The Ins And Outs Of 2013! (Day 2: Statues)

Sometimes I wish you guys could see Tekizen, and myself bickering back and forth trying to justify our picks. Sometimes it is pretty comedic. Today we are settling down over our lists of what impressed or depressed us in the world of statues this year. I have to admit 2013 has been a super stunning year for figures. Most of them turned out quite well, but that wasn’t the case for them all…

Topiki: Blue

Tekizen: Red

Overall Best:


This category took forever for me. Overall best to me combines all the elements of a good figure into one. You can’t be the best, have a great pose, an amazing base, and a shoddy paint job. Number one was an easy choice. Aoba really had no competition. His pose is fun, lively, and unique. His paint job is flawless, don’t believe me? Go read his review. His expression is cool. Need I even mention his base? It is riddled with easter eggs for DMMd fans! The two runners up were the hard part. Eventually I settled on Jaina Solo as my number two, because her sculpt and paint job are so great. Kotobukiya did a wonderful job on her shading, and Shunya Yamashita came up with a beautiful young woman that is wearing her clothes. Third place I begrudgingly gave to Shikinami. So shall I call this unfortunate Asuka doppelganger. I hadn’t intended on buying a pirate Asuka but this one looked so good I couldn’t resist, and regardless of my feelings towards the character this place is deserved!


I’m sure it’s going to come as a big surprise to everyone that the very top of my list is Aoba. Yeah I know but predictability isn’t always a bad thing. Aoba is a stunning figure from toe to head. And his base is magnificent. The follow up to him is my beloved Jaina Solo. Her shading and sculpt are mindblowing. I hadn’t like the Bishoujo line from the ones that I’d seen personally but this girl she made me regret not paying more attention. The third spot though is one that I toiled over, who else stands out enough in sculpt, paint, and detail to sit beside these two works of art? My final answer is Kotobukiya’s Kuroyukihime. She is beautiful in her oh so delicate nature, I love almost everything about this figure. It’s the almost though that lands her in the number three spot.

Overall Worst:


This one wasn’t really easy either. Whereas most of the things I got this year were pretty nifty, there were a handful that just pissed me off. I had four from Griffon alone. I had a couple that might have come close to these, but I gotta say my number one statue disaster for 2013 goes to Sena Kashiwazaki. I am on my second question, and for the second time I don’t really know where to start. Her paint job is not only devoid of shading, but it is also sloppy. Her sculpt looks nice, but she doesn’t hold her weapon properly. Her face looks dead, and her giant Frisbee base does little to immobilize the giant sword. So basically she is an ugly waste of space with a defunct weapon that cost me roughly 80$. Curious: Review. I picked Griffon’s Domme Yozo for the number two spot because her hair doesn’t fit together right. Thankfully with Yozo’s darker palette the lack of shading isn’t so obvious, but the seams on the front of her hair are in plain view, and ugly. Bringing up the rear is Griffon’s dancer Sena. Her clothing doesn’t connect properly, so her skirt should be falling off, and she doesn’t stay on the base. She just topples over. Since this figure’s release Griffon has announced several figures that I am interested in, but I will not order another figure from them without seeing a user review.


Does a category get any easier then this one? The first one for me has to be Goddess Madoka. I mean this figure fails on so many levels I can’t even count them all on my fingers and toes. Her foot wings just fall off she has a scuff on her forehead, the paint on her back is a disaster, and numerous people have reported her bow just breaking. All that for only a hundred and fifty dollars. Screw you GSC! The next figure that came in the mail that I cried buckets over was Plum’s Rintaro Okabe. He should have been so cool, but he doesn’t connect to his base, his paint is bad, and his seam lines are disastrous, and no he wasn’t as pricey as Godoka but he cost enough to upset me and a lot of other people a great deal. My last vote goes to the disaster that was Demon Yozora. From the moment I heard, alternate pieces, I knew that it was going to be even worse then Griffon normally does. Lo and behold I was right. The seams in this girls hair make Milla look dignified. She doesn’t stand on her base particularly well, and her face lacks significantly in expression. I swear I’m going to glue her hair on.

Best Paint Job:


I know this is a shocker but Aoba is still number one! His paint job is PERFECT! I placed Jaina after him for a second time in a row, because I absolutely adore her shading. Third is a fresh face, well if a dragon that is probably hundreds of years old could have a fresh face. I love the way they painted his lava looking parts. The gradient on his wings looks really good too. I was pretty impressed with this little guy.


Aoba taking the lead again? What do you know. Maybe it’s because Godoka was such a slap in the face as far as quality goes but I still can’t get over just how perfect Aoba really is. There is not a paint flaw to be found on him or his base. Equally impressive is the ever lovely Jaina, her shading still blows me out of the water, and the helmet in her hand looks old and worn. I love it. My last vote goes to the Volcano Dragon from PuzDra. This guy is really cool, his spikes and claws look especially cool with the amount of detailing that went into them.

Worst Paint Job: 


This was a pretty heavy hitter. I can’t even put into words how disappointed I was with this Ultimate Madoka figure. Ultimate failure would be a better name for it. When looking at her price tag I had to overcome issues with her sculpt before ordering her. I thought that I would really like the end product, alas that was not the case. For a $150.00 statue she should have been practically perfect, unfortunately she was not. Her bangs had a big shiny spot, and her ruffles were painted haphazardly. On a $60.00 statue I might have overlooked this. Maybe, but not on this big glorious pile of disappointment. The runners up were respectfully Kirino, and then Zessica. Zess has some pretty bad detailing, and Kirino’s swimsuit trim is awful. I mean it. I got a prize figure of her the same month, and it looked much nicer….


One of the figures that got a lot of Kudos from me last year was the Airou farmer from the ‘life collection resin’ series. That figure is cute and was done perfect , this one though it almost hurt just how bad it actually was. There’s paint everywhere, if I’d wanted an abstract painting I would have just bought one. I love the Tales games, have had for years so when Milla and Jude were announced I was super excited. Then I got Milla in the mail….I’d bought her used for a fairly good price and as I held her in my hands and looked her over I understood why she was sold to me so much cheaper then her Msrp, her paint is a disaster. The straps in particular leave black paint all over her lily white skin. Argh I hate it! Then there’s Ia who should have, would have, could have been an amazing figure if they hadn’t jacked up the paint on her shirt so hard. I love her, I think she’s gorgeous but once you see something like that you can never unsee it.

Best Sculpt:


My vote for best sculpt is a little bit strange, I decided on Meteor Volcano Dragon. There are a couple of reasons for this decision, the first being his overall design. They did a great job bringing him into the 3D world. The second reason is the use of texture. His scales have a rough feel, while his wings have a leathery look. I am always a fan of unique textures. My second choice is Keigo Atobe. I absolutely love his muscle definition. He has fabulous legs, and the effect of his jacket blowing back is great. Third place goes to Jaina. The way her clothes fit against her body looks really nice. The wrinkles are amazing.


I hate praising things that piss me off. However I am at the moment willing to put my pride on the shelf and say that my number one vote goes to Shikinami. I really love the sculpt of this figure in general but it’s really the tape on her that pushes me over the edge. The second one is the Meteor Volcano Dragon, he’s one cool little fellow, my only issue with his sculpt is how far down he’s looking makes him a little tricky to display. His texture however is fantastic. The third one goes to Kaede Rukawa, not only does he have a fabulous body, but I love the sculpt of is hair as well. His muscle definition is killer and so is his bone structure. Very nice.

Worst Sculpt:

Worst Sculpt

Wowzers! I had a couple really terrifying sculpts pop up this year, but by far the worst is Domme Yozo. I can’t get over these wretched hair seams. The worst part is they are visible from the front…from a distance. The reason being they are worse than seams because the darn things don’t fit together at all. Griffon can’t manage a normal statue. I can’t imagine what made them think they could handle interchangeable pieces. I should have known better.  Second place goes to Rintaro by Plum. His interchangeable arms are easily as bad are easily as bad as Yozo’s hair. The only reason I ranked him lower is because in one of his poses you can’t see the seams. Thank god. You could also factor in the price, he was much cheaper after all. Lastly I picked dancer Sena for her malfunctioning wardrobe. I try not to by cast-off figures because their clothes never fit back on right after being removed. With Sena they never came off and they still don’t fit right…

bad sculpt

Demon Yozora is a disaster, I mean her redeemable quality is that her outfit is really freaking hilarious. Her seams are equally funny. By funny I mean like tragic funny of course. This figure can’t be displayed without going “Ew.” The second should come as no surprise, it’s Okabe Rintaro. this figure at least can be displayed though I would recommend a dark corner at the very least. His seams are trash. My last vote sadly goes to the Dark Magician, I really really like this figure but what were they thinking? His arms are freaking ripped, and his legs are like average guy legs. This is the blatant problem with levitating, no need to use his legs at all.

Best Pose:


I am going to give Keigo my best pose award.  I am a pretty big fan of tennis, not just TeniPuri, but the real sport. His pose looks dynamic, and full of energy. I love it when I can look at a figure and picture the range of motion from which it was frozen. Keigo has that effect. I love the way his clothes are blowing as well. It has a subtle sexiness to a not very strong looking figure. I totally dig it. My second spot goes to Naruto for similar reasons, sans that whole sexy thing. I can totally see Naruto leaping through the forest with this crazy grin on his face. The pose is lively, and perfectly in character. My last spot is reserved for Konatsu, the only beach figure that will probably ever be conducting music on the sand. It is straight from its source material. It is cute, and very unique. I like my share of beach girls, but sometimes it is cool for a bit of diversity.


There isn’t really anything super special about this one but at the same time I think it’s really one of the most unique figures in my collection. I’m taking about Kagura Demuri, I love this guy because he genuinely looks sinister. Like he’s caught mid maniacal laugh. I love it. The second spot is going to go to my man Atobe Keigo, I love how in action he looks. Fantastic! My last spot goes to Nyaruko-san. I love how excited she looks and how her legs are positioned, she’s really great.

Worst Pose:


This is going to come off kind of awkward, but my worst pose of the year is going to Max factory’s Kuroyukihime. Overall she looks splendid when posed with Black Lotus, but the company gave us an option for her as a stand alone figure. Some people may find this sexy, but I think it looks strange. I mean really strange. What is she doing? If her hands were on or in her hair it might look ok, or if her hands were in chains or something, but alone she looks like she is…____Fill In The Blank____, because I don’t have any idea. The second spot I grant to Yzak Jule who Megahouse did a wonderful job on. I have noticed that lately their creativity pool seems to be running dry. First we get Barnaby with no accessories, then we get Yzak in the same pose as Athrun. I get it, that is a ZAFT pose, but why do to figures so similar. They are even wearing the same uniform. He looks great, but can we say redundant? the third worst pose is also going to Megahouse for their rendition of Zessica. She is really cute, and I adore her fang, but seriously what is she doing? Falling over!?


Barnaby Brooks Jr has the amazing habit of having the worst luck with figures ever. I mean that. His pose is so stupid that I just can’t stand it. I mean not only is he just standing there but I’m pretty sure his arm is broken. My next one is going to Rin Okumura, it was a tough choice between him and his brother Yukio but I’m going with this kiddo. His pose sucks I mean what the hell? Why doesn’t the sword reach his shoulder, this is freaking stupid looking. And last but not least is Milla Maxwell, who possesses the amazing ability to be in the most generic pose ever. She’s walking and holding her sword in front of her face. The look on her face is awesome too, it completely contradicts having her sword drawn. I just don’t get it. 

Best Accessories:


So does Kuroyukihime come with Black lotus, or does Black Lotus come with Kuroyukihime? Either way this figure is really cool. I am going with Kuroyukihime as my number one for accessories. I decided Black Lotus is the accessory here, because figures use them to look cooler, and black Lotus needs no improvement. This thing is just damn cool. My second choice goes to Echizen. He looks great, but his best point is that he comes with Karupin. I adore this cat. I always have. Third pace goes to another companion accessory, being Athrun with his Haro Balls. There is even a mustache version.!


My clear cut winner for best accessory is Mikono from Aquarion Evol, she has an alternate hair piece so you can display her pet bunny with her. The thing is painfully cute and even comes with it’s own base! Athrun Zala came with not one but two Haro Balls. They have different features which is nice, I love the painted on mustache. My last spot goes to another character from a mech show…..weird. Anyhoo, as far as alternate pieces go Suzaku’s cape is amazing. Almost enough to make me want the Lelouch counterpart.

Worst Accessories:


First place goes to Barnaby. I have no idea what Megahouse was thinking when they did this. Kotetsu has four different heads! Why does Barnaby only get two head options, megane/ not megane? His only other option is a hand without his ring. WHAT!? The second one on my list is Watashi. I didn’t care for her character much, but I really liked the idea of mini her, with an eggshell helmet…who the hell makes a helmet out of an eggshell?? It was cute, that is until it fell off of her head. Again, and again. Not cute. Not charming. Not fun. The third spot is kind of awkward because he is my fourth choice for best accessories. I love the alternate head. I adore Kuro. He is so awesome. The flaming sword is cool too. What I can’t stand though, is the sheathed sword that can NOT rest on his shoulder. Why is it levitating there?


Yet again Godoka takes my top spot. How can you make a 150 dollar statue that can’t even support the weight of it’s ultimate weapon? I mean Mon hun Sena was a pile of crap and couldn’t hold her weapon right either, but at least she cost 70 dollars less. Then there’s Mr Barnaby Brooks Jr showing his face for the second time for me already. Kotetsu’s G.E.M. comes with four heads, four, and yes I think that’s way more Kotetsu then anyone needs, but why didn’t Barnaby get like any love? I mean a pair of bangs without glasses and a hand without a ring? Really Megahouse really?!?!?!?!? To top it all off he still has a broken arm too, no alternates there. Demon Yozora is still a catastrophe, I can’t stand her hair pieces. My God Griffon will be lucky if I ever give them so much as another quarter.

Best Base:


I know you are going to be shocked and amazed, but Aoba gets my first place for best base. Not only is it fun and original, but there references all over to the other characters in the main cast. This is truly a masterpiece. Last but not least it is remarkably sturdy. Who’d have thunk it? I am going to give Nia my second spot, because her base is like the not quite as cool little brother of Aoba’s base. It has spunk, colour, and Lord Genome head. Really what else does it need? Last on the list is this little Lamp Miku from Alphamax. This thing is tiny. Right around the size of a nendoroid, but that doesn’t mean they skimped out. Her base is this rockin’ music themed wrought iron gate. How cool is that!?


Okay so I’m going to take a moment to talk about a figure I haven’t brought up yet. His name is Aoba…….oh….nevermind. Anyway Aoba has an awesome base, I mean really awesome, it’s full of easter eggs for fans of Dramtical Murder, which I must admit I am not in fact one of them. I did however read Topiki’s amazing review and was shocked about how much actually went into this figure’s base. My second is Halloween Miku her base is this gate that’s taller then her, it’s got a really cool design to it. Very much with the likey. And my last spot came as a bit of a surprise, I really didn’t expect to get her in the mail before the end of the year, but lo and behold I did, so my last spot goes to Nia Teppelin. She’s sitting on top of the moon, with shooting starts coming off of it and the whole display just looks really cool…you know in that cheesy Gurren Lagann kind of way.

Worst Base:


Oh lord. Monster Hunter Sena. Am I allowed to give her all three spots? This base is seriously that big. It is 9 inches wide. 9 inches!!!! Overkill much. I might even forgive it if there were some sort of notch to hold the sword blade, but there isn’t. It just falls over. Oh but there is this cute little plaque that makes everything better. I hate you Griffon! Since I had to pick two more to cram into this category with this monster, my second choice will go to Dancer Sena. Why? Because Griffon sucks at what they do. The holes in her feet are bigger than the pegs, so she just falls over. Go figure. There is a nice little plaque that makes everything better though….My third spot goes to Kirino because her base won’t fit into this already crammed category. This is so unnecessary!


Well despite a lot of fun playing frisbee with my pet pooch Akira I have to say as a base Griffon’s Monster Hunter Sena fails the absolute hardest of any figure I’ve ever seen. That includes figures that don’t fit on their bases and figures that fall of theirs. This is just…oh my god, but it’s okay the name plate makes it all better…… My second vote goes to the mega cool Meteor Volcano Dragon. He’s awesome, but I hate his base he slides all over it and that’s pretty lame. Lastly I have to throw the Dark Magician under the bridge again. It’s the energy swirl coming up under him that I really hate. Clear support pegs would have made me a lot happier.

Best Expression:


I think I might be a bit masochistic. I picked a bunch of people that look like they eat souls for breakfast. My first choice is Rin Okumura. I love the grin, the fangs, and the glint in his eyes. He looks sarcastic, and awesome! Suzaku is going to my second place spot. I think I read to much into my toys. I think this figure looks like he is brimming with hatred. It’s his eyes. They just looks so angry…Lastly I picked Shikinami. This figure’s face is what pushed me into buying her. I just loved the way her head is pointed forward, but her gaze is looking downward. She looks like she is about to bring her wrath down on someone…literally.


So as much as Plum may have epically failed on Rintaro they did do one thing amazingly well and that’s catching his character. His faces are both so awesome and they express ‘him’ perfectly. Yzak Jule is fantastic because he has something that very figures pull off really well. I get the impression from this guys face that he wants to rip your intestines out through your mouth. Gruesome, but that’s the look that he’s giving. Last but far from least is my boy Naruto, his face is utterly brilliant. Look up the promotional art sometime it really is dead accurate.

Worst Expression:


Porcelain doll Sena…I mean Monster Hunter Sena would have a pretty cool face if she were a doll, a chobit, or dead. I don’t think she is any of the three, so why the lifeless face. Holy crap! Maybe Shikinami ate her soul for breakfast! What a waste. Yami’s face is ugly. That is all. If you want me to elaborate. His mouth looks awful, and the eye on his forehead should have been a darker shade. It looks like someone drew it on his head with ballpark mustard. Maybe he shouldn’t sleep around other people. They are obviously pranksters. Sena. Oh Sena. I don’t even know what to say about this one. Either she has the hiccups, or she has a mouth full of marshmallows. Or something. Oh boy.


So one of the worst things in the world is Monster Hunter Sena…wait I mean hot chicks that they sell just based on it’s hot and nothing else. I mean there’s nothing to this figure, she’s stuck on screensaver mode. There’s no expression, no emotion, she’s just stuck…..oohhh I finally get it. The game froze. The second worst thing ever is when they expect girls to just be satisfied because they threw us a bone. Well some of us aren’t that easy to amuse. Some of us know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Tokiya being cross eyed looks RETARDED!!!!!!!!!!! Then there’s Echizen, he really bothers me because I passionately hate his mouth. Have any of you seen the cover of Twilight? You know where Bella has her lips spread in that “lustful” way? Yeah his face looks like that, like a bad actress trying to be sexy….I should probably just shut up now……

Best Fanservice:


I personally don’t find Aoba sexy, so some of you may wonder why I chose him for my top spot in fanservice. Well clearly it is because he likes being first…Just kidding. In reality I respect the original artwork, and the way the artist incorporated the other character motifs into the image. More impressive is the image made 3D. Only fans of the game or those who research it thoroughly (me) can fully appreciate what is here. There is even a reference to a secret character on the back. If that isn’t service for the fans I don’t know what is. Kagura Demuri is going to take my number 2 spot for his amazing sculpt. I mean seriously, it isn’t very often that we get see male figures with sculpts like this. I just love his torso, front and back. He has fantastic arms too. It is to bad that he looks rabid. I knew the third was going to place in this category from the very day I opened her. New Year’s Day 2013. She held on all year through a slew of possible contenders, including other Senas. Her face is cute, her swimsuit looks great, and it clings in all the right places. Her proportions are also smoking hot! Easy contender.


So… know how I said I hated girls that are just sexy with no meat to them? That’s exactly why my number one contender is actually a little bit different. It’s someone we’ve seen quite a bit of so far too. That’s right I’m giving it to Jaina Solo. She has an amazing body, her proportions are great. She has a playful smile on her lips and her pose is just a little bit playful too. Then there’s her base, you want to appeal to me for fan service? Throw the Rogue Squadron logo on anything and you’ve got me won over. My second is Ia, her mode of dress is sooooo….meow. I love the tank top. and the disconnected sleeves, her body is well proportioned and far from over done. Very sexy. Very very sexy. My last vote goes to Yukio Okumura, funny because I like Rin more, but I think Yukio has this sexy thing that his brother doesn’t. Yukio appeals to the part of me that has a fetish for classic detectives. It’s not exactly the same but the jacket style reminds me of them. The pull of the jacket against his chest is fantastic, I love how tight it is against his body, then there’s the intense look on his face, gorgeous. Last but not least though is the fact that I have a rather hardcore megane fetish. The thin wire framed glasses are just so….oh my god.

Worst Fanservice:


Can someone tell me why GSC enlarged the boob window on Madoka’s dress. She has no boobs to view. It just makes her chest look weird. Realistically a twelve year old boy could wear this dress with the same effect. Hell maybe the whole figure would look better as a twelve year old boy. Maybe if it were then it wouldn’t look all pigeon toed, like her legs are broken. Sigh. This figure looks like it is aiming for moe sex appeal, but really it just looks stupid. Not good. Not offensive, just wasted. What could have been a really cool looking toy is ruined by an unimaginative artist who couldn’t come with a better idea than ANOTHER pigeon toed girl. Next up is Domme Yozo, whereas I think this is probably the most accurate depiction of her character, it is completely inaccurate from the anime depiction. I gotta admit I find it amusing, but the spikes are pretty unsexy. The last spot is going to Sena. This was hard. Cow, or Cherry Popper? Both are pretty questionable. I am going to give it to Cherry Sena in the end. I think this figure is trying waaaay to hard. We can start with her pose. Why do her feet not touch the base? Isn’t that uncomfortable, especially considering the fact that she isn’t leaning on anything. Is she doing crunches and eating cherries…weird. Then there is the fact that she is not wearing a bra, but she is wearing a neck tie. Maybe when she was done with her amateur photo shoot for the new movie “Smoking Hot Milkmaids” she went on to star in “HARD Night At The Office”. She looks sexy, but definitely trashy.


So about Godoka……wow what a figure. I don’t mean that in a good way either, which is of course why she’s in this category. What the hell was the sculptor thinking? Nubby boobs are so not hot, so why the hell did they think it was necessary to make her boobie window larger? It’s freaking horrible and then there’s her legs which look ridiculous, I mean a little pigeon toed can be kind of cute, but why the hell would you have your legs like that if your freaking floating? I mean really does she have to pee or something? Is that why her legs are so close together up top and then spread at the knees? I mean what is going on here? Then there’s her tentacle hair, I mean seriously, define it a little bit guys. You know what I’m just going to stop there and go on to Cherry Popper Sena. It’s her official nickname, I’m also okay with porn star Sena too though, she looks like she’s waiting for you in the fax room. I’m kind of fond of this figure for mildly disturbed reasons, but it really does look like complete trash. She’d better watch out for Godoka’s hair. Lastly we have a category all his own Ittoki, so it really bothers me that out there somewhere in the deep dark corners of the world some girls out there are screaming that this outfit is hot. He has one pant leg tucked in, and a sash tied over his untucked shirt. Honestly if we took the microphone away he’d look like he just escaped the psyche ward. At least his face is cute though in a non rabid Demuri kind of way.

Best for the Price:


Oh what a fantastically Aquarion Day! My top three figures in this category all go to Aquarion Evol. The first spot goes to Kagura whom I got ridiculously cheap, unopened from a fellow whose bought him for a girl who hated it. Sadness. I mean he looks a bit nutters, and at that point I had yet to watch the show, but seriously I am all about loving abandoned figures. The really cool part is that I absolutely love not only the figure, but the character. He was well worth the forty or so dollars that I spent on him. The second spot goes to his wench, Mikono. She is mega cute. She came with her little bunny comrade as well. I thought for the mere eight dollars that Hobby Link Japan was selling her for on Black Friday was a steal. I picked up Zessica on that sale as well, also for eight dollars. I like all three figures, and am glad that I was able to give them a home with a view on my shelves!


Kagura Demuri needed a home. Out there in the wild he was alone abandoned by someone that just couldn’t appreciate a little bit of snarly rabid pretty boy. So for a price significantly lower then his MSRP I brought him into my home, held him in my arms and let him know I like my boys a little crazy. Besides he looks so cool next to Mukuro…. It’s a little bit funny but my second vote goes to significantly tamer animal, that would be the inukami Nadeshiko. She’s precious and was well worth the price paid for her. And lastly was Watashi, honestly I really hate this figure, she’s poorly made, her accessories don’t work at all. However do to HobbyLink Japan messing up one of my shipments they gave me store credit and thus I got her for free. Even a really crappy toy is worth free.

Worst for the Price:


So I paid over two hundred U.S. dollars for Goddess Madoka. That may not seem too bad looking at her size, but she has the quality of a sixty dollar figure, if even. She is pretty disappointing. You aren’t paying for a good sculpt, a nice paint job, or cool accessories. You are paying for size, and nothing more. The first runner up is Monster Hunter Sena who at eighty dollars has the overall quality of a fifteen dollar prize figure. I could have spent that eighty dollars on diesel fuel for my Cavelier, and been more productive. In the end I just gave her away. Oh yes, and to a person I had never met before.


I paid 202.oo after shipping for nubby boobs in a window, a gotta pee dance of godly proportions, pigeon toes, bad paint, and weaponry that doesn’t work. I don’t really feel I need to say more then that to justify Godoka spot at number one, but if you’d like I can try. How about just to top everything else off they usual 3d scanning to make another exclusive version of her with the exact same boob window, and gotta pee legs for half the price. They really thought we were stupid enough to buy into this not only once but twice, I wish I would have bought the 70 dollar one, then I could have put more Griffon on this list…. Then there’s Rintaro, this figure should have been so much cooler, but it’s a catastrophe. He cost 70 dollars, and has all the quality of a twenty dollar figure bought off the clearance rack at Hot Topic. I’ve heard Plum has really great quality so I really just want to know what happened here? Griffon is not escaping unmolested though, Monster Hunter Sena earns a spot on this list for being so utterly banal. Her weapon sucks, her base sucks, her face sucks, and her legs suck. Sena should always have amazing legs. This just makes me want to cry.

Most Unique:


Surprisingly Aoba is my most unique. He gets it because he is special on a pretty epic level. I love talking about this figure because I am not even biased. I have never played the game, and when I did the research for my review I dramatically realized that the only character that I liked was Koujaku. I didn’t like Aoba at all. Not even a little. That doesn’t change the way I feel about the figure. He looks amazing. He is really different, not only because of his base, but also his pose. It seriously looks like he is on his way to Wonderland. What makes him even more unique is his gender. I can’t think of another male figure that even comes close. The next one is definitely different as well. Kuroyukihime, and her avatar, Black Lotus make a fascinating addition to my collection. Usually I don’t do that whole bust thing, it makes me feel like I am not getting the whole thing. It is awkward, but something about this one draws my attention to it. Maybe it is the slightly erotic air about it. The last one was a bit harder to decide on, but in the end I chose Subaru. It seems that the majority of floating figures have obnoxious bases. That isn’t the case with her. She looks graceful, and young. I like the way she actually looks her age. No weirdo forced moe points here, just a cute girl looking like just that.


Well my first vote is going to go to the pretty little lady Shioriko, I really like how at peace this figure looks. Placid is common, so is screensaver, but just elegant and serene, I’m not sure there’s a rarer commodity. My second is Konatsu from Tari Tari, yeah that’s right a Beach Queen. So what? She’s really interesting because she’s in a completely unconventional pose. She’s standing on the beach directing her friends in the Choir club. That wins some mega moe points. The last one I’m voting for I’ve seen figures in the same pose before, but this one is so zany that she really stands out. It’s Nia Teppelin from GL. She’s a magical girl for this figure, why you ask, because it’s Gainax and this is what they were the best at for years. Nia comes with Boota as a little flying sidekick, and Lord Genome as a head on a stick. It’s very unusual, and completely unforgettable.

Least Unique:


Barnaby’s G.E.M. has gotta to be my top pick for this. I think his figure looks good with the exception of his limp arm. His pose lacks any energy, or imagination. He is just standing there. They couldn’t even think of something to do with his arm, so it just hangs there awkwardly. Milla gets second place for her fairly boring “girl with sword” pose. She doesn’t even look like she knows how to use it. Oh wait, she probably doesn’t. An action pose would have suited her much better. Jude is punching, and Milla is….? The last one is going to be Wakana which is funny because I think her Tari Tari comrade/ rival Konatsu looks really interesting. I can’t count the swimsuit girls with beach balls that are out there. She looks fantastic. I love her sculpt, but it isn’t very special.


Barnaby Brooks Jr stands there at the number one spot. Because that’s all he’s doing, just standing there. End. Shikinami comes in second place which is really funny because this figure is awesome, it looks amazing, but we already have an Asuka sitting on a rock version of her mecha. Did the world really need a rehash of what was already a great figure. Yeah apparently they did. Then there’s girl walking with sword, one of my favorite figure clichés is the cute girl posing with a weapon. Not using it, or anything, just holding it and deliberately posing. That’s got to be what Milla’s doing. There’s no other explanation.

Best Packaging:

BestPackagingMiku’s big pink box might not look like much from this angle, but the overall packaging was pretty nifty. Aside from the small spattering of images on the sides and back, it is entirely rose print. This large window is the top from which we can see the figure lying on her back inside. It is sturdy, and very pretty. Barnaby’s box is a bit on the unique side as well. He does not have a big viewing window at all. His window is cut in the vague shape of a blobby man. The image surrounding his is a vast city. Sternbild I would guess. It looks really nice. You can top all that off with the cool string of side windows, as well as one shaped like his logo on the top. Athrun’s  box is a little less impressive by comparison, but it is really nice. His has a cool space theme to it, but what earned him this spot was the cardboard insert behind the figure. It is reversible, and the back side is covered by an array of Haro Balls!


I really love World Is Mine Miku’s box, the roses that wrap all the way around it look very nice and a seductive quality for those who display their figures still in the boxes. It’s a sturdy well made box too. Rukawa’s box is also pretty nifty, at first glance it appears really boring, but when you turn it around you realize the box is designed after his jersey. Nice touch. My last spot is going to go to Shioriko’s box. The atmosphere of it is very nice and fits the mood of the figure quite well. I think it will probably remain one of my faves.

Worst Packaging:


buy a lot of prize figures, so I am no stranger to blind boxes. It does though,  bother me quite a bit when I get a figure for over $20 that comes in a blind box. I understand that with resin figures and such that a window would only reveal Styrofoam. Regardless it also hides a lie in this case. The figure is awful, and the box masks it. Thanks a lot Capcom! Just the opposite of not enough windows, Asuka’s box is all windows. She deserves it too. This is perfect I got one figure that is scared to viewed rightfully so, and one that begs to be viewed and can be. The problem with Asuka’s box is that there is no cardboard to support it so the corners break down and tear easily. This whole series has this packaging, and I haven’t liked any of them. When Griffon released their Monster Hunter Sena they went all out with the packaging. There was a wonderful landscape theme covering both the inside, and outside. It seems they blew there entire creative being on that because the Dancer version got this bland box covered in paint splotches.


I hate cheap plastic boxes, they fall apart so easy. The stupid boxes for the 1/6 scale Kotobukiya line have been haunting me for years, but Shikinami just got thrown onto the heaping pile of my distaste for this packaging. I seriously don’t dig this and probably never will. Jaina came in a very thick sturdy box, so no complaints there, but it’s also probably the nost boring statue box I’ve seen all year. How black can you get before just becoming banal? My last vote goes to Okita Sawa, why? Because the BQ line all have the exact same freaking box type. On these boxes they insist on reminding you of the characters name and what product line them come from again and again and again and again…. I really did just pick a BQ at random though.

We will see you tomorrow with the Bests and Worsts of 2013’s prize figures!


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I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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4 Responses to The Ins And Outs Of 2013! (Day 2: Statues)

  1. Lehst says:

    Wow, way to rub the Aoba figure in our faces! Coincidentally, I played the game shortly after this figure was released, and thought he looked absolutely amazing. I really was impressed with the themed base. Seriously, pretty much every piece of it represents a character/motif/organization in the game. Still, his MSRP was too high for me, and naturally its only risen from there. I’m on the lookout for his Nendoroid though (and I guess there might be another 1/7 scale coming too?!o.o).

    XD Aww, poor Otoya. I bought his figure before I really knew much about Utapuri, because I liked all the fringe and swoshing going on. I really liked his asymmetrical design! Although I wouldn’t have said his outfit was “hot”, just interesting. He’s got an attractive face though <3. I skipped Tokiya's because it was too static (and I don't really like nor dislike his character).

    • Topiki says:

      Sorry about the Aoba raving, but he really does deserve it. We have collected a lot of figures and I am not sure that I can come up with a close runner up to him. I am also keeping an eye on that nendo, and hoping for an update on the new statue soon. Wonderfest is coming soon!

      As far as Ittoki goes, I personally liked the character. I thought he was cute and bubbly, though Syo is my fave 😉 I gotta admit though the half vest, and one pant leg in the boot thing makes me feel lopsided.

      • Lehst says:

        Nah, I agree he deserves the attention. I love looking at photos, but I’m not sure I need him on my shelf (as much as I liked the game, despite how messed up it is). If they do release Koujaku or Nioz though… I’ll be all over that. Can’t wait for Wonderfest, too many figures I hope to hear more about.

        And yes! Syo and Ittoki are my favorites! and Masato’s haircut. lol, not him, just his hair.

      • Topiki says:

        Lol. Those are the two I am hoping for as well. Lets hope really hard!

        I also totally dig Masa’s hair. Tekizen loves him so she will be reviewing his statue, but that works out well in my favour, we won’t have to knock each other out for them 😉

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