Miku Hatsune 1/8 Good Smile Company


Character: Miku Hatsune

Series: Vocaloid

Scale: 1/8

Sculptors: Nendoron and YOSHI

Manufacturer: Good Smile Company

Release Date: September 2008

Now where would we be with throwback reviews without, one of (if not) the first Miku statues made. GSC has made several figures of their flagship character, in various poses and outfits, but somehow they lack the charm of this rather basic Miku Hatsune figure. Her original release was back in 2008, though she has seen several rereleases since. So lets see how GSC  did with Miku over 4 years ago.


Miku’s bangs are sculpted nicely. There is a fair share of detail, but none the less they look a bit chunky. It is especially noticeable on her right side. There is also a distinct lack of shading.


Miku’s face is really cute. Her features are applied perfectly. I love her eyes, though they have a slightly hallow look to them. Her tiny pink tongue is painted well. She even has a tiny row of teeth.


The back of Miku’s hair looks fantastic. The sculpt shows her long green locks being pulled into her twin tails. Again there is no shading, but there a quite a lot of natural shadows to give it added depth.


Each pig tail has a square adornment. The pink stripes are painted clearly. The seem between the front and back of her looks pretty strange. It is pretty standard to have a visible seem line here, but the headset disappearing into her hair looks weird. It starts out very thick hear her ears, but then thins out and completely vanishes.


The headphones are pretty nice looking. There are two switches on each side accompanied by yellow and pink areas. The painting is done very well. There is a microphone connected to the headset on her right side. I thought it looked fragile, but it is fairly sturdy. From this side you can really see how weird the disappearing headband is.


Miku’s right twin tail flows down beside her. The inside of it is cupped and hallow. It really makes me think of a scoop. The sculpt shows several strands leading down to the split near the end. There is a bit of a rough spot on the back of this one.


The left one looks almost exactly the same except it billows out further, and the split parts near the bottom are thinner.


I have always been quite fond of Miku’s standard outfit. The style of her shirt is adorable. The sculpt of the fabric has very nice wrinkles around her waist. It looks really good. The green trim is painted very well. Upon close inspection I was only able to find one small flaw. It was tiny.


The yellow rectangle on the left side of her top is painted well, and the text below is very clear. It reads Vocaloid. The little emblem on her collar looks good as well.


The back of her shirt is sculpted to fit her body as well. The wrinkles in the fabric look natural. The green trim is done nicely on the back as well.


Miku wears these detached sleeve things on each arm. They are cute, sexy, and painted remarkably well. There is a digital screen which shows her musical readings. these are applied exceptionally well. Everything looks quite clear. Her left hand is cupping her headphone. The position looks natural, and her fingers are all individually sculpted. There is even a tiny dab of green nail polish on each fingertip.


Here is a nice clear image of the screen on her right arm.  Her right hand is sculpted just as well as the left. She has such dainty little fingers.


Miku’s pleated mini skirt looks great. It is clearly swishing along with her right hip. The long blue ribbon that hangs down at her left side is painted nicely with alternating dark and light green triangles. Each pleat has its own little decal. Most of them are yellow lines that match her headphones. There is one pleat though that has three stars in circles. It looks pretty cool.


She has some really nice legs, at least what we can see of them. For the most part they are covered by her thigh high boots. The sculpt of her legs is very appealing, and the paint is precise. The first figure of Miku that I personally bought was her figma, and for the longest time I thought I had somehow scuffed her knees. I know that is just plain silly, but there is a tiny white oval on each knee and ankle. There is also a black line design just under the green bands at the top of each boot. The green soles are also a neat touch to her overall design.


The back of her legs don’t have any crazy fun designs, but they do have a very nice shape. Most of this figure has no shading, but the mix of gray and black on her sleeves and boots is gorgeous!


The last thing that I have to go over here is her base. It is a pretty simple design, but I really dig the way it looks. It is a black hexagon with her name and black tiles etched into the bottom. It suits her very well. There is one peg that fits into her right foot. It has loyally held her up for quite some time, so despite it being one single peg, I can say it is pretty sturdy.


Her simple design is easy to display, and harder to break than her flashier figures.

Miku’s sculpt, and paint are done very well.


A bit of shading on her hair would have been really nifty.

Overall Enjoyment: 8/10


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