Konoe SnapP’s- Toy’s Planning


Character: Konoe

Series: Lamento Beyond the Void

Manufacturer: Toy’s Planning

Release Date: December 2007

Run: Standard

My Figure Collection: http://myfigurecollection.net/item/3230

For the last month we have been looking back over some treasures from our earlier years of collecting. It has been fun, but before we are done I have one last treat. Everyone is pretty familiar with Nendoroids, but you may have never seen a SnapP before. So lets take a look at Konoe, figure number two from this short lived line of figures.


Konoe is about 4 1/2 inches tall including his base. These figures were pretty limited on accessories, but they did have an amazing diversity with interchangeable pieces. Any character could have ears, or a tail as long as you bought another one that had that option. They were unique, fun, and catered to a different demograph, which is how I stumbled upon him.


Konoe’s hair is done nicely. His swoopy bangs don’t obscure his sides, and the longer side pieces frame his cheeks well. There are some blemishes in the paint on his hair, but none of them are noticeable unless they are pointed out. His eyes are quite cute. I think the shape of pupils makes him look even more catty.  They applied very well, I am especially fond of the thick black outlines. His subtle smile looks nice, and the blush on his cheeks is a fantastic touch! I almost forgot to mention his ears…Oh my! They are also really cute. I love the gradient used for the fur part.


The back of Konoe’s hair is layered really well. There are some chunky paint spots back here as well, but like the front they are barely visible to the naked eye.


His bright blue tunic is painted nicely. The black and blue stay within the lines, even the crisscrossing white strings are painted very well. The sculpt is really simple. There are little ripples to give the impression of fabric, but nothing to amazing. His apron is painfully flat. There are no wrinkles in it all. He must have used too much starch. The front design is sculpted on wonderfully, but the paint is pretty sloppy.


The back of his tunic has a few small ripples as well. There is also a cute little bow where his apron ties in back. The two little holes near his shoulder blades are so you could attach wings. I don’t think they ever made a SnapP with wings, but it was in the works at some point. There is also a hole under the bow where his tail attaches. You can swivel his tail back and forth, or take it off and give it to someone else. The gradient of the tail matches his ears. It is so cute.


If there was a complaint that I had about these figures it would be the pose. I don’t hate it, but it looks kind of forced, what with his arms stretched out at his sides like that. I will say that the sculpt is pretty good though. His sleeves look nice, and are painted well. The arm guards are actually raised, and not just painted on to his arms. Each one has a tiny string that is tied into a tiny bow on the inside of his wrist. The strings are painted pretty poorly. I am very fond of his tiny fists. They are really great. His little fingers are shaped perfectly.


Konoe’s legs don’t have much detail on them, but there are a couple little wrinkles in the fabric around his knees. His boots have a design sculpted into them that looks similar to that of his apron. The paint on them isn’t too bad, at least until you get to the soles. It is a little sloppy around the dark brown.


His base is a simple black hexagon with a peg for each foot. It looks good, and keeps him upright!


Like I said before, these things are highly versatile with each other. Here is the inside of Konoe’s head. It might look a bit weird, but it is quite practical, and after spending a couple hours with GSC’s Nendoroid more parts I can honestly say they should take some tips from Toy’s Planning. The picture on the left shows several bars that match Konoe’s hair colour. This is so there are not holes all over when not using his ears, or any other random attachments. The right picture shows his head without the plug pieces.


By removing the plugs you can do fun things like this! Akira also has the same plugs in his head so he can use these parts too. He also has a holes for the wings, or tail option.


You can even use Akira’s topless torso with Konoe! I really wish they had made more of these. They would probably be all over my room!


The interchangeable pieces are awesome.

They have such cute faces.


Poses look awkward.

Line got canned.

Overall Enjoyment: 10/10


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I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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One Response to Konoe SnapP’s- Toy’s Planning

  1. wow you’re right. never heard of that line before D:
    but they look so cute! it’s really sad they haven’t released more of this

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