Ivan Karelin 1/8 Gate River


Character: Ivan Karelin

Series: Tiger And Bunny

Scale: 1/8

Circle: Gate River

Release Date: February 2012

Run: Limited Exclusive

My Figure Collection: http://myfigurecollection.net/item/98174

My Post About the Original Kit: https://somewhereinthemidstofnowhere.wordpress.com/2012/08/11/ramblings-of-a-fangirl-my-first-garage-kit-ivan-karelin/

I was actually drawn to Tiger and Bunny when I firs saw Ivan’s FiguartZERO on MyFigurecollection.net. I thought that he looked really cool. I loved the jacket, and his hair. It was at this time that I took a second look at the title. I watched a couple of episodes and quickly fell hard for Barnaby, Keith, and Ivan. At this point I knew that Ivan’s Figuart would be mine.


I not only got Ivan’s FiguartZERO, but also Origami Cyclone’s SH Figuart, both of which I adored. Soon after came many more Ivan Karelin Goodies. I mean it. Search our blog for Origami Cyclone…the results are scary! I wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. Then it happened a new figure appeared on MFC. It was an amazing looking…Garage Kit!? I have zero experience with GKs, but he looked so cool. Not only was he an unpainted kit, but he was also a Wonderfest exclusive. The likelihood of me getting him was getting farther away. It was around this time that I caught wind of a website that serves as a proxy service. I just had to pay for the kit, their fee, their entry to the event, bus fare to get there, and shipping. Ouch! You know what I did it anyway, and his price was no joke. Now I still had that whole assembly problem to deal with. That seemed like the easy part. I had been eyeballing Yetiart’s Garage Kits on bay for a while so I messaged them asking if they could assemble a kit from my personal collection. They said they would, but now his overall price doubled.  Yikes! Please keep in mind while reading this review that it covers the collaborated efforts of both Gate River’s sculpt, and Yetiarts painting/ assembly!


At first glance he looks stupendous! The pose is great! I like it because he looks like he is seriously lacking in confidence, funny how he gets in the costume and goes straight for the camera. How awkward when you see the fellow behind the mask. It just seems kind of fitting that his shoulders are slouched a bit, and his hands are stuffed deep into his pockets. His face looks melancholy and I totally dig it! Let’s zoom in for a closer look.


Ivan’s swoopy blonde locks look great! The sculpt is very detailed, and I am especially fond of the piece that curls over his right cheek. The side part in his bangs gives us a good view of his right eye, while part of his left eye is obscured by a stay strand. I like the pale yellow that they chose to paint his hair, as well as the darker yellow lines that were added for depth. I was very happy with the way it tuned out!


The back of his hair came in two pieces. There is the top piece, which is most of what you see, but there is also a bottom layer of spikes. Even unassembled I knew this would look good. The paint on the back looks just as nice as the front.


I do have a small issue with the sculpt of his hair. The seam between his bangs and the back part does not fit tightly. There is a small gap and it really bugs me. This is one of two places that disappointed me in the sculpt.


Ivan’s face is really interesting. He has very detailed features. His soulful purple eyes look so sad. I think the glossy paint makes him look like he is going to cry, but I like it. I think it fits his expression. The angle of his thick eyebrows adds to the somber feeling he is projecting. He has a great nose, and a pair of perfectly pouty lips. I really like his face a lot. The interesting aspect showed up after he was painted. Yetiart followed the sculpted guide lines perfectly, but if you look at him straight on he seems to have a lazy eye. The really strange thing about that is that if you turn him slightly to either side, he looks great. I don’t know what that is all about. There is one more thing about his head that I really like. The colour they used for his skin tone is really nice looking. They used a darker pink to accent his flesh. I was genuinely impressed with how it turned out. I hoped that he wouldn’t have flat pale skin.


I think I am developing a profile fetish. I have seen so many awful ones, that I totally geek out over a good one. Ivan’s profile is one of my favourite aspects of him. It just looks very impressive.


Ivan’s neck looks alright, but not really noteworthy. He has a very nice collarbone, but then we come to my second point of disappointment in the sculpt. Why is his chest completely flat? I really wouldn’t expect a hot, sexy, beefcake chest on Ivan, but they should have done something. An easy fix would have been raising his collar jus a bit. It just looks weird as it is.


The tank top that Ivan wears under his jacket is sculpted very well. There is a raised edge along the collar, so it is obvious that the shirt is not just painted on, but was indeed a separate piece. The wrinkles in the fabric look great, especially along the bottom and wear it pulls across his chest. I am not sure how I feel about the glossy colour here. It definitely doesn’t look bad, but I don’t feel that it suits him well. Between the jacket, and the glossy paint I couldn’t get a very good picture. Sorry about that.


I have always thought Ivan’s purple Japan jacket was the ginkiest! This is in fact the reason that I did not want to paint him myself. I was worried about how it would turn out. Yetiart did a fine job of it though, so I have no regrets about the choice I made. On the front panels you can see the mountain designs, they look great. These are really detailed decals. If you look close they actually look like they are embroidered.


Both sides are very similar, since his hands are both pocketed. I am ok with that though. It gives me far less parts to break, and puts my heart at ease a bit! His left side looks really good. The sleeves are painted a pearly white, with light purple shading in the folds. It is pretty nifty. They also did a really great job on the black outlines. It looks especially good on the elastic sleeve cuffs, and collar. There is also a lighter purple airbrushed over the bulging pockets where his hands are. I think that is a really nice touch.


The right side is also done well. The decals are applied perfectly symmetrical, and the work on the collar, and cuff still looks great! The inside of the jacket is painted bright red. I think that makes it look kind of soft. It also is a very nice contrast. There is a zipper running down the side of either front panel. Where they connect at the bottom there is a tiny zipper pull. The zipper even has teeth! Another impressive detail in the sculpt is the shape of his hands pressing against the inside of his pockets. If they had only gotten his chest right….


The back of his coat has a very cool design. There is an embroidered image of a woman walking over a foot bridge surrounded by falling cherry blossoms. Very nice. This was all done with intricate little decals. They were applied perfectly, and the edges were covered so well that I wouldn’t have even known they were decals, if I hadn’t seen them prior. Again the wrinkles look good, not just here but on the shirt as well.


Ivan’s baggy cargo pants are just freaking cool. I still don’t know about that whole pants tucked into boots thing, but he rocks it well. The creases around his ankles are great! I  love the huge pockets. They are unrealistically big! Along the fly, pockets and outer seam there is a thick, fold over sartorial seam. This is really original and pretty cool looking. It stands out especially well with the lighter shade of green. The shading on his pants is phenomenal!


The backside has another pair of really neat pockets! These ones have buttons and button holes. Impressive! I just love the folds behind his knees and around his calves.


Ivan’s boots are perfect. He wears these huge leather work boots with the tops folded down. I thought it was really odd for a long time, but the look has kind of grown on me. (Only on him though) The sculpt is really great! The main part of the boot, and the folded down part started as separate pieces so the detailing on his laces and such is fantastic. The top part has little eyelets where the laces should go, and even a tag on the inside of the folded down tongue. Someone has a really great eye for detail! The paint job is awesome too. I love the mix of dark and light brown to give the leather a weathered appearance.


The back of the boots don’t have quite as much to talk about, but you can see they did a wonderful job sculpting the soles. The tread is really cool, and Yetiart’s dark painting of it makes them look well worn.


Ivan’s base is a simple brick road design. He had no hole in his foot, and there was no peg in his base so I wasn’t sure how they would attach  him. As it turns out they mounted a metal peg to a clear circular base, and drilled a hole through the base and his left heel. It was super easy to thread through, and it feels pretty sturdy. The colour they chose suits the bricks well, and the black in the cracks makes them really stand out. They added just a tiny bit of green to the edges, which gave it a cool mossy look.


Even with amount of money I spent on him, I have no regrets. He looks amazing, and I think Yetiart did a remarkable job! If you need GK work done I highly recommend looking them up!

Overall Enjoyment: 9/10


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I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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