Sasuke Uchiha Megahouse


My least favorite of Team 7 was always Sasuke, so it comes as no surprise that that he’s the last of the set that I’ll be reviewing. So here he is the as…tail end of the Naruto DX line Sasuke Uchiha!


So I will give Sasuke one thing, he probably has the best expression of the three figures. He looks annoyed as all hell. He really gives off a great impression of looking down at someone. Oh and his forehead protector looks great by the way.


His shirt looks pretty good too, the wrinkles in the fabric are nice. I also like how his shirt is blown up just a little bit to show off just a little bit of his stomach. Sadly at one point this was the height of male fanservice…. Thank god for Akira, Makoto, and Benten. His detached sleeves look good, they’re very well sculpted. The weapon Sasuke is holding is called a Kusarigama. It’s a sickle (that looks infinitely less cartoony then Naruto’s katana) that is attached by chain to a knife wielded in the other hand.



His shorts are appropriately wrinkled around the groin. I’m a little sad they didn’t paint his button though.


The black strap on his kunai pouch is painted pretty sloppy.


The wraps on his calves however are atrocious. The paint is thick and blotchy, the blue goes onto his legs. Bad Megahouse bad!


And his feet are equally bad. The paints all over the place, like he got the worst pedicure ever! His sandals have flesh tone on them, his toes have blue splashed on. It’s atrocious.


The sickle does look really slick though. The edge looks sharp enough to slice something open and the black chain looks very classy.


His other arm is slightly back behind him holding his knife at the ready. The knife doesn’t look anywhere near as good as the sickle but it is decent.20131229_181714(0)

I think I just concluded that this Sasuke inadvertently started the male figures with their hips thrust forward trend.


The seam line on his shorts meshes well with the natural seams one would find in clothing.


Sloppy paint. 😦


The back of his head looks great. I love how the headband tie looks and how it separates his ridiculously spikey hair.


The melting poke ball on the back of his shirt looks pretty good too.


I seriously think Naruto’s the only one of these kids who didn’t sew a pouch to their butt. Speaking of butts it’s a lot flatter then I expected all things considered.


If the paint from the front was bad the back is worse. Not only does the paint look like crap, but there’s a finger print too. So sad.


Clearly he got a bootleg headband.


Aside from the injection mark near the bottom his shirt looks good.


The kunai pouch itself also looks very nice.


Ah alternate pieces….First we’ll start with the Sharingen eyes. This face makes me laugh something fierce. He looks ridiculously cross eyed. The paint on his eyes though is detailed, so I’ll be gracious enough to give them that at least.


In his raised hand he’s now holding a giant shuriken, he does not hold it well however. In fact it falls out of his hand at every opportunity.


His other hand is down at his side. I questioned for awhile what exactly he was doing but I eventually concluded that I think he’s gathering energy.20131229_182405

He comes with a clear base that reads “Sasuke”.


Surprisingly his box is blue and black. This time the black has blue swirls dancing up the sides of it. Kind of looks like clouds if you ask me.


The back of the box shows the three different figures from the Naruto DX line and their different posing options.



Looks great with the other two figures

Fantastic expression

Nice weapons


Alternate pose sucks

Cross eyed

Leg wraps are horrible


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  1. It’s a shame China can’t make their bootlegs with better quality, decent enough to allow the figure to hold his shuriken. Sadly doesn’t even compare to the original.

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