Asuka Langley Soryu -Sega


Character: Asuka Langley Soryu

Series: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Manufacturer: Sega

Release Date: September 2005

Run: Prize

It would seem like a shame if sometime during our month of reminiscing, I did not take a look back at the character that awoke my anime figure collecting obsession; Asuka Langley Soryu. It has been forever since I first watched, and then shunned Evangelion. I didn’t really like the shows complicated philosophy, and even more so I didn’t like the cast. I did, however like Asuka. I also liked the creative way that Gainax marketed the girls figures. Sure, in the show they were pilots, but why not figures of them as mermaids, ninja, gladiators, etc?


I collected figures of Asuka for years, and eventually in the mid 2000s I finally gave the show another chance. Apparently my taste had changed some, because this time around I liked it. I didn’t love it, but I did enjoy it, and Shinji whom I really hated, I came to appreciate. It was a pretty cool turn around, from here on out my Evangelion collection only grew. The funny thing is that now I am back to disliking the title. We can thank the movies for that. This particular figure of Asuka was made in 2005, but I am seeing her in person for the first time this week. Is she as cute as her promo pictures led me believe?


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that tomboyish and athletic Asuka seems to be enjoying her gym class. She looks really happy, but honestly she is probably just rubbing it in someone’s face that she won. I could see that for sure. Her eyes are pretty, and full of life. I think they might be too far apart though. I do really like the dark outline a lot. She has a tiny nose, with little to no detail around her mouth.


Her bangs have a very simple sculpt. For having so little detail I was surprised how much I like the shape. Some days I wish that sculpts were still this simple. I miss long flowing hair that doesn’t look like tentacles. There are spots painted a lighter shade to show light reflection.


The sides of Asuka’s hair are really cute. The hair right behind her ears is pulled back to make her miniature pig tails. These pieces are actually blowing back a bit further than the main body of hair. I think they look really good. You can also see plenty of defining shape on the under side of her hair. Her little red “cat ear” hair clips look nice as well.


The back of her hair is mostly flat, but it has just enough shape to get by. I am still loving those twin tails.


Asuka’s v-neck gym shirt fits really tight around her torso, but has poofy sleeves. I think the sleeves look a little awkward being they are the only part that isn’t conforming to her body. I can’t tell if the patch over her boob is supposed to be a pocket or a name tag. There is no writing on it so I presume it is a pocket, but I don’t think gym uniforms have pockets. The wrinkles look pretty good. Does anyone else find it strange that she is chibified, but her boobs got bigger, and perkier!? The red stripes are a little fuzzy around the edge, but they don’t look too bad. Notice that awful seam line on her right arm? Ick!


Her right arm is outstretched, giving us a victory sign. The sculpt of her arm looks pretty good, and her hand looks fantastic. Her fingers are well defined, and her gesture is most definitely not lost.


Asuka’s left arm is bent at her side. It is also sculpted pretty well. There isn’t much attention to muscles or bone structure, but given her childlike appearance that might look strange. Her fingers are sculpted into a fist, with a hole drilled through the center to allow her to hold her flag.


The flag itself is simple and sturdy. The post is metal, so breaking it might take some extra effort. It was a bit of a fight getting it into her hand regardless. The pennant looks as if it is blowing in the wind. The number one is painted in red on each side. The text is very clear.


Asuka is wearing little black gym shorts. The shorts themselves are painted pretty well. There is this ridiculous injection mark on the inside of her right thigh. It looks awful. There are also nasty seamlines down her legs. They are pretty noticeable.


The shape of her legs looks pretty good. They are a bit on the meaty side, and are lacking in muscle detail. There is a bit of definition around her knees. but not very much. I think that they fit the young design quite well. There is a pretty hideous seam line on the outside of her legs as well as the inside.


Asuka’s shoes match the red and white of her uniform. The red paint doesn’t stay in the lines very well, but other than that the detailing isn’t too bad. The sculptor did a nice job with the laces, and sartorial seams. The light brown on the soles is painted a bit better than the red. I just realized how very little pain there actually is on this figure, and how they still messed it up….


The base that comes with Asuka is painted and textured to look like a track. I really like the design a lot. There is an extra piece that you attach to her leg for added support. When I first started buying figures I always threw these away if they didn’t seem necessary. A lesson I learned over the years is; If they put it there, then it is for a reason. I am not a fan of these things, and at the very least wish they would have put it behind her. I think it makes it look like she is wearing a leg brace. She does feel sturdy with it though, so I won’t dock points for its distracting appearance. Another thing to note is the soft rubbery cover where the post goes around her leg. It isn’t very likely to cause damage when placing or removing it.



Another piece to a diverse collection of Eva girls.

She has a cute face.

Her sculpt is fairly detailed.

The use of texture on her base is really cool.


What little paint she has is sloppy.

There are rough seams everywhere!

Overall Enjoyment: 7/10


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