The Great Haul- February 2014!


Loot! Loot! Loot! I am so excited about this month’s loot. February has brought so many treasure’s to S.I.M.O.N. including a couple of fantastic wishlist items.


February started off really well, that might even be an understatement. Tekizen’s tax return came back in the first week of the month, I was pretty impressed by the speedy return. We went on a pretty killer shopping spree. I have been giving Wal-Mart so much money lately. It isn’t even funny. This round I picked up this awesome Zelda 3DSXL. Not only does it look cool, but I love the bigger screen. I also bought myself a strategy guide, and Tekizen Jack and Hello Kitty. She really liked Jack, even though we don’t play the game.

Sonicos1The very next day we got these two weird Sonicos. They are really unique and fun, but man are they creepy. These things are almost six inches tall. If you put them in direct sunlight her head will bob pack and forth. Pretty neat! This was our first of four Big in Japan boxes this month, and half of our Sonicos for February!


That night we ventured off to the city to rock some board games. We ended up buying more games than we played including, but not limited to the games above. We also picked up the L5r Edition of Love Letter and Chupacabra. Steam Park, A La Carte, Once Upon A Time, and both editions of Love Letter all came from the Game Shoppe. Chupacabra came from Ground Zero, and Trophy Buck came from Wal-Mart.


While bouncing around town we managed to grab some figure loot too. It seems like just about every month I give Dave credit for being the coolest comic book store owner ever, and this month is no exception. He managed to get in Io, and Haruka. They both look fantastic!


And from the other Ground Zero came John. Tekizen totally loves this guy, so he was a pretty big score for her.


The next bit of loot was our first sizeable chunk of loot. We had filled our Hobby Link Japan warehouse with all kinds of goodies and it was time to bring them home. There was so much good stuff in February that I don’t even know what part was the most exciting. The Digimon figures were definitely high on my list. These figures may all be small, but they are darn cool!


Box 2 of 4 from Big in Japan was the first part of Tekizen’s One Piece diorama. They look pretty cool. I am really fond of this line. It isn’t very often that figures are made to be viewed from the back, and a lot of times the back looks great. I have always appreciated the detailing on the flip side as well as the front!


It was a bit funny. When my taxes came back we did very little physical shopping. I got back twice what I had estimated so this seemed like a good time to invest in a decent camera. I don’t know how to use the darn thing, but it sure is sexy. The fellow at Rockbrook helped me decide which one would be good.


The only other thing I bought without the computer’s help was this little Vanellope figure. I thought she was pretty cute. She came from Wal-Mart. Go figure.


The third Big in Japan box was one that I was highly anticipating. This one contained my Code Geass figures. Particularly Suzaku and Euphemia. I love these two so much, and they are lacking in decent figures. I can’t even explain how thrilled I was by these figures!


It seemed like forever before I finally got this box. Not only did I have to pay for it twice due to some miscommunication with Rakuten, but it took 28 days to get here. I know SAL can take awhile which is why I rarely use it, but almost a month. That sucks! Anyway I have wanted this Blanc for quite some time, and since our resolution for 2014 was to thin out our wishlist of items I thought she would be a good start. I love her. Rin and Len were just extras for our Kagamine collection which is growing all the time.


The rest of my tax return was spread out across a plethora of websites. The first item that I received from those orders was Link and Epona. I have been yearning for this statue since it came out. At the time of its release I couldn’t justify the price. I should have tried harder, because he just got more expensive. Link was my holiest of grails, and the first I got off of my list of 24 items to grab. Now that I have him I am not sure exactly what to aim for next. I searched the internet over, and finally settled on an Amazon seller that seemed reasonable. He is amazing. Just in case you were curious, he is 17 inches tall, and weighs 15.8 lbs. Wow!


Cb27ded got me this game for my birthday. It’s a little bit early, but I wasn’t sure I would see her again before today. I can’t wait to try it, but my Wiimote is M.I.A. so hopefully soon.


While in the city I also went looking for a new copy of Ocarina of Time. What I found was this cool collection of Zelda I, Zelda II, Ocarina, and Majora. That is mega cool, as I have never played Majora’s Mask. I am pretty excited. Thank you Gamers!


W also went sifting through Rakuten looking for some goodies that we might have previously missed. I managed to find this Eru Chitanda figure, whom I had to cancel my PO on. I wasn’t pleased about that, but she is home now. Tekizen snagged Death Devil Ritsu. I think we may need to collect all of these. They are pretty nifty. Ritsu was Tekizen’s wishlist item this month. This transaction, thankfully went way smoother than Blanc’s.


The second Hobby Link box was primarily funded by me tax return as well. A couple months ago I was finally able to pick up Volcano Meteor Dragon, he rocked our collection so hard that we had to buy the other two. That being said, they are both here now, and needless to say are pretty boss! We also paid off our pre-orders on Honoka and Tezuka. I have never been a big fan of that guy, but his figure looks pretty stellar. Honoka, well you’ll see. You might wonder where Rin’s Free figure is, the answer is in his box. I can not stand this guy, and….


I wasn’t going to even put him on my shelf, but somebody’s got to feed the Chaos!


I wasn’t expecting our loot to go any further than that, but last night when I got home I found a box waiting for me. It was the last of our February Big in Japan loot. Inside the box were two more Sonico figures. It’s pretty odd, we own like nine figures of her, and none of them are statues…oops.


So in the end our tax loot turned out pretty awesome. This being the result!!


We also ordered one of Tekizen’s most wished for items, unfortunately he had to be routed through a proxy. No big deal, but he won’t be here until March. Nonetheless he was ordered, and a part of our tax loot. It will be awesome when Hitoshura arrives in a couple of weeks.


This years vote for figure of the month was pretty obvious. Link didn’t even have a close second. Well I guess if you counted Epona separate, he might have.


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I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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