Welcome to a Whole New Year

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen of Nowhere! It’s hard to believe we’re going into a New Year tomorrow, over the course of this last year we’ve had some really awesome figures grace our pages, today I’m going to highlight some of the really cool stuff you can expect to see here next year!

I thought I’d start with some of the figures that Topiki and I have on order so you can definitely look forward to their reviews. Let’s check them out!

We’ll start with the three reviews that each of us is the most excited to write. Me personally, even with the 30+ items on this list so far it was really easy to narrow it down to my top three!Morgiana1

Megahouse’s Morgiana, man she looks fantastic. I love the colour they went with for her hair, her clothes look fantastic, and I’m completely in love with her legs. Her scheduled release date is currently May, so look forward to it!


It shouldn’t come as too much of a shocker that the next one on my list is Raidou Kuzunoha, also Megahouse. He’s going to be the first human figure in their Game Characters Collection line. Either that or they really wanted to make Gouto and Raidou just happens to be a bonus accessory. Regardless though he’s going to be released in March (so close but still so far away).


The third on my list is shockingly also Megahouse, I have no idea how that worked out…. but it’s got to be Nefertari Vivi from the Portrait of Pirates line. The previous Vivi POP is one of my favorites in my collection, I can’t wait to have this princess version in my hands. Her release is January, man I can’t wait. Even if it’s so close at hand.

Older fandoms ran pretty hard through Topiki’s top three as well, let’s take a look.


The only figures that we’ve ever had Medicom are all tiny little pre-painted figures, cool yes but exciting, not really. This though….oh wow. I mean Link’s finally getting what he deserves to be on our shelves. By that I mean fully posable and almost a full foot tall. He was supposed to be released in Nov of this year, but he’s now coming out in March (hopefully), the delay has not hurt our anticipation any.


Next is our Fourth listing for Megahouse, they are owning on next year 0_0. It’s an old childhood favorite Yamato Ishida! I’ve recently been rewatching Digimon and I won’t lie I still love this kid. The two of us have had Digimon figures on our shelves for years but this one and Taichi will be scale pre-painted figures. Doesn’t get much better then that! Matt will be out in January….him and Vivi both? Talk about starting off the year right!


Topiki’s third one is of an under loved boy who we really wanted smiling on our shelves. His only pre-painted figure that we have looks pissed as hell. Gorgeous but pissed. However Banpresto decided for reasons that elude me that the world needed  pop star Code Geass figures, thus the world will finally have Suzaku’s smile preserved forever in pvc. January is looking to be amazing at this rate.

Top of the top aside here’s a few choice items we have on order as well. I’ll sort by company for simplicities sake.


Start right off the bat by bringing out the big guns! That’s right, Altair the line dedicated to beautiful boys!Masato1

Most exciting for me is this beautiful boy here. Masato Hijirikawa. He was my favorite of the UtaPri boys, so I’m super excited about this one! The odds of it actually happening aren’t good but he and Ren are both scheduled to release in April….so I’d expect November….2015….


Coming out right along side Masa is his flirtatious counterpart Ren Jinguiji. Ren looks fantastic, I think out of the ones we’ve seen so far his is probably my favorite looking figure of the Uta Pri line.


Our third figure from Altair is strangely in almost the exact same pose as Ren….weird. This time though it’s Zelos Wilder. He’s looking fantastic so far. This one is set to come out in January so I expect we’ll see him around August.



I only have a few figures from Bandai set for next year, the most exciting one though I picked up for cheap on a Black Friday sale. I just haven’t shipped him yet. 😦 It’s Coby from One Piece, I seriously love this kid, and the destiny they’re setting up for him looks to be a rather exciting story. I’m still hoping for a POP eventually, but until we get an Captain Coby then I’ll be content with a young marine version.


Sanji came out on December 14th. Which is just in time to get all caught up in Holiday Mail Hell. I would have loved to have gotten him before the end of the year, the figure looks fantastic. I’ve been waiting for a figure of Sanji in action for what feels like forever now.



Well if one’s most anticipated figures list includes Suzaku Kururugi then it only makes sense to see Princess Euphemia in here too. She looks mega cute. She’s set to be released in January!


Also I’m not going to go into detail on the whole set (it would take forever) but Banpresto is also making a full set of Mugiwara Pirates from the Alabasta story arc. They come out two a month from January to March.



I wish I could deny it but Free has some pretty awesome merchandise. The only bit of it I have on order right now though are these little floaties. They’re supposed to be bath figures….I think I’d be too embarrassed to actually put them in the bath with me though.

Good Smile Company

Surprisingly GSC actually has a handful of preorder items that I’m looking forward to 🙂


The first I’m sure you’ll all be shocked to know is Hibiki Kuze from Devil Survivor 2. He’s a mega cutie, I love the hoodie, and Byakko is awesome. I kind of hope the make like thirty more of these so they have an excuse to keep making little Persona critters. He’ll be out in….January!


I really love the general concept behind Monster Hunter (don’t get me started on Capcom again though) and the designs from the game are all really cool. Well the people at GSC finally decided to make a nendo of my personal favorite armour design. The Kirin version. She’s scheduled for release in March.


The last Iron Man nendoroid flew high above Stark tower, this one is crouched down on the floor of the Hall of Armour and looks equally epic.  Like Sanji he’s out there lost and cold in a mailman’s truck on his way to Nowhere. I do hope he arrives soon though.


Then there’s Luigi, he’s an integral piece to the future of me making a Super Smash Brothers Display. 😀 He looks awesome so far and is set to be released in June!


The only statue for GSC that made my list is the ever beautiful Miku Hatsune. I can’t wait to get my grubby little mitts on her. She was originally scheduled for release in December stupid delays pushed her back to though.


I’m really peeved at myself for missing Tamura Yukari, but fear not readers I do have Nana Mizuki on order. She’s adorable and will look really cute with Maid version Nyarlathotep I think. She’s set to be released in January!


Last but not least for GSC is Nishikawa Takanori. I adore TM Revolution, have for years, so this is really mega exciting! I should put him on the shelf near Athrun and Yzak. Mhmmm. Anyway he was officially released on Christmas! So he should be arriving at me door stop any day.



I concluded quite some time ago that the absolute best that Revoltech’s get is when they have super mega deformed characters. Kitaro and Professor Layton make pinnacle examples of this. Well you don’t get much more deformed then Kitty White. She should be coming to our door soon.


It hurts a little bit for me to say this but there are only a handful of things that I have on order with Koto so far for next year. The highlights though definitely stand out.


Kousaka Honoka looks amazing, her colours are bright and vibrant and she looks more likes she’s about to perform a concert on the beach rather then go swimming. I can’t wait to sink my claws into this figure 🙂 She is set to be released in February.


Then there’s the lady everyone’s talking about, Dark Angel Olivia. I know I’ve brought her up a few times myself. The detailing on her is fantastic and she’s being made by one of my favorite sculptors ever. Wow….March seems so far away now.

Max Factory

Now here we have a company that knows how to steal my money. How? Because nine out of ten times if you buy MF figures you’re going to get more then your moneys worth out of it.


So that being said I really want my copy of Kamael. This is such a cool looking figure, I’ve never played Lineage, probably never will either, but wow she still blows my mind. She’s been pushed all the way back to March sadly.


And speaking of March then there’s the exclusive Kousaka Kirino True End Version. This figure still looks amazing. I’m really looking forward to getting my grubby little mitts on her, though you can expect a review of her from my dearest Topiki.

Medicom Toy


I stated up above that Link was going to be our first ever RAH, well another first is this and it came as a hell of a surprise. Maka Albarn is getting a statue. Colour me surprised. She’s scheduled for release in July, hopefully she won’t see as many delays as Link did.

Medicos Entertainment


I’ve only ever bought two other figures from this company, and I was very much pleased with both of them. So getting the Wolf Children family come May is sure to be a delight.



Regrettably I couldn’t pick Aladdin as one of my most anticipated, mostly because Topiki gets to review him. Sad panda. He looks so amazing, he’s another one that should be arriving anyday as he was officially released on the 20th.


Something that I did not see coming was a line of Puzzles and Dragons dragons! The next one in the line is the Chaos Devil dragon. and he looks cool…… He’s scheduled for January.


Another one that I know absolutely nothing about is ‘Elf’. I don’t need to know anything to get excited by a character design like this though. She looks magnificent and will make my May that much brighter.


Kuroko Tetsuya looks amazing, and I do really mean that. I’m so excited to see action sports figures coming out, as much as I adore my Rukawa seeing him like this would have been so much cooler. So here’s to Kuroko who’ll be gracing shelves everywhere in January.


Last but never least is the lead in the original Digimon Adventures Taichi Yagami he looks fantastic from every angle we’ve seen so far. He’ll be coming out with Matt in January.

Phat Comapny


I know nothing about Bayonetta, nothing. However she was sculpted by Melting Neuron who just so happens to have done one of my favorite statues ever. I hesitated over thisone for quite some time but finally we bit the bullet. You can expect to see a full review of Bayonetta later on this year.


Caster still doesn’t have a legitimate release date, which kind of pisses me off a bit. Allegedly she’ll be out soon though. Jerks….

Ques Q


Elizabeth was officially released on December 20th but regrettably I had to delay her to an American store for financially tight reasons 😦 But I’m still getting her and that’s all that really matters.



A nice follow up to Christmas was the release of both Kaworu and Shinji from Sega.I lost my order on these boys once and had to struggle to find them again. I can’t wait for them to make it home.


Booyah! Another figure of Shinji is on it’s way to me!



I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t watched anywhere near as much of Inazuma as I probably should, but still how can I resist having some cute soccer kids on my shelf? Besides I totally dig Ichirouta’s hair.


Kirino Ranmaru is adorable in his own right, I love his expression so much.


Lastly off the three is Mamoru, he looks completely hyped up. I can’t wait to bring these boys home.

Our next category is grey scales, things that we are eyeballing extremely closely. The top three I’m checking out are as follows.


Max Factory needs to seriously hurry up and give me some more info on this guy. I want him like super mega bad, and they just aren’t delivering.


The next one goes out to that old school fandom, one of my very first anime crushes was of Trunks from Dragonball Z. They’re finally making a decent figure of him…it’s only been like twenty years in coming……


My third most anticipated is Yukimura Seichi from Prince of Tennis. They is a severe lack of bishonen figures out there in the world, hopefully Seichi is just a small step towards fixing that problem.


Topiki’s top three start with Makoto from Free. Big surprise there…..


The Bodacious Space Pirate Marika also caught her eye, I can’t really say that I blame her too much, this figure looks like it’s gonna be pretty sweet.


And the third most anticipated for Topiki is this little lady here. Her name is Tiki. Her sculpt so far looks stellar. I can’t wait to see more from her.



The most exciting thing I’ve seen announced from Alter recently is probably these two lovely ladies from Infinite Stratos. Cecilia and Charlotte look fantastic as always.


On a significantly less friendly note there is also this statue of Shikinami. She looks, as always, like she’s about to eat someone’s soul. Definitely keeping her in mind.



From Bandai we got the announcement of a second Sailor Moon statue, this time around it’s Sailor Mercury. I really adore her design so far and can’t wait to see her painted.



OMFG! I want this so bad it’s almost like a physical ache. WOW! Megaman Airou…..How exactly do you get cooler then that?


I’ve never watched this show, but man this kid is so cute that I just might be forced to check it out. Either way I’ll probably be ordering Hinata here.



Now here’s a company that really needs to get on the ball. The promised me a Senbonzakura Miku and I wanna see it painted darnit!

Hobby Japan


The wonderful people at Hobby Japan are teaming up with Amakuni yet again for another figure of Noel Vermillion (same sculptor as last time too) I hope she turns out to be amazing.



Kotobukiya has been tempting me for awhile now to delve into things I probably wouldn’t have before. One of those being figures of Ikaros. However this latest one, she might just win me over, her hair, face, and pose all look superb……hmmmm…….

Max Factory


Do I need more Asuna’s? Probably not. Am I going to buy this one? Probably…..


I really really want this girl to get updated she is so cute. I really want Cerberus on my shelf right next to Olivia.



Kakashi needed another GEM. No really he did. I’m going to end up owning all three of them I just know it……


Then there’s Taiga, who let’s be honest just looks too cool for words.

Ques Q


I honestly haven’t decided on this Sena yet, hopefully we’ll get to see more of her soon.



Me-YOW! I cannot wait to see this one painted!



Last but not least for the figures that we’re desperately waiting to go up for order is this adorable Amy from the Beach Queens line.

Okay so the last thing we’re going to discuss are the figure we haven’t even seen scales of yet, but here’s what we really want to see at Wonderfest.



Syo Kurusu needs a scale figure. I really can’t wait to see what Alter does with his pose.



As if Senbonzakura weren’t enough of a tease to deny us for monthes, we haven’t even got grey scales of the other three yet.

Good Smile Company


We finally got an update on Luigi who was announced at the same time as Link, so hopefully we’ll see him in 3d format soon.


star wars

They’re making a full line of interconnecting Star Wars statues. Luke, Han, Leia, and Chewbacca. 0_O Colour me sold.

Max Factory

lenrinOn our long list of figures that they refuse to update. Tony Taka’s Len and Rin haven’t been seen since they were announced.

Medicos Entertainment


Just the other day Medicos announced a 1/10 scale Kakyion Noriaki. To this I say “HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!”



They skipped over Kise, skipped him and moved right onto Daiki. Grumble. Give me my Kise.

Phat Company


This Miki looks so cute, I can’t wait to see her grey.

Toy’s Works


Last but far from least is this adorable looking Kirino.

This year looks to be fantastic. Be sure to tune in!


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I am a thirty three year old fujoshi. I adore Aniplex and Capcom both to a near criminal degree. I love cosplaying. Some of my favorites to date are Miles Edgeworth and Chrollo Lucifer. I am also currently working on Varuna. My absolute favorite genre is mystery. I LOVE a good mystery. I have a varying degree of fandoms. I love a lot of different anime, but I can honestly say I love old school american cartoons just the same. My favorite book is The Bacta War in the Star Wars X Wing novel series. I finally beat the Demi-Fiend! He was freaking hard!. I think that's all for now though.
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