The Ins And Outs Of 2013! (Day 1)

Here we are again at the turn of the year. It has been an exciting year for us here, I hope has been great for you guys too. This year we decided to break down our bests and worsts for an easier reading experience. Over the next five days Tekizen and I will go over what we welcomed into our collection this year, and what found a new home at the bottom of our closet. For a bit of an icebreaker we decided to start off with the best figure of each month. It will be kind of interesting to see how these figures fair in the overall categories.

To simplify things a bit just remember:

Topiki: Blue    Tekizen: Red



Sena was a shoe-in for January. That hot body is the perfect remedy for a cold winter day! It is pretty easy to think about summer days while looking over this one. It honestly was between her and Naruto. He is great, but I don’t predict a long lifespan for that scroll.


Sena may have a perfect body, but Naruto is the best one for me. That detailing combined with such an awesome pose, how can you beat that? Nope, Naruto gets the vote from me for being such an amazing character representation.



February was interesting. My vote had to go to Jaina. This figure is fantastic, and one of my favourites. Kind of an amusing fact: I don’t like Star Wars and know nothing about the character. This doesn’t change the fact that she looks great, and Yamashita actually let her keep her pants.


Oh my God, a scale statue of a member of Rogue Squadron. Be still my beating heart, and as an added bonus it just so happens to be Jaina Solo. Doesn’t get much cooler then that. She has a fantastic sculpt, and I’m seriously loving on her pretty hard.



Two months in a row that there was no argument over our top figure. It might be that both of us share a certain respect for the character, or it could be that he just looks that damn good. Maybe it is even a bit of both, but Athrun was one of my most exciting acquisitions this year. I love the Zaft uniform, and Haro ball. There are even two different versions of it. One has open flaps and a mustache, whilst the other is perfectly round.


Two monthes in a row I got favorite pilots in the mail. As much as I may love Jaina though she has nothing on Athrun Zala (Wedge would have been a whole other story.) He looks amazing, I love his smile so much and the paint job on his hair is freaking beautiful.



We are on a roll, and apparently so is Megahouse’s G.E.M. line. For a second month in a row one of their figures took the top prize. This time it goes to Kagura Demuri, whom I think looks like a fun bit of service for the ladies. Usually I don’t really go for the snarly type, but this guy looks like Ittoki if he had rabies….I am not sure if that is a good thing, but I think he looks pretty spiffy.


Okay so I have a pilot fetish, so what. I think Kagura is kind of gorgeous in his own weird druggy Keisuke from TNC kind of way. He also has an awesome body sculpt. Us girls don’t get to see that very often.



Aoba was the best figure for May by unanimous vote. He didn’t have much competition honestly. There were other good figures in May, but he is a pretty hard guy to beat. I have had him for over half a year and he still amazes me. The figure itself looks great, but little easter eggs for the fans scattered all over his base are just awesome!


HA! He’s not a pilot! …..yeah okay…, Aoba looks fantastic, I can genuinely say I am mega impressed that a figure of this size has zero visible flaws. He looks amazing and his base is probably the second coolest thing I’ve had my hands on all year. Nope I’m not telling what the first was. It’s a secret to be revealed in the next few days.



We both picked Tony for June because…He is Iron Man. I mean seriously that should be enough. If you need more reason then that, well we can start with his great articulation, his shiny metal suit, and his cute little head. No I mean it. There is a chibi face in there. The only thing they could have done better would have been the addition of a swirly eyed drunk face.


Does Tony Stark count as a pilot? Well anyway, his base is really awesome, his joints move fantastic, and god help us all there is a chibified Robert Downey Jr face in there. Yeah, That’s some hardcore win there in my humble opinion. I can’t wait to get my grubby little mittens on Mark 42.



Halfway through the year I had this crazy need for a vampire Lelouch figure. I don’t know where this necessity came from, but it was important. For the price I paid, I was hoping he wouldn’t let me down. Turns out he is pretty cool. I never had a prize figure before that came with an alternate head. His faces are both really cool, and I just love his pose.


The first Sculture I got my hands on was Android 18, and wow is she impressive. The sculptor did a magnificent job on her. Clothes, hair, and base are all amazingly sculpted. Especially the base, it’s got some detail on it that is almost, almost as cool as Aoba.



August we were back to dueling over the supreme figure.  I decided to go for Shirahoshi. This girlfish has a great sculpt, a decent paint job, and a super pose! I love her hair. It is probably a good thing I don’t have a fish tank or she would probably be keeping some fishies company. She just looks like she belongs in the water.


No contest, as amazing as Shirahoshi is, I love my Dark Magician Girl even more. Her accessories are all awesome, her faces are really easy to switch out, and her joints move mega easy. She was my first Cu-Poche and odds are really good that she won’t be my last one either.



Konatsu sure is a cutie. I love her. I really mean it. She is a great character, and a really fun figure. She is also pretty unique. I dare you to find me another girl in a swimsuit that is conducting music. They also did a great job on her face, and hair. She also has a completely different appeal than your typical busty beach girl. I just didn’t think anyone else could compare this month.


Oh my good lord and gravy, they made another scale of Yzak Jule. I love his angry face so much, the bandages look magnificent. The only thing that’s a little disappointing is how similar he is to Athrun, so I’ll probably just keep him in pissy mode on my shelf to solve that issue.



Shikinami takes the win for October. She is gorgeous, and her expression sends chills down my spine. She totally looks like she is going to eat my soul. Her plugsuit is just about perfect. I love the way they sculpted the damaged parts of her suit. The crazed mecha design is pretty neat as well. Another wonderful Eva figure from Kotobukiya.


I think that this monthes winner is clearly Shikinami, she has such an awesome expression. Perfect for Halloween in the fact that I think she looks like she really wants to kill something, or maybe even beat them to death with her helmet and steal their candy.



This month was easy peasy. After losing my Link figma to the rather evil clutches of Amiami, and then watching his aftermarket price skyrocket, I thought that he was beyond my reach. I was elated when GSC/ Max Factory announced that he would have a re-release. Now was my chance. I was finally able to bring him home, and boy was I pleased. He isn’t without flaws, but man he is fun to play with. I just love his poses, especially his signature Skyward stance.


Hands down this one goes to Rukawa Kaede because he is positively magnificent. He has such a beautiful body that I just want to eat him up. Nom! And that expression, wow! Maybe I really like angry people too…..



December was a tough choice. I got some pretty cool figures this month, so deciding who would round out my year sure wasn’t easy. After careful deliberation I concluded that my vote had to go to Meteor Volcano Dragon. So many fantastic figures, but this one is not only wonderfully made he is also really unique. I am also a big fan of his paint job and the gradients used. Really cool!


Oh wow, I finally got my hands on an older figure that I have been wanting, nay even pining over for monthes. I ordered Rock in at my local comic shop and much to my eternal despair they got in the wrong figure. I was so sad, however I’ve finally got my hands on him and he’s well worth the wait. Rock looks great, and moves great too. His added accessories just sweeten the deal.

Be sure to check out S.I.M.O.N. over the next few days as we see how these figures stand up against competitors from the whole year. They may have reigned in their respective month, but what happens when they cross each other? I hope you guys enjoy this look back at the past year. It’s been fun!!


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I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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  1. Lehst says:

    “but this guy looks like Ittoki if he had rabies….”
    LOL I totally agree. still sexy though!

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