure makes a fabulous center piece.

His shading is great!

The sculpt is perfect. I seriously wouldn’t change a thing.

Link and Epona totally deserve to be immortalized in a giant polystone statue.


They are heavy.

They are hard to display.

The paint has some pretty bad spots.

He came with a bit of breakage. Not cool.

Overall Enjoyment: 9/10


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4 Responses to Link & Epona- First 4 Figures

  1. ColonelFancy says:

    This thing is amazing. Too bad it came a bit broken. Did they specify that before you bought it?

    • Topiki says:

      No. He was sealed when I bought him but it doesn’t change how happy he makes me. It has been three months and everytime I look at him is like the first. My excitement has not deminished at all.

  2. Rob says:

    Do you still have it? You want to sell and ship your Link and Epona Figure?

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