Akira 1/10 Kotobukiya


Character: Akira

Series: Togainu No Chi

Scale: 1/10

Sculptor: Tatsumaki

Manufacturer: Kotobukiya

Release Date: September 2006

Run: Standard

My Figure Collection: http://myfigurecollection.net/item/1727

Akira holds a very special place I my collection, one in which can’t be taken by any other figure. He was my very first male scale statue. He may have been small, and from a title I had never heard of, but that didn’t stop me from ordering him into my local comic shop. I was so excited about this figure that even now, several years later, he was one of the first figures to come to mind for an old school review!


This is my third review for our throwback review month, and so far the results have been interesting. The Keigo Atobe prize figure proved to me that if I love a character enough I am happy just to have them on my shelf. It needn’t be a super expensive statue by a top tier company, it just had to be decent embodiment of what I cared about. Elwing on the other hand showed me just how far Max Factory had come over the years. That really blew my mind. Now though as I look over Akira, I realize that my faith in Kotobukiya was well placed. I have followed their works since 2005 or so, and their quality has remained fairly consistent. Akira is not without flaws, but the figure has aged very well none the less.


I really like the sculpt of Akira’s hair. His bangs have several wispy strands that do an excellent job framing his face. I am also pretty fond of the mussy hair on top of his head. Some of his newer figures make this look more like an ahoge, then just messy hair. The raised parts also help to hide the seamline between his bangs and the back of his head. The colour they used is somewhere between grey and brown, but I am not really sure what to called. the darker shaded ends look fantastic!


The sides of his hair look really nice. The seam line is well hidden on both sides. His profile looks pretty good, but Akira’s ears are way to big. Way!


The sculpt on the rear of his head, is also very detailed. His hair goes all the way down to the base of his neck, but the hood makes it hard to see.


The only thing that really bothers me about this figure is his face. On my copy specifically, his eyes are not aligned with the sculpt very well. It looks decent, but upon closer inspection it looks funny. I also do not like the glossiness of his flesh. It looks a bit strange. His expression is alright though. He looks like he is in pain which fits the overall figure very well. It beats the hell out of the weird sultry face of his newer figure. Which I think given his pose it looks quite awkward.


Akira’s shirt is one of my favourite parts of this figure. It is clearly a pretty tight fitting garment, given the fact that you can clearly see his chest through it.. The fabric looks amazing bunched up around his blood stained hand. For a long time I thought he was clutch his hand against a wound, but there is no blood on the shirt. Maybe it someone else’s blood, but I doubt it. I think the clean shirt is an oversight. His neck muscles are really nice, and the dog tag is painted very crisp. I don’t like that it is blank. I also do not like the ball chain. There is a break in it on either side of his neck, and it doesn’t line up at all. You can also see his navel, and his hips. His stomach isn’t particularly detailed, but it looks right for Akira. After all he has always been a bit on the skinny side.


The jacket that Akira wears also look really cool. The wrinkles in the fabric are abundant, and go well with the position of his body. It does amuse me that this jacket does not have hand pockets. It appears to have breast pockets, but what good is that!? There is a zipper that runs down the inside of both front panels. The waist band, and wrist cuffs also have a fine bit of detailing in the form of stripes giving the impression of an elastic knit fabric! His right arm looks great, and the folds line up perfectly at his shoulder seam.


Akira’s left arm is also riddled with wrinkles. The jacket really has a remarkable sculpt.


His right hand has fantastic fingers. They curl naturally, and are literally digging into his stomach. It looks impressively painful. The blood on his hand also is done well. The really thin paint did wonders here.


Akira’s left hand is wrapped tightly around the hilt of his dagger. He has excellent fingers. They are shaped nicely, and have plenty of definition between them.


The military issue dagger that Akira was given before entering the Igura is recreated faithfully. The hilt is painted nicely, and the blade has a healthy sheen, but the part I really like is the lettering!


The back of his jacket looks good. The wrinkles are done well, as is the shading. I really like the way the fur trim is painted. It looks pretty dirty.


I also really dig the way the fabric of the hood is bunched up inside of it.


Akira’s pants also have a dingy look to them. The grey just comes off old and worn. The shade is pretty fitting. The folds in the fabric are nice. There are plenty of details such as, belt loops, a button, a button hole, and both sides of a zipper. You can also see just the very top of his black underwear. Apparently the waistband is silvery grey…you learn something new every day.


The back of his pants look pretty good, but I got a good laugh at the patch pockets on his butt. With all the detail on his front, you would think they could have done a better job here. The pockets are uneven and have no additional details.


His shoes are a little weird too. The sculpt is great. There are so many nice aspects, like laces, and ventilation holes, but why did they choose a colour so close to his pants. I have always really liked these shoes though, they make me think of Chuck’s which are absolute favourite shoes!


Akira’s base is pretty simple, but effective, and good looking. I especially like the addition of the title’s logo, although I have no idea what it is.


I should also mention that Akira’s base has a secret. It snaps open to reveal a drama CD inside. I listened to it once, but I couldn’t understand it so it didn’t do much good. It is definitely a cool extra though!


I think Tatsumaki did a wonderful job on the sculpt, and Kotobukiya did a pretty solid job on the production, so even after several years I must say if you are a big Togainu fan he is probably still worth the hunt, but I don’t advise spending more than a c-note on him.


He is a great representation of the character.

His sculpt is amazing.

He comes with a bonus CD.


His painting could be a bit better, especially on his shoes.

The face decals are just a bit off.

His glossy skin looks weird.

Overall Enjoyment: 8/10




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