Elwing 1/7 Max Factory


Characters: Elwing

Series: Shining Tears

Scale: 1/7

Sculptor: Saitou Heel

Manufacturer: Max Factory

Release Date: November 2006

My Figure Collection: http://myfigurecollection.net/item/126

Did I ever mention that I have a major thing for pointed ears? I am pretty sure that I have, but just in case there it is. Back in 2005 I saw her trading figure in a gashapon case at Wizzywigs in Ann Arbor Michigan. She was cute, sexy, and elven. That was where my romance with Elwing started. Now 7 years later I am revisiting her with a throwback review.


I bought this figure from an Ebay seller when I recognized her from my previous run in with the character. This was way before I knew how to pre-order directly from Japan, or how to check for new figures on MFC. She was also one of my very first 1/7 scale figures, if not the very first. Needless to say she was a “BIG” surprise!


I think it would be pretty hard to forget the elf girl with wings sticking out of her head. The headband looks really nice. The wings are sculpted well. Each little feather has its own barbs, but the paint is pretty thick so they appear very subtle.


Along the top of each wing, and across the headband there are some pretty rough seamlines.


Elwing’s bangs are very nice. The sculpt is good, and they shaded her tips with a darker yellow! I like the longer pieces that come down in front of her ears. There is a seamline right in front, and right behind her headband, which makes for a cleaner transition.


The back of her hair is very simple. Where as more often than not, the “Shining” girls have very elaborate hair, Elwing does not. Her long golden locks are blown gracefully off to the left, revealing most of her back. The bottom portion of her hair is still tinted a darker yellow. It is pretty sexy.


Elwing’s face looks fairly standard for a girl designed by Tony Taka. They all have gorgeous eyes and a “same as the rest” face. Her blue eyes were applied very well, as was the slight blush on her cheeks. Her face is super cute, but instead of one in a million it would be apropo to say one OF a million.


Her profile looks ok. I think it is because her mouth is open. There is just a bit of lip there,  but it could have been done better. She also has a strangely flat jawline.


I am also not a real big fan of her ears. they seem to big and saggy. The cartilage inside of the lobe looks really good, but the overall shape looks pretty tired I don’t like them.


Her neck is a slender cylinder with no other shape to it. She is wearing a torc styled necklace with really pretty white feathers. The ones on the necklace are sculpted just like those of her headband. On either side of them you can see a defined collar bone.


Her swimsuit is really cute. The whole thing looks like it is made from leaves. These must be some really durable stretchy leaves, because they are very conforming. I also get the impression that they offer great support. Her breasts are awfully perky.  The vine straps are really unique, and a very fun touch. The sculpt of them is great, I especially like the tiny leaves along the way. All of the time I have owned this figure I never noticed that she has a tiny leaf sticking out on each side of her neck. The paint on her vines blends into her skin a bit, or vise versa.


Her torso is nice, and her muscles are subtle. I wouldn’t say she has a bad stomach, but it isn’t great either. She has a nice navel. I can’t resist a cute belly button.


Her back looks much better than her stomach. She has decent shoulder blades, and a really nice spine. The sculpt looks pretty good.


Elwing’s left arm looks good until you get to her wrist, which looks too thick. Maybe she sprained it. Whatever the case her shoulder and elbow are ok, but not so much with her wrist. Her hand is a very simple fist. I say very simple because there isn’t much indention between her fingers. It looks kind of blobby without those natural shadows…She does have pink nail polish on her exposed thumb nail.


Her right arm looks much better. Her shoulder looks really good, and her elbow is nicely defined. Even her wrist looks better on this side. Her thumb is HUGE, like she hit it with a hammer. Ouch. The fingers on this hand suffer from the same lack of indentions.


The bottom of Elwing’s swimsuit is made from the same clingy leaves as the top. Seriously, how are these not tearing? The rippled top edge is cute, and I love the bushel of leaves at each hip. The sides of her bottom are also made of vines.


Her legs are slim and very feminine, but they lack the meatiness of a healthy well rounded girl. She has nice muscles on her stomach and back, so why are her arms and legs lacking so much?


She does have quite a lovely backside any way around it!


Elwing has nice pronounced ankle bones, and way better feet than hands. Her toes lack depth between them as well, but they look a bit better, probably because they are flatter. She is wearing pink nail polish on her toenails as well.


Her base has a nice sandy texture to add to her beach babe appeal. Elwing’s right foot is screwed to the base. I love it when they do this. I think it greatly extends their shelf life! Her base is also just the right size to support her without being hard to display.


Elwing also comes with a cast off sarong. I love beach wraps so I totally fell for this.


Her torso pops apart just below her top, and the sarong slides right over her torso. Make sure you remove the metal bushels first, or it won’t fit right. Each leaf part has a metal peg for easy removal, and better durability. she can be displayed either way, and both look good.



Sexy and fairly original swimsuit.

Very sturdy figure.


Hand sculpt sucks.

Redundant Tony Taka expression.

Overall Enjoyment: 8/10


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