The Ins and Outs of 2013 (Day 3: Prize Figures)

Here it is, day 3’s results for bests and worsts of prize figures for 2013! It got a little crazy in here, but I think we sorted it out!

Overall Best:


My overall best prize figure has got to be Lelouch Lamperouge. The figure looks great, and is boat loads of fun. He is huge, almost 8 inches hunched over, and he has an extra head. You don’t see that often with prize figures. This one really went beyond the call of duty. My second pick is this great little Aladdin figure. I am really glad Aladdin turned out good, because Sinbad makes my soul cry a bit. Aladdin looks great though. I especially love his hair. My third choice is really odd, but I guess that is nothing new. I picked Mokoi for this category. He is fun, unique, and wearing a fundoshi. You may wonder why that matters, but I love that word, and very rarely get to use it. Go figure. Aside from my vocabulary likes he is painted well, and has a very neat texture. I really hope this line of prize figures continues. They turned out very well.


If a prize figure honestly gets better then Shirahoshi I haven’t seen it. Her pose and expression are both really original, her sculpt is amazing, and her paint is almost perfect. She isn’t a figure to miss. Echizen turned out fantastic, his sculpt looks amazing and his paint is superb. The only point he gets deducted from his overall score is with the fact that Sega used these same bases for the Evangelion tennis girls. Lastly is Eevee, this guy is huge and adorable, there’s also another little Pokémon hiding on his base. Kudos for making such a cool figure.

Overall Worst:


Man I got some crappy prize figures this year. Picking the crappiest three was easy, picking the worst, well that was another story. I am going to settle on Kurapika as my top choice though for several reasons. His paint is sloppy, his hand looks broken, and his face is hideous. I absolutely love this character, and this figure is so far from the source material that he lives in my closet. My next place goes to Keith Goodman for very similar reasons, sans the broken fingers. I like the entire thing except his head. I can deal with broken fingers. I can get over bad paint, but why in the hell would you license and release a sculpt that looks so unlike the character? It makes no sense. Lastly I picked Yosuke Hanamura. He has a great head too. I have no idea where it got lost in translation to 3D but he looks like Adachi cosplaying as Yosuke. I did allow him to have third place though, because I really like his pose, none the less he and Keith also reside in the shadows of my closet.


This was hard, I mean really really hard. I got quite a few figures this year that are absolute disasters, narrowing that down to three though….Well the first is going to be Banpresto’s second shot at Kurapika. This figure is hideous, not only is his paint bad, his hand looks broken, but his face is ugly. I just can’t get past all of that. The second is Keith Goodman.  This really breaks my heart because I wanted to love this figure, alas though he looks like Ronald McDonald. It’s too scary to be anywhere but the far bottom corner of my closet. And lastly is Rina Ogata who is cute, at least until you look at her, this figures paint job is a travesty. I keep thinking maybe I’ll just paint her….

Best Paint Job:


This was easy for me. I had three great jobs come to mind easily. First place is going to Kallen. Her clothing is painted very well, including but not limited to that awesome plaid skirt. The smaller details are all done nicely, including her guitar pick and jewelry. She looks fantastic! Second place is going to Naoto. I love the design on her pants, and they did good job on her jacket trim, as well as the buttons. It is pretty crazy, Taito knocked out a really good prize figure. Know what is even crazier? My third pick is Taito’s Sonico. Not only does all of her paint look good, but the cat silhouette camo print turned out good as well.


As loathsome as it is too admit that this figure has any redeeming qualities, I’m trying really hard to be unbiased in my statements here. So with a heavy heart I admit that the Hunter released by Banpresto has a great paint job. That being said however that is all that this figure did a good job on. Ivan Karelin looks fantabulous, I love everything about his paint job. ❤ And last but not least is Shirahoshi, one paint flaw on the underside of the figure kept her from being flawless and at the top of this list.

Worst Paint Job:


The worst paint job for this year’s prize figures has got to go to Rina Ogata. I was so excited about getting a second figure of her, and then I opened it. I am not that picky.  I just expect to get my moneys worth. I realize that she is a cheap figure, but there was red paint all over the front of her hair…THE FRONT! I can’t even display her. The red on her outfit is all over, and the white looks dirty. What is up with that? My second pick goes to Asuna. This looked like a cool little vignette that I could really enjoy. That is what I thought until I saw the paint transfer from her hair all over her back. The paint on her clothing isn’t to spectacular either. Lastly I caught a monkey, oh wait we aren’t talking about her face. Another goofy looking figure…She only has three colours, flesh tone, black, and white! How do you screw that up!? I don’t know either, but again we have really dirty looking white paint. Yuck.


I mentioned up above that Rina sucked right? For a bit of further elaboration there’s paint everywhere. Streaks on her clothes, in her hair, it looks like she was in a sharpie war with someone. Epic fail by Sega. And speaking of epic level fails, this Asuna by all rights should have been adorable, but the red lines of her outfit go everywhere. Maybe she’s who Rina was fighting with. I dunno but it is bad. And my last spot goes to Yu Narukami whom it shouldn’t have been possible to mess up, but Taito did it somehow anyway.

Best Sculpt:


Shirahoshi has a great sculpt. I am not even sure what I like the most about it, her long flowing hair, her wonderfully detailed torso, or the rather impressive fish tail. Whatever the case she is damn cool. Echizen has to be the follow up. His pose is great, and his clothes look good. Honestly I think this sculpt fits Echizen much better than his new ARTFX statue. I am giving my third place to Mothman. I love the furry texture they gave him, as well as the sculpt of his oddly shaped feet. If his antenna blended in better at the base he could have beat Echizen. Speaking of his antenna, I just love the little bushy feelers on the ends.


Shirahoshi strikes again, she really does have a magnificent sculpt. The seams are well designed, she’s got great bone and muscle structure, she’s got a great set of boobies. Really there is very little to say negatively about her. My second is Mokoi, this guy is awesome because he really looks like skinned rolled up balls of flesh. I mean how do you get cooler then that? Oh by looking at his hands and feet and seeing that they detailed the rolls. Nice! My last spot goes to my main man Batou, this guy looks just like he walked right out of GITS. Everything about his sculpt looks fantastic, especially the way his clothes looks so well worn though. Very nice job from Banpresto.

Worst Sculpt:


Barnaby Brooks Jr. Oh you want an explanation? Well what is he doing?Don’t know huh? I was hoping you could help me out. His promotional images show him having his hands on his hips, so what is this hand doing?? I even tied it down…. for weeks, and without the tie it still looks like this! The second one goes to Hunter. I thought she looked cool in the images, but then I got her. Her arrow goes through her hand. Not her fingers, but her hand. It looks completely dysfunctional. Lastly there is this Kirino figure with her huge feet! Is she a hobbit!? This bothers me more than normal because I have hated these feet for years. Look familiar? The pose is almost identical.


Okay I’ve seen some crappy seams, horrible injection marks, and poses that just plain don’t work the way they’re supposed to, but I have to draw the line at Sega forgetting Jack’s thumbs. Awkward much? Speaking of awkward, then there’s Kise who looks entirely out of proportion, but even above and beyond his head being too small for his body his hands are two completely different sizes. How weird is that? Lastly is Kaito Kid. Honestly I was kind of looking forward to this seeing as how awesome 2012’s Conan was, but this figures seams are disasters almost worthy of Rintaro. Holy crap I’m never going to buy a guy wearing white ever again at this rate.

Best Pose:


I am pretty fond of Shirahoshi’s pose although I think she may be sleeping. I initially thought that the figure had a somber feel to it, until I looked at it close. Now it just feels peaceful. I love the mermaid fetal position. Next one goes to Ivan as he goes slinking through the shadows ready, shuriken at the ready. Really cool. Lastly I have to throw some points Kanji’s way. I love this guy, and his crazy antics. It amazes me that they made a figure of him swinging a chair around. That is just fantastic. I am pretty sure that I don’t have any other figures that share these poses.


Let’s take another look at Shirahoshi (get used to that), with her tail pulled up close to her chest and her arms wrapped around it so her hands barely touch, she looks so at peace. Then there’s her hair floating lazily behind her, it makes for very beautiful imagery. I 100% approve. Second is of course Eevee. He looks so fun and fancy free! Ivan has a such an awesome look about him. Like he should be creeping down a dark alley towards someone. I love it!

Worst Pose:


Now I know you aren’t surprised to see Barnaby here in worst place. I really love this character, but for some reason his toys just suck. The best of them being his 15$ Master Stars Piece. That is just wrong. Then there is Kurapika , I mean really what is wrong with him? I just can’t get past the crazy broken fingers. Lastly I picked Kise. I love the creepy sashaying pose, by loving it I mean that entirely sarcastically. I think they seriously expect that to fall under fanservice. Well I have news for them, it didn’t work for Echizen’s much better figure so there is no way it is going to fly with this crappy offering.


So here I am three for three on people who are doing a magnificent job of standing there. The first is my personal favorite prize figure of this year Kise! Yeah, he’s here again, this time for looking completely unnatural. I mean seriously who stands with their hands positioned on their hips like that? It looks dreadfully uncomfortable. Second goes to Asuna because she’s standing in the exact same pose as every other sad girl figure ever made. One hand up, one arm back, and pout. Clearly we have a figure that will sell well. Lastly is Natsume who despite having an overwhelming amount of figures has managed to have the most banal looking figures ever made of him. Like if they make enough boring Natsume standing there figures it’ll singlehandedly counter all the just standing there female characters. He’s up to five of them now by the way. 

Best Accessories:


Lelouch easily has the best accessories. I love his alternate head. The geass looks fantastic on it! I am also a pretty big fan of the microphone stand, and speaker box too. They could have gone with a much more banal pose, but they decided to amp it up by adding some cool accessories. Hakase comes in at number two. The only reason that I didn’t give her number one, is because her accessories sit around her but don’t make her any more dynamic. I do adore the cat, and his bed box! Then there is Sonico. Her chair, and donuts are pretty neat. In the past we hadn’t seen so many prize figures with stuff, for that matter we had never seen a prize with alternate heads. This year we got two. I am hoping this trend continues.


Mr Lamperouge was an obvious shoe in for best accessories of the year, I mean this figure not only looks great but comes with an alternate head. It looks magnificent and both look perfect for what the figure is trying to get across. My second nod goes to Hakase, she’s kind of cute and fun and comes with a whole box full of stuff. Like the cat Sakamoto. She like Lelouch also has an alternate head. Mega cool. My last spot goes to the ever super Sonico. This version of her comes with both a couch and donuts. And let’s face it donuts are some of the best things ever!

Worst Accessories:


Last time we saw Sonico she was rockin’ a chair and some donuts. This time not even Sonico can rock these awful shorts. They look bulky and uncomfortable. Sonico is super sexy, and the diaper look just doesn’t work. Funny thing is that she is wearing the same shorts on the donut figure, what a difference being cast-off makes. The next awful accessory goes to the Hunter prize. Her bow fits together well enough, but the arrow goes through her hand. Doesn’t seem very bright to me. Lastly, as much as I like this figure and her accessories, they weren’t thought out so well either. Most maid figures actually hold their tray, or it is connected to their hand, Sena’s tray just balances there. Sort of. I spend a lot more time than I would like looking for her pieces.


Ooh boy. I was surprised to be able to fill a best accessories spot on prize figures, but to be able to come up with six prizes that had accessories, that was starting to get a little trixty. So we’re going to start with Sonico. Most big name figure companies can’t make cast off work right, so Taito trying is like asking for a disaster. What do you know, it was. So her shorts have become the relegated hang out spot for this little fairie dude. Banpresto’s Hunter is also a pile of crap, and her bow leaves so much to be desired that it’s sick. This things ridiculously large, extremely out of proportion and it just looks  so stupid, there’s no feasible way to make this look cool. Sorry. Last but not least is Asuna, her sandwiches actually come out of the picnic basket, normally this would get a nod of approval from me, but they look like crap and for something that should logically be wedged tightly in there they manage to fall out. That’s just pathetic.

Best Base:


This year we have gotten some pretty fun and original prize figures. My favourite as far as bases go has to be Eevee. His base is super cute, and comes with some friends. We get a couple of Foongus as an added bonus. His base also feels remarkably sturdy. Jack’s base also came with friends. There are several wicked toys popping out here, and there. The duck made an appearance on 2012’s Jack as well. He must be a fan favourite. I really like the stitching as well. I was sad when I realized I didn’t have a third one with critters. It is pretty cool though. I let Chichi and Nimbus have this one. You can’t go wrong there, besides Nimbus kind of is a critter…right?


Jack the Pumpkin King comes with his bag full of Christmas goodies (?). coming out of it are some of he classic toys from the movie, the scary teddie and pull along duck for example. the bag is stitched together and looks perfect. Next is Eevee’s little grassy knoll. It looks so cute and so fitting, I really think it’s perfect for the little guy. Then we have Mugi from K-On! Her base falls perfectly in line with the other Beach girls from Sega’s High Grade line, except for the splash effect and the seashell. It adds a small touch of realism to it that I’m pretty fond of.

Worst Base:


Someone at Taito is twisted. No I mean really twisted. I have no idea what made them think that these little figures needed these crazy huge bases. I like the colour and the texture, but the shape is pretty ridiculous. Not only is it stupid for this one, but they expect you to display 5 other figures with these things. Stupid. I picked Naoto because she is my favourite of these, so much that I actually took her base away and gave her an extra Figuart base. She looks so much nicer now. Lelouch is my second pick. His base looks really cool, but it doesn’t support him well. He has this extra stick to hold him up, it wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t contrast so much with his colours. There also isn’t a peg of any sort to hold the speaker in place, so it slides all over. The last one is Echizen. His base is functional, and it looks ok, but it isn’t original at all. Sega used these same bases several years ago for their Eva tennis girls.


Chie Satonaka and Yukiko Amagi tie on this one for the absolute crappiest base because they have the same one. They are both chicks posed one one leg at the very center of one of these ginormous bases that Taito thought was absolutely necessary, they don’t require that much base support. This is just plain ridiculous. Then there’s Milla, I actually don’t mind the design of this base too much, but why is it so high up in the air?

Best Expression:


Kanji’s face looks pretty awesome! I was a little bit worried about the final product, but he turned out great! He looks like he is about to kill someone. The next goes to Jack. He looks so happy about his Christmas bag. Too bad it is going to be a disaster. I love this face though, he totally looks like he is daydreaming. Hakase has two cute faces, putting her in third place. Given that she has two faces you would think that she would’ve gotten first, but hers are a bit to generic. Definitely cute enough for third though.


Oh man do I love Kanji’s face he looks so…..pissed. Yeah I think that’s the right word. Well anyway they really did a wonderful job in capturing the promotional art and transferring it onto a 3D model. Asuka Langely also has a very nice expression. It’s not very befitting of her personality but she looks very sweet, kind of innocent. Then there’s Mothman. I love how oblivious this face looks, kind of like he’s fascinated by a bug zapper. (Don’t go towards the light) Definitely worth my last nomination for best expression. 

Worst Expression:


Kurapika’s face looks funny. I think it is supposed to look intimidating, but it looks far to stupid to be scary. Why are his eyes pink? Yosuke looks like Adachi cosplaying as Yosuke. How wrong is that? It doesn’t look anything like the character in question. Ok so maybe the shaggy brown hair is ok. The last one goes to Sinbad. The rest of this figure looks good, so I can honestly say that his face ruins the figure. The other two I don’t really like at all, but Sinbad had so much potential.


Because my childhood traumas aren’t allowed to simply be left alone, Banpresto went and made my personal favorite T&B character look like Ronald Mcdonald. OH MY GOD! This practically makes my skin crawl. And worse it’s probably the tallest figure that Keith’s ever going to get. He has a very special home in the very back far corner of my closet, it’ll take a lot of work for him to get through everything in there to kill me in the middle of the night. Yosuke….looks like Adachi…..? What? How did that happen? I mean they’ve had generic faces in Megaten for quite some time now but this? Seriously. Pass. Kurapika looks freakish beyond all reason. I’m pretty sure he had a skin tone once upon a time, and his pupils had dilation…..

Best Fanservice:


Kallen looks great! She has a nice body, a plaid skirt, and amazing boots! So many fetishes rolled into one figure! I love it! The next one goes to Tony Stark, or should I say Iron Man? He is pretty cool, but why fanservice. That is easy, he has a glow in the dark arc reactor as well as glowy eyes. Nice! The last spot is going to Shannon. I am not such a big fan of her skirt, but I do love tattoos. I gotta admit it looks pretty nifty.


To Shirahoshi I would like to say “If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?” Everything about this fishy girl is positively striking. Especially as far as fan service goes. Her ample cleavage looks great, her back and stomach are amazing, her long tresses look great. Overall this figure is a gorgeous pile of service. Then there’s Kallen who got a fan service spot from me last year for her “Wonderland” get up, this time she’s a bunny again, this one though has great legs and amazing boobs. I mean it those melons are awesome! Oh and having a plaid fetish probably helps…. Lastly we have Cthuuga who really would have placed higher if not for the seam line at her hip, I do imagine on a completely naked figure seams probably are pretty difficult to hide.

Worst Fanservice:


Ok. So I was listening to the Grinch song this Christmas and wondering to myself exactly what would qualify as a nauseous super naus. I realized that I already knew the answer. It was the feeling I had when I first saw this Kotetsu. Unfortunately I had to buy him because he came with Yuri. I don’t have a picture of him, because I sold him without opening him…This is the only figure I sold last year unopened. That has got to say something. Next one up is Sonico. I think that without the shorts she looks much better, but the way the shirt hangs makes her look chubby. Kobato looks a bit to stretched out, like she is older than she is supposed to be. I am not sure, but it just seems awkward to me. She is clearly younger than Konatsu, but she looks older. Why?


Right so Mr Lamperouge wins again. Now yesterday I talked about how utterly offended I was by the concept of Ittoki’s outfit being ‘sexy’ Lelouch is almost as bad. I mean those pants, seriously? What’s up with the high detached pant leg? Fricking weirdo. Angel Breeze Miku scores second because this figure should have been sexy, and it is until you look at her face. she seriously looks totally out of it though, like she got slipped a mickey or something? Unless D.R. is your thing not very sexy. And lastly is Yu Narukami, he places because this had to have been a joke by someone at the factory… it had to be, there are white stains (I believe it’s dried glue) all over not only the crotch of his pants, but his face too. All I’m saying is that had to be a deliberate attempt at humor by a bored employee.

Best For The Price:


Barnaby’s Master Stars Piece is my clear cut vote for number one. He is huge, really well detailed, and only cost me $15. I honestly think this figure is better than his G.E.M. My second choice is Shirahoshi. She cost little more than Barnaby, and is easily one of the best prize figures in my collection. Mothman is my third. I picked him for his unique design, great expression, wonderful textures, and low price of $8. You can’t really go wrong there.


I got another figure of Ringo from Rakuten. She was really cheap and well worth the price. Honestly I would have paid double her MSRP for her easy. Batou cost me a grand total of 40 dollars after shipping. And he came with a free Major Kusanagi. Well worth every penny spent. 😀 Lastly was Mokoi. He came in a set with two other Megaten figures for only thirty dollars after ship. So at approximately ten dollars a head this guy was a steal! 

Worst For The Price:


Karina is placing at number worst for the price, because she is hideous. One could argue that I am not overly fond of her design to begin with, but this is just nasty. Her FiguartZERO got it right so what went wrong here? Not so nice for what I paid, especially considering the other figure in her set was Barnaby’s fugly DX. Rina was another one that I paid full price for, and wished that I hadn’t. $3 would have been about right, not low enough for best price, but tolerable. Milla looks pretty good. Honestly I am ok with this figure except for the part about her being a video game exclusive. The game costs $40, so I guess I paid about $60 for her. Nice figure, but geez.


Lelouch is an amazingly sculpted figure, however as cool as he may or may not look he cost me an awful lot of money. Money that could have been spent on a character that I actually like….. Scaling down a bit Rina cost me about 80 dollars less then my number one spot, but she’s such a flaming pile of crap that I can’t even display her. Finally there’s Asuna. She has the worst prize figures ever. Her and Barnaby anyway. Well I really wish that I had something positive to say about this figure, but it’s big, clunky, and painted bad. Would that I could have just one figure of her that’s the same height as my Kirito prize that looked decent. Just one! 

Best Packaging:


Black Frost unfortunately was a bit to mundane to strike my fancy elsewhere, so I picked him of the three for best packaging. I love these boxes. The monsters breaking out the sides, and the talismans all over look really cool. Ivan Karelin’s box is pretty neat as well. I love the pose of this figure, and with Origami Cyclone’s big head looming in the background it just looks that much cooler. The last award that I have for prize figures is going to Jack Skellington. The red and white swirls make for a really cool design. I also really like the image of Jack on the front.


The packaging for the three Shin Megami monster is fantastic! It’s covered in little sealing talismans. There’s also digital imagery on it that hearkens it back to the very first Shin Megami game as the demons break through the talismans on one side! Kaito Kid’s box is nice, it doesn’t have any windows which is a pity, but the cards on the side are a very nice touch and do leave one quite curious about the figure inside. Lastly is Jack Skellington with his swirling whites and reds it truly looks Burton-esque, which all things considered is in fact perfect.

Worst Packaging:


Rina’s box couldn’t get much more boring if it tried. The colour is kind of pretty, but there is nothing to it. No personality at all. Speaking of no personality, Milla’s box is attractive. I realize this comes inside the game box, but a window or image would have been really nice. Kurapika’s box is pretty funny. It is red. Yes I know his eyes are red, but he is predominately not so. It looks odd. Not only that, but the spelling of his name here is really awkward.


Sao gets a special place this year with not one, but two spots in my worst packaging. The first box is black and boring, it doesn’t tell you anything about…well anything. Unless your looking for information on bad packaging…. The second one is flimsy, this isn’t protecting anything. It’s got a pretty picture on the side…oh and look the same pretty picture on the other side….And continuing on with the trend of amazingly boring boxes there are the Prince of Tennis boxes which are trying to put us to sleep.

That’s it for today, check back tomorrow to see what is in store for action figures!


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