Keigo Atobe- FuRyu


Character: Atobe Keigo

Series: Prince of Tennis

Manufacturer: FuRyu

Release Date: January 2009

Run: Prize

My Figure Collection:

This might sound silly considering last month’s review of Kotobukiya’s gorgeous Keigo statue, but for Four years I was happy with this goofy looking prize figure. It was what I had assumed the pinnacle of Keigo’s figures would be. It wasn’t glorious. It wasn’t dynamic. What it was though, was Keigo. As my first review of our throwback event I decided to take a look back at the figure that for so long held my raging inner fangirl at bay.


I have always liked Keigo’s hair. FuRyu did a good job on the swoopy sides. The sculpt is pretty detailed all things considered.


The back of his hair is awesome! I just love the way it is all brushed back.


It looks especially nice over his ears. I also kind of dig his profile. His face definitely looks best from the side. This figure looks younger than the statue, which I totally like.


From the front, his face doesn’t fare so well. Tekizen says he looks like a muskrat. I think that the shape looks alright, and I really like his mouth, but his eyes are strange. He has Shuukan Miku shaped eyes, with pupils. They look pretty bad. They did paint his eyebrows alright. His tear drop mole is perfect!


Keigo only has one button on his shirt secured, I guess this is because it is the only button there. The black collar is painted alright, but the blue section of the shirt doesn’t follow the line very well at all. There are wrinkles sculpted in the fabric which is usually a pretty nice touch however Keigo’s shirt lays awkwardly against his body. It looks especially weird over his chest. This area is completely flat!? The fabric bunched up over his pocketed hand looks pretty good, too bad they didn’t keep that up.


There is very little to his arms. They are ok for an average 14 year old, but let’s face it Keigo is anything but average. His elbows are defined enough that his arms don’t look noodley. The paint looks really thick. Yikes!


We can only see one of Keigo’s hands, but it looks decent. His fingers could use a bit more definition in between them, but the position of them looks nice. I love the wrist band…it has no wrinkles or shape to it. Awkward! The blue paint on his sleeve is really icky!


The back of his shirt has just enough detail to get by without it looking ridiculous. The blue and white paint seem to battling over territory again. The black paint may want in on it this time.


Keigo’s shorts amuse me. The legs are sculpted together, which looks quite funny. The fly, and the wrinkles aren’t too bad. They pocket could bulge out a bit more though, I am not sure where his hand went…


The back of the shorts look even funnier. Between the sculpted together legs, and the total lack of a butt, it looks really strange. His chest, back, and butt seem to be completely flat.


Then there are Keigo’s legs. The sculptor should have kept in mind that Prince of Tennis characters look much older than they actually are. Again his legs aren’t sculpted poorly, they just are not right for him. He does have decent knees, if nothing else.


The tennis shoes that he wears are sculpted nicely. The smaller details of this style shoe are all accounted for. They have laces, sartorial seams, and the light purple soles that have always stood out. The only thing I don’t like about his shoes is the lack of shading. Just a bit of paint to bring the laces out would have been great! His socks have a pretty decent sculpt too, but the paint around his ankles is awful.


Keigo comes attached to his base, which is always nice. The less I have to deal with foot pegs the better. The base itself is a raised blue circle. It is sturdy, and keeps him upright, what more can I ask for? I guess maybe a colour that fits a tennis court better. You could argue that blue suits his team colour well, but Echizen, and Tezuka both have blue bases as well.


I have got to honest, I still love him. He may be a little dumpy, but he has been a treasure for so long that I don’t even care. For a 2009 prize figure he isn’t really that bad. He hasn’t aged well, but he was ok in his day. As a matter of fact I remember a girl (cosplaying Kikumaru) glomping me (cosplaying as Keigo) and telling me this figure was in the dealer room. I already had him, but it was a nice gesture. I had always hoped in my heart of hearts that I would someday see a scale figure of Keigo come into fruition, but I never expected it to really happen. I have such a soft spot for this figure that even now I have him on display!!


The sculpt of his head is pretty great!


His paint is sloppy.

His proportions are way off from his character design.

Overall Enjoyment: 8/10


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One Response to Keigo Atobe- FuRyu

  1. Tekizen says:

    No offense, but I still think this figure looks like a muskrat….

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