In And Outs Of 2013! (Day 4: Action Figures)

Here we are for day four of our bests and worst of 2013! We are getting near the end now. Today we are going to explore the action figures that came into our home last year! Let’s see how they held out against our wrath!

As with the previous posts

Topiki is Blue

Tekizen is Red

Overall Best:


Link is definitely my choice for number one action figure this year! I love his poseabilty! He didn’t come with a lot of accessories, but what he did come with was exceptional. His points of articulation blend well with his design, and his faces look great! Overall I was quite impressed with him. Tony is next in line for his smooth movements, aesthetic joints, and fantastic base. The only weak spot here is his lack of alternate expressions! He is also great fun to pose! This is easily the best Miku nendo that I have had the pleasure of dealing with. Overall I had been disappointed in the other 3 of them. It wasn’t until I played with this one that I was finally content with a Miku nendoroid. Her faces are great, and none of them are stupid looking. She comes with a wide array of accessories, as well as a shift body so you can have a knock off petanko.


I’ll admit Raidou has a paint flaw or two, but I’ve never seen another action figure that works so exceptionally well with everything they come with. The summoning tubes are amazing, the energy shooting of the sword. Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.  Lelouch moves so amazingly fluid that he’s really hard to ignore. His faces also capture ‘Lelouch’ perfect. I own both of them, but this one just blows the figma right out of the water. Then there’s Link who is magnificent, I love posing him. He and Raidou have fought on my shelves a few times.

Overall Worst:


I know this might be a bit unfair, but my first two are going to really early nendos. I did get them this year tough, and I would be lying if I didn’t give credit where it was due! Konata comes with really lame accessories including but not limited to a white petite nendo. Her faces aren’t very inspiring, and two of her neck joints broke right away. Tsuruya is pretty awesome too! She doesn’t stay on her base, and her damn legs keep falling off. She is doing much better now that her crotch piece is glued on. She also has lame accessories…like an empty tray, and someone else’s body parts. I should put a leg on her tray…Lastly I picked Sailor Moon. She has great accessories, but her poseability is terrible, her hands fall off, her base pops apart, and her twin tails can only move side to side. She looks alright once posed, and I am happy to have a Sailor Moon figure on my shelf! I just wish she had turned out better.


Number one spot goes to this old ass figure of Nagato. I hate this toy. Sitting she falls off her base, standing she falls off her base. She’s horrible. Her arms fall off, her waist falls apart. This figure really is crap. Speaking of crap then there’s Tsuruya, she can stand, just not well. So she does get a point above Nagato. Her accessories are crap too. Ack I hate this figure. Jack is actually a decent figure but to be perfectly honest I’m terrified of moving him at all. The first time I tried posing him his arm popped right off. I cried.

Best Paint:


The Dark Magician Girl has a pretty great paint job. Her pink trim is painted really well, and her colours are spot on. She looks awesome. Then there is Len whom I think might be the cutest thing ever! The Family Mart outfit suits him well, and surprising for a nendo they did a really good job on his stripes. The paint turned out much better than on his previous nendos. The little decals on his shirt are really swell. Link was also painted exceptionally well. The paint on his armor, sword strap, sword, shield, and sheath is all fantastic. The colours are sharp, and clear!


Kobato’s paint is spot on. She looks magnificent, The paint on her accessories is great too. Overall she’s a very well done little lady. The Dark Magician Girl is fantastic, her trim is all really well done and so is her shading. The colours are spot on. She looks really nice. Aichi is a kind of funny one because I don’t think he really has a whole lot of paint to be great, but I love and by love I mean adore his hair. The shading in his hair really looks fantastic.

Worst Paint:


Oh Sailor Moon…I am not sure where to start. Her colours are wrong. I thought maybe the pink came from the manga, but no, she still had red when wearing her first transformation fuku. Why Bandai went with pink I don’t know, but it looks way less heroic. They also used shimmery paint which looks better in person than in photos, but I am not pleased with it. It looks blotchy. I would assume that is caused by the sparkles. Her finer details such as earrings, and the designs on her boots are really sloppy. I mean her ears look deformed. Then there is the top of her skirt. Ack! I am going to move on to Kirito because I could rant about Serena all day. He is super adorable, but they could have put a bit more effort into his white trim. It looks nasty, and uneven. Pretty shoddy work there. Lastly I chose Sena, because her gold trim isn’t very crisp, and the lacy trim around the bottom edge of her skirt is questionable at best.


Serena is a disaster. Why is she pink? I mean seriously hasn’t Bandai ever heard of this quaint little colour called red? I know they have for that matter. Can you imagine if Zero had turned out pink? Or the Red Power Ranger then we’d have two pink rangers!!!!!!!! Then there’s the sloppy paint on her boots and earrings. Fail Bandai fail! Raidou was so close to being fantastic, but they epically failed on is….. whatever we’d call that. The closest I can come up with is military style braces. Regardless the paint isn’t even done really bad but it’s chipped to all hell and back. Kirito’s trim is god awful. End.

Best Sculpt:


I mentioned above that Link has very aesthetically pleasing joints, the sculptor used his clothing, and gear to cover most of the places that the figure bends, which really makes him look good. Even in his more action based poses he looks great! Not to mention the detailing on his accessories!Rock also has a really nice sculpt. He looks pretty simplistic, but I think the accordion joint covers are great! It is pretty original, which is always a plus in my book. Nyaruko wins my last spot, because I love the ruffles on her outfit as well as the detailing on her hair. The meat buns look like they wrap around themselves several time!


Have I mentioned that Raidou is amazing? Well he is. His body is beautifully done, especially his back. The lacing is magnificent. I really think the sculptor did a fantabulous job on him. Lin is close to perfect, my only qualm with him is that they didn’t sculpt the chainmail. Yeah I’m picky so what. Everything else looks so fabulous that I can’t really hold that against them. Kirito’s outfit (paint flaws aside) couldn’t have been done better.

Worst Sculpt:


You’ve gotta love the hair being in the way of the arms when you are trying to pose your new figure. Tsuruya has this issue bad. Not only is her poseabilty inhibited, but her legs fall off all the time. They managed to work this out in later nendos, so I am not sure what the problem is with these earlier sculpts. Then there is Len. I adore this figure. He is so cute, but they used Append Len’s hair sculpt, and modified it to fit Len’s headband. I might add that they did a very poor job of it!


Oh boy. I mentioned above Jack’s arm popping off when I first tried to pose him right? Well it came off in such a way that the joint came apart. That was my first impression of this figure. It was not a good one either. Tsuruya is a flaming pile of crap. She fits together ridiculously bad, her legs just fall off. I simply can’t take that. Now her legs stay on just fine, in her home in my closet. Then there’s Sasami who doesn’t even have the benefit of being an old figure. Her hair comes apart for one of her accessories leaving this giant obnoxiously ugly seam line in her hair. If it’s not something I’d let Griffon get away with then why would I let GSC get away with it when I generally expect slightly better quality from them? 

Best Movement:


Link has a wide array of poses, which makes him a lot of fun to play with. He is also very easy to maneuver into the sample positions, which is a good thing. Nothing irritates me quite like an action figure that can not achieve the poses on the box. Iron Man is pretty cool too. I was worried at first because my first action poseable nendo was 2012’s Hunter. He was fun to play with, but he felt a bit fragile. Tony doesn’t feel like he is going to break. It seems he is made from stronger stuff. He also is really easy to pose! Lelouch is very easy to pose. His joints aren’t exactly loose, but they aren’t really tight either. They have a wide range of movement, and feel pretty sturdy as well.


Right so Link is fantastic. I really love how easy he is to pose. It’s especially great since he’s an action character. My other best posed figma were the K-On girls who don’t really need an insane range of movement. Then there’s Raidou who moves great. His poses are somewhat limited with the cape, but without it my god can he move. The DMG is fantastic because her base gives her so many options for poses that it’s just sick. Flying, leaping, running, or just standing still  this little lady can do it all.

Worst Movement:


Jack looks amazing, but posing him kind of feels like playing with eggshells. I am just expecting a leg to snap off, so needless to say he doesn’t move much. Once you get him into position he looks great, but it is a pain. Mercury just pisses me off. I wanted the full set of these girls, but with each one I get less excited. She doesn’t achieve her poses well at all., and she can’t look up. Not at all. If you want to attack her, a flying kick should do nicely! She’ll never see it coming! As mentioned before Tsuruyu has trouble reaching designated poses, her legs won’t stay put, because her waist falls apart, and her hair limits her arm positioning greatly!


So for anyone that read my Sailor Mercury review, you already know how I feel about this figure. It’s a flaming pile of crap. My Suzaku figma holds her poses better then her. Sad I know. She can’t look up either, don’t even get me started on what that does to her posability. Sailor Moon is funny because I think they tried a little bit harder on her, you can at least move her head. Her legs have a great range of movement, but her arms meine gott, they can’t hold most of her poses well and her hands just pop off. Ack. Then there’s Tsuruya who has the epic ‘my hair gets in the way of everything’ problem. It’s pretty classic but not very classy.

Most Aesthetic Joints:


Rock’s joints are amazing. When bent his arms and legs reveal an accordion like cover over each respective joint. This is really cool, unique, and easy on the eyes. Link also has great joints, most of his are hidden by his wardrobe, but the few that can be seen look decent. It was very clever how they went about covering the majority of them . The third most aesthetically pleasing action figure as far as joints go has to be Tachikoma. All of the bendable places on this one blend in very nicely, and look pretty natural.


I love my Tachikoma. He looks so cool. His legs and his mandibles (?) look great and perfectly natural. Well until you notice the smiley faces anyway. He’s definitely a keeper. Then there’s Rock who’s joints are well hidden by covers. The look great in their mechanical goodness. Lastly is Tony who’s joints blend in perfectly well. Nice job!

Least Aesthetic Joints:


Jack gets the first spot because his joints are knobby looking, they also disrupt his stripes quite a bit. Dark Magician Girl also has knobby joints. It looks especially weird on her flesh. I will admit, even though it is ugly I do prefer these joints to those on nendos. They are much more functional. Lastly we have Sailor Moon. Whereas they move well enough, they are pretty hideous, especially the ones at her ankles, and elbows. The elbow ones interrupt her gloves, which is such ugly.


Good lord. Snake could have been so cool. His accessories kick serious ass, but his joints, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything so ugly in my entire life. Especially that neck joint.  Serena has far too much skin for me to be happy with her joints. Combine that with her hair not moving outward at all. Last is Rin. Who not only has obnoxious joints, but she also has pieces that don’t fit together. Irk.

Best Base:


Tony has a totally awesome base. This is easily the best that 2013 had to offer for action figure bases. When posed above his base Tony looks like he is soaring over Stark Tower. Definitely cool, and his flying pose options are virtually limitless. Gumi comes in second with her blind box base. These were limited to nendos released in a certain month. Gumi’s random base looks great with her, so she kept it. Given the boring repetitive nature of 99% of nendos this was number two. The only reason it beat Jack’s really fantastic diorama base is because he doesn’t actually attach to it. It looks cool. He looks cool, especially in front of it, but it has zero practical purpose.


Stark fricking Tower! How do you beat Stark Tower? Simple answer you don’t. Second goes to the DMG. I love her base, with both the magnet and the stick, it leaves so many options on how to pose her. Then there’s Jack who has this really cool gate, and the tree with the corpses hanging off of it. It looks sweet, but something seems to be missing…

Worst Base:


Lelouch’s base is amazing! Oh wait, he didn’t come with one. This wouldn’t bother me except he is difficult to pose without it. I have extra D-Arts bases just for this problem, but they clearly show him on the box in poses that con not be obtained without the base. Girk. Thanks again Bandai, thankfully my awesome comic store owner knows I need these bases! The next one goes to Tsuruya who is becoming a regular here. Her base doesn’t hold her up, and the butt support slides down. It is pretty useless. The last place I have is for Sailor Moon. Her base is pretty unique. It comes apart at every joint, so it just falls apart. On top of that her waist is so thin, that the clamp part doesn’t hold her tightly.


Sigh. Nagato’s base sucks. It doesn’t hold her up at all. Neither does her chair.  I would say fail, but I think the answer is actually fall. Jack’s base is way cool. See above, but it doesn’t have pegs…. so does it really count as a base? Then there’s Tsuruya’s flaming pile. God I hate old nendo bases.

Best Accessories:


Ok, it doesn’t get much cooler than coming with a poseable sidekick. Not only that but he comes with a little baddie as well. I think that is awesome on toast! Next runner up comes with a PSP, PS3, television, chair, and tv stand. That is pretty awesome too! She even has a sitting shift body so she can enjoy her chair. The last one seems a bit insignificant by comparison, but her owl companion, Petrock is just fabulous! He has interchangeable wings, so they can be spread or at his side. His head can turn all the way around. He also has a groove underneath him, so he can sit on the ground or rest upon her staff!


Rush and Metal? Seriously? As well as action shot parts? Holy crap. Then there’s the fact that Rush is fully articulated. Wow! Snake is mega cool, he has some awesome accessories. Guns, knives, a box……. Sena has every thing a geek should have. A PSP, a TV, chair, playstation, and controller. That is a cool pile of loot there.

Worst Accessories:


Konata’s only noteworthy accessory was a completely banal white petite nendo of the boy from the cast. Yes the only boy. I do not remember his name anymore. I won’t waste my money on trading figure sets that have ivory variants, so why would I possibly need this!? Mercury came with some really cool goodies. She had her visor, and two versions of her computer. The visor is ok, but she can’t functionally hold either version of the computer. They just fall out of her hands. Ren is cute, and I love the addition of an entirely extra nendo. That is fantastic. I do not however like that her arms are limited, her legs even more so, and her hood doesn’t close properly on the sides. I also didn’t appreciate her pricepoint being the almost the same as Rin’s. This wouldn’t bother me except Rin came with a mecha.


On a completely unrelated note from good stuff Tsuruya fails. She comes with an empty tray (Oooh). She also comes with extra arms and legs for another nendoroid. How exciting. Kirito comes with his two swords and a bunny. Yeah……….. Asuna came with a game screen and Kirito gets a bunny that was mentioned in one episode. Gain a pair GSC. Seriously. Feena has flowers. That’s it. No seriously.

Best Expression:


I can’t get over how ridiculously adorable this Len is! I just love that big cheesy grin. He also cam with a classic open smile Len face! No matter what he is doing he is cute! Jack’s faces all look sinister, even the happy ones look creepy. I had always assumed that the black lines around his mouth were teeth, but it seems that he has teeth in his mouth….That makes no sense. His face is a skull. For that matter…oh whatever. Lelouch, oh Lelouch. He has a such an awesome panicked face. I never particularly cared for Lelouch, so this is exactly how I like to see him, and the figure pulls it off so well.


I think Jack has hands down the coolest array of expressions I’ve seen this year. Shocked, mischievous, sinister, and generally happy are all covered. He has an amazing balance of expressions. Serena’s pretty good too. My favorite for her is hands down the crying face. Lelouch is magnificently surprised. He’s got a few expressions that work great for him, but this one pretty much summarizes Lulu for me.

Worst Expression:


Ok, so last year I absolutely hated Shuukan Miku’s hideous faces. I bought her for her accessories, and I thought I could get over it, well I didn’t. I sold her. Thank god that Rinko came with faces other than this one, because it is uuugly, and this is the only time my figure will be wearing it. Kirito is cute, and I really dig most of his faces, but I award him second worst for his dead face. GSC has a bad habit of wasting good space with “funny” faces, sometimes they are cute, but mostly they are just plain stupid. I think since GSC clearly likes Asuna, and Kirito not so much, that this is their idea of a joke. Well it isn’t funny, and I respect the characters that I like too much to put such retarded faces on them. Sorry that this face isn’t depicted in the picture, as it is buried in my closet. Lastly I am picking on Tony, not because his face looks bad, but because it is his only one. Apparently GSC knew that he would sell well without having to try. It’s not like Mr. Stark has any other expressions anyway, such as happy, damaged, drunk, etc….What’s worse is the new Tony nendo has the exact same face!!! Lazy bastards!


I love Raidou a lot however he looks quite…well bored to be perfectly honest. Feena is very cute, I love her blushing face but she has another that looks just like it without the blush and that’s kind of lame. Mercury is really funny because the only reason she ranks on here at all is because he faces are the exact same as Moon’s except for the gem colour on the tiara. That is pretty lame.

Best Packaging:


The mini Danboard action figure has a pretty cute box. It is small, and has flaps on the top like a normal cardboard box, what I really like though is the little face cut out of the side! Raidou’s box is pretty nifty as well. The colours and imagery suit him well. I also love the top window cut out in the shape of Goutou. Lastly is Jack Skellington. His box has a really cool big images of the figure on the front, which opens to reveal a big window inside. Very cool!


I love the cut out of Gouotu on the top is positively fantastic and very original. Then it’s got a nice misty look to it that really stands out. Love it. The DMG has this really cool starry cloudy pattern on it that looks nice. I love that I think the clouds are actually made out of stars! Serena’s box looks a little gaudy but it’s definitely going to stand out on shelves. It’s very eyecatchy and the colours suit her magical girl appear rather well.

Worst Packaging:


I have grown to really dislike GSC. I used to hold them in very high regard, but the more things I buy from them the less happy I get. I have gotten to the point now where I rarely preorder scale figures from them. This latest lazy move that pissed me off came in the form of the new nendo boxes. This all started with Miku 2.0. They used to theme the colours or images to fit the characters. Now unless they are really feeling special, they all have a generic white box with bubble letters. The letters and trim are a colour that fits the characters. Oooooh…Not cool. Kirino’s cupoche box is pretty boring. The checkered squares look ok, but are uninspired! It is league’s above the new nendo boxes though. Lastly I am going to pick on an older nendo box. This one for the Tachikoma is lacking in creativity as well. At least all three boxes hold their pieces well, that has to count for something!


I hate Good smile Company. All three of my worst boxes go to one company. How impressive is that. We’ll start with the insanely dull new nendoroid boxes. They are so freaking boring. Look I have a white box! Suzaku is a slight step up because he has a light blue box. Yay for GSC and their innovative designs. Lastly is Tsuruya who’s box has a giant green H on it. Really guys? Really?

Well that is all the ranting and raving that I can possibly cram into one day. Come back tomorrow for the finale!


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2 Responses to In And Outs Of 2013! (Day 4: Action Figures)

  1. Lehst says:

    Well… hearing about the flaws on the Sailor Moon Figuarts kind of makes me feel better about passing on them, but at the same time I think that’s a damn shame. I wanted to see the series get a nice action figure. 😦

    ❤ Raidou!!! I did end up buying one, but he still needs a base. It's funny how he's in both the best and worst; I wish his paint was better but it's tolerable. Lol yeah his expression is just kind of… there… but at least his eyes are crisp <3. He's finally next to the Jack Nendo today, now that I fixed Jack's base (I broke it day one! I finally had the nerve to melt it back together.) Jack's kind of big in comparison though, so I pretend he's like level 99 or something and it made him swell. XD

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