Attack on Kon Colle Fest….I mean Wonderfest 2014 overlook.


So here we are at Simon as another Wonderfest passes. Here’s what caught our attention and held it fast this time.



I’m genuinely a little surprised and a little bit angry that there have been no updates to the Free guys other then adding goggles to their sculpts. Seriously Alter?


Natsume is getting a resculpt, which means he’ll also get a rerelease. And it looks like this time he’s coming equipped with something his figures have all lacked so far. A facial expression.


I’ll be perfectly honest if I end up buying this Asuka she’s totally going to get my guilty pleasure figure of the year.



Like most figures from Magica Madoka this Homura has the potential to be either the coolest thing ever made, or the biggest travesty in figure history. Time will tell I suppose but I am loving her design so far!



Hmmm another excuse to dress Saber up in a different outfit. Well at least this one looks unique….until they make another thirty in this outfit.



Lucier caught my attention easily, which honestly kind of surprised me because I haven’t liked a seventh dragon design yet. Hopefully her eyes don’t end up with that same dull dead look that Miku’s did.


pandidora1391952459There is a very real possibility that I’m going to throw my SH Figuart out the window to go live with the squirrels. Mercury looks gorgeous, I am so in love with the water effect.


Always a fan favorite in our household sailor Venus looks fantastic. She’s in the midst of using ‘Venus Love Me Chain’ and where as I do still question what the hell kind of element that is it looks great.



Sonico seems to know what a one piece is….I think I might be going into shock.

Embrace Japan


Kazama Kotaro is from a fighting game that I’ve never even heard of, her design though is very nice. Just imagine how fantastic she would look on a shelf with Sakura Saber and Shiki. Fan freaking tastic, add Momohime in their and you’ve just got a whole pile of win. I’m totally looking forward to a paint job of this girl.



Hoozuki actually got two figure announcements. Cool.



So approximately three years ago I was with Topiki and Cindy talking about the characters that would be my personal dream figmas. I said I’d love to have a Conan Edogawa. I mean how cool would that be? There are so many different accessories they could do! And look close at the background, do you see him? Yeah there’s totally a shadowy suspect in the background.


I’m an absolute sucker for Miku. The first word out of my mouth was simply “Sold!”


Senbonzakura Len made me and Topiki both squeal like completely giddy school girls!


Rin’s character design for Senbon is less cute then Len’s but then again none of us are really surprised by that. She’s got a great looking sculpt though and will look fantastic with her brother!



Sena as always (minus Griffon cause they suck) is stunning.

Good Smile Company


For a figure that has been in production for a whole year, this is completely uninspired. I mean that too. Hopefully she’ll have enough fun accessories and less banal faces to make her worth it (I’m still hoping) but this is a very lackluster offering.




This is the best I’ve seen so far for Sonico swimsuit figures……


For a show I’ve never watched I must say the Girls und Panzer girls are all almost painfully cute.


Huh…I’m really not sure what to think about this. On one hand I really want to like it…on the other hand I hate her ears and she has no neck…….I’ll probably continue my long run of despising nendo wings too. Hmmm… on a plus not I could give her one of Link’s faces and then her ears wouldn’t be retarded…


Aoba’s cute, but really I WANT Ren….


Koyomi still doesn’t have a sculpt….Shinobu does which pisses me off, but hey we can’t win them all. If he comes out I will purchase this nendo with all the glee of a ravenous fangirl.


Hanekawa has a sculpt of course. She looks mega cute so far, I’m praying beyond all hope though that if they give her cat parts it’s not like the %%$^% after parts.


I have no idea what this is, but I love the design. Way cute.


I knew damn well that I wanted this when it was announced, now that I’ve seen it though preorders can’t come soon enough!


If Megahouse doesn’t want to give me a statue I’m willing to buy this little guy. I just want a figure of him….


So GSC ‘claims’ that Archer is in fact actually going to come out someday. It’s pretty bad being late to the party, worse yet when your hosting.


Major Kusanangi looks awesome as always. This woman is damn cool, and she will probably make a fantastic figma.


Princess Valkyrie is GSC’s inevitable addition to the realms of Puzzles and Dragons. I bet this would epic if we could see it….


Ciel still looks mega kick ass, I’m not too sure about her sword though…..


Having had given up GSC’s Honoka for dead I just the other day paid for my Koto statue of her. Apparently GSC revived the project and she looks insanely cute. Odds are good that if she actually comes out I’ll buy her too.


My two favorite characters from Fairy Tail were Gray Fullbuster and Erza Scarlet. This is Gray’s first non chibified figure and he looks fantastic. He’s got a great face and his body has nice detail. At the same time they announced Erza. She has a had a few different figures but none of which appealed to me. This one though (god willing) looks like she’s actually going to be wearing clothes.


They also announced Natsu Dragneel which is pretty cool. Ummm however I really hope this isn’t exactly what the finished product will look like, the seam lines suck.


Wow….A Saber that I really genuinely like everything about. I might actually buy this one.



I love Rikka’s character design. She really makes me think of Chrome from KHR. I really like the Cu-Poche line so far and she looks like she’ll be another adorable addition.


I’m a little torn on how I feel about this figure, on one hand I really like Ikaros’ design, on the other hand my family might kill me.


Komaeda Nagito and Hinata Hajime both look like they are going to look really cool. I’m still hoping they make a Makoto….

Max Factory


My biggest gripe with the last Samus figma was that she didn’t have a no helmet option. I mean seriously GSC? Well now the rats have decided to steal more of my money by making a Other M Samus. So now I can pop her head off and stick it on the other figma….


I know I’m getting a little redundant but…duuuuude…..


Holy crap Marth didn’t get cancelled?!?!


I haven’t gone out of my way for a figma in a really long time, but I will state here and now. This will be mine.


Samurai Princess’ Himeji looks like she’s gonna be a pile of hot stuff, but I’ll have to see her painted before making any life changing decisions.


I usually respect Max Factory for their amazing looking figures, but this one just made me go…”huh?” I mean she looks like she just got a bucket of water dumped on her head. I do like the disarray of the figure, but I really can’t get over her hair. And then there are the vines, they don’t attach to anything which looks freakishly weird. I kind of want to tie her to Sayame’s base…..


It amazes me how cute this figure is….


And this is something I’ve wanted virtually forever. I really love me some Miku.



Kakashi has his mask. I’m so happy.


Akashi Seijuurou has been added to the Kuroko lineup. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have enough guys for a full team eventually.


How can I not want these hanging out with my Digimon boys?


I so hope Yato comes with a change jar….


Now whereas Taiga looks like he wants to rip someone’s head off and slam dunk it Kise looks like he’s actually enjoying playing basketball. Topiki squealed over this for like an hour.


And Daiki looks fantastically cool.


My husband doesn’t know about this yet, but he really likes Space Dandy. I’m betting he’ll be excited.

198684He might just might be excited about Honey too. Regardless she looks like she’d be adorable with Chiho-chan.


As for me however I have to say I’ve turned around a bit, I love Amy’s face, but I’m really pissed of at MH for forcing a panty shot.

Penguin Parade


Asuna and Yui seem to be missing something….I’m not sure what it but I’d bet that if I buy these they end up with a mini Kirito petanko sitting on Asun’s lap.

Phat Company


Takane’s casual clothes figure gives off a nice ladylike appeal in a realm of scantily clad bimbos.


Lily looks fantastic, and even though she isn’t part of the set I think she’ll look magnificent with the Senbon figures.


Illya just looks like she should grace my shelf with Subaru and Magical Nia.


Wow. Miki’s figures just keep looking better and better everytime.

Ques Q


King (?) Tut is kinda sexy. I’m looking forward to seeing her coloured.



Miku looks great as per normal. I adore her figures so much, I’ll inevitably end up buying her.


I really wish Len looked happier…


This is the insanely rare instance where I actually like Rin’s figure more then Len’s. Not that his is bad, but her face is adorable.


Meiko, KAITO, and Luka got prize figure announcements, we at Simon are praying that this Luka prize looks better then sega’s last tear worthy attempt.


I’ll end buying this for my mum as either a Christmas or birthday present.


Armin doesn’t mean a whole lot to me personally, but Cindy was really looking forward to this update!

Toy’s works


I had really presumed that this figure was cancelled. I can’t even begin to express how pleased I am that she wasn’t 😀


And while I’m talking about Hataraku….. the one the only Maou-Sama finally has a figure announcement!


And equally important is my personal favorite character Ashiya. I want a figure of him so bad, but honestly I figured it would never happen.

Union Creative International Ltd


I’m not going to lie I was up half the night last night hoping to see a better shot of Akane’s face, not that Shinya doesn’t look great, but I really want to see more of her.


Shogo is scaring the hell out of me though. He looks disturbingly skinny, even for a Mukuro clone. I do like his hands though.


Hoozuki has a character design that just screams to have figures made of it. Honestly if this hadn’t been announced I probably would have hunted down his GK.



Half of me really wants this figure, half of me wants to throw it out the window to live with Sailor Mercury and the squirrels….


My inner Tinkerbell fanatic wants this so hard it’s sick. Yeah I know it’s Tiki, but dammit I’m going to think it everytime I look at her and we all know it. Fantastic detailing and great paint make her an almost definite for us this year.



Milla freaking Rage. Wowzers, I never honestly thought we’d be seeing a new figure of her like ever.

Right so here’s the break down:

Topiki’s Top three announcements:


1 Link figma- Topiki adored the Skyward Sword Link so the announcement of another figma of him is really exciting. Two of him and two of Samus equal out the odds in Smash Brothers against the Pits anyway.


2 Conan Figma- This is such a hardcore fan thing. Topiki started us on watching Conan just a few years ago, hundreds of episodes later we’re still watching and still loving the pint sized detective.


3 Yato- This one of the few announcements that Topiki was seriously hoping to see.

Tekizen’s Top Three Announcements:


1 Yui and Asuna- Wow, they just smacked me in the face with my absolute favorite time period in SAO. A Kirito would have made this perfect but hopefully the scale will be small enough that I can put his figma nearby.


2 Akane- Yes! YES! YES!!!!!!!! I really wanted to buy her nendo, but at the time I had a lot of backed up orders and couldn’t really justify cancelling something else for such a plain jane figure. This though is happiness on toast. Want!


3 Gray Fullbuster: I’m already completely enamored with this. Natsu I may or may not buy, but Gray, man that’s some sweet stuff there.

Topiki’s Top three Updates:


1 Len Kagamine- How much cuter can this boy afford to look? Well he was definitely worth the long wait to see.


2 Link- Oh my god, he’s a pile of adorable don’t ya think? I hope his accessories are better then the Skyward figma, but I’m not going to hold my breath.


3 Kise Ryouta- This is probably the funnest of the Kuroko poses so far, he really looks like he’s having a field day. We were all pretty pissed off that they skipped over him last time, but the wait was worth it.

Tekizen’s Top Three Updates:


1 Honoka- I seriously presumed this figure was never going to happen. I’m so happy to see an update on her. She’s mega cute.


2 Sailor Mercury- I’m seriously loving the effect pieces on this figure, I can’t wait to see what they do with both Mars and Jupiter.


3 Gilgamesh- I really am so happy to see an update of this guy. I’m pretty fond of the badass of Fate Stay, and by that I don’t mean Saber.


About Tekizen

I am a thirty two year old fujoshi. I adore Aniplex and Capcom both to a near criminal degree. I love cosplaying. Some of my favorites to date are Miles Edgeworth and Chrollo Lucifer. I am also currently working on Tatsuya Suou. My absolute favorite genre is mystery. I LOVE a good mystery. I have a varying degree of fandoms. I love a lot of different anime, but I can honestly say I love old school american cartoons just the same. My favorite book is The Bacta War in the Star Wars X Wing novel series. I finally beat the Demi-Fiend! He was freaking hard!. I think that's all for now though.
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One Response to Attack on Kon Colle Fest….I mean Wonderfest 2014 overlook.

  1. Lehst says:

    omg omg Conan!!! and dude seriously the creepy-bald-shadow-man aka suspect – want! is that even gonna be a thing or is he just there to accompany Conan?

    Still haven’t watched more than the first episode of Psycho Pass. but that Akane figure looks so damn cool, now I want to watch it as an excuse to buy the figure someday. lol I have been looking at her nendo too just because its so cute but yeah, its pretty low on the wishlist.

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