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So a very long time ago I bought my first prepainted figures from Megahouse without even knowing it. I really loved Naruto at the time and I wanted figures of team 7 rather badly. The originality of this set caught my eye. So let’s start off this month with a review of Naruto himself.


The quality of this toy is really funny, at a decent distance it looks like a kind of cute prize figure, upon closer inspection the ugly truth is revealed! We’ll start with his goggles, they’re so tight that they have to be cutting of circulation to his brain. The paint is pretty decent though. I think his face is actually kind of cute. It’s fun loving and happy. His eyes don’t have a whole lot of detail but I don’t really think they need it either.


His torso is pretty good, I thoroughly appreciate that he has a zipper pull. The blue paint could have been applied better though. It goes onto the underside of the collar and doesn’t fit the lines it’s supposed to. Somebody needs a paint by numbers….


His raised arm looks nice, the wrinkles are all appropriately placed and look good. His hand holding the paint brush is a little awkward though, they didn’t paint the other end of the brush at all.


His other arm is holding the bucket of paint down at his side. His fingers should have been sanded down better as there is excess plastic from the mold sticking up.


The bucket looks great, the perfect place for a sloppy paint job. 🙂


His pockets are well sculpted and look nice. The wrinkles in the fabric around his groin look really good. The wrap on his leg though not only suffers from sloppy paint but a bad seam line as well.


The rolled up pant legs look awesome with the bucket of paint! Naruto’s feet are well sculpted, but the paint around his toes is positively atrocious.


They did a great job of highlighting his hair. However there’s this large gap at the back of his head between the goggles and hair.


I love how his clothes always look too big for him.


From the back you can see just how big that seam is. No matter of pushing helps either, then you just end up with a forehead gap instead. We can also see just how off from the lines the blue trim is. Fortunately Megahouse has gotten slightly better at this over the years.


He’s got his little butt pouch, I like the sculpt of it. Naruto’s butt itself however is really flat. I expect that Sasuke’s will be better since he’s such a…. never mind.


The wrinkles in the fabric where his pants are rolled up look great. Muchos approval.


His base is a clear little thing that says Naruto in what I believe is the ‘Karate’ font available for photoshop.


Next we have the alternate options. If you don’t like the goggles and paint bucket then you can have the leaf nin forehead protector and katana. The protector looks good enough but with this option he’s supposed to be adjusting the headband and his hand doesn’t even come close to it. I’d assume this is due to age but some figures that came out last year…….




He’s holding a ninjato back bekind him. The blade looks kind of doofy. Like one of those ones you get for ten tickets at the arcade.


His box is orange and black with flames licking up the sides. It suits him well.


The back of the box shows all three Naruto figures that were available from the DX line at that time.


I’ll be honest as horrible as this figure actually is, to some degree I’m still completely infatuated with it. Probably because it was my first Naruto. anyway thanks for reading. I’ll have Sakura up later this month.

Edit: LMAO. I seriously got so caught up in the karate font that I put his name down as Karate on the original header.  😀 I’m such a dope!


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