Keigo Atobe 1/8 Kotobukiya


Character: Keigo Atobe

Series: Prince of Tennis

Sculptor: Tatsuya Hattori

Scale: 1/8

Manufacturer: Kotobukiya

Release Date: November 2013

Run: Standard

My Figure Collection:

Do you remember back in grade school when licking something meant you were claiming it as yours? Nobody else was going to eat that burrito you just licked. Well fortunately turning 30 didn’t diminish my need to claim my territory. The only difference is that now I am a lot more picky about what I choose, for that matter in my adult years I can only think of three things I claimed this way. One such item was R.A, Salvatore’s first book in the Hunter’s Blades Trilogy, another being my second Togainu No Chi pillow (this was brought on by my kitten Kuja licking the first one as soon as I unwrapped it, nooo), the most recent was my Keigo figure. I have loved TeniPuri for years, and have ever so patiently wished, waited, and trolled Kotobukiya’s figure surveys in hopes that one day I would get a Keigo statue. Apparently somebody got tired of those two girls in Iowa answering Yami Yugi, and Keigo Atobe on every survey. I don’t know what I will do next time….


When they first showed us Echizen‘s final product, I almost couldn’t contain myself. He looked so freaking cool. I just loved the way his clothes, and legs were sculpted. I had such high hopes for Keigo that it was almost unrealistic, then they released his first promotional images and he blew Echizen out of the water. It was no contest. His jacket looked amazing, and my goodness those legs, fantastic! What really got me though was that pose. Keigo’s dynamic tennis pose looks realistic, and pretty darn unique, especially when looking back over the plethora of Prince of Tennis figures just standing there. (including but not limited to this most recent Echizen.) I did get a good laugh at Ryoma’s expense though. He looks like he is sashaying across the court, note he is “the prince of tennis”, whereas Keigo “the diva”is playing an intense game. Funny how that worked out.


I was a little bit curious what colour scheme we would see on Keigo. Given Echizen’s state of dress I would have guessed he’d been in the Team Japan get up. Lucky me, he is in his Hyoutei uniform, and boy does it look good! That wasn’t the only colour conundrum that I was facing. Depending on which Keigo we are looking at anime, video game, or manga he has an entirely different palette. My favourite is the blonde variant, but honestly I wouldn’t have complained had he been bald. I just wanted my figure! Needless to say Kotobukiya went with the anime version, and its weird purplish brown colour. The sculpt looks fantastic! I love the little wispy bangs on either side of his part, as well as the tiny strands blowing out of place atop his head. I have always loved Keigo’s hair. I had mine cut like this for cosplay, and it was just a blast to style. 😀


The back looks really nice too. There is a tone of detail to the sculpt of his swoopy locks. A lot of times short hair is neglected when it comes to detailing. I really am not a fan of blobby looking short hair, but I am telling you Keigo’s hair is spot on!


The first of Keigo’s two heads sports a rather playful expression. I get the impression that he is not only winning, but toying with his pray in the process. The sculpt of his face looks wonderful, and his features are applied well. His eyes look great, and the shape of his mouth is perfect!


He even has a nicely shaped profile. I know I harp on this a lot, but I really want my figures to look good from all angles, not just the front. While we are here, take alook at those neck muscles. Seriously awesome stuff there!


Keigo’s second head looks far more serious. This time I get the impression that he is actually playing a really tough match. He looks far more concentrated. His eyebrows are angled in just a tiny bit, and his eyes are narrower. It is amazing how a tiny change can make such a dramatic difference. On this variant his mouth is closed as well. He is not such a happy Keigo anymore. The little charm point under his right is just as it should be on both faces!


The Hyoutei uniform is one of my favourite outfits in Prince of Tennis. The colour scheme and design looks really elegant. Some of them come off as down right tacky. The shirt he is wearing under the jacket is my friend….I mean, looks really good. The black paint on the collar is nicely done, and the sculpt looks good. They left his top button open as it should be. The wrinkles in the fabric are superb, yes I said superb. I meant it too. You can clearly see where his raised arms pull at the shirt. Top that off with a slight breeze, and a bit of motion. This gives us a wonderful blowing effect. Not only does it make the shirt look cool, but we get a glimpse up Keigo’s fantastic belly. I am sorry, I have bit of a navel thing.


Keigo’s jacket looks just as glorious as his shirt. He is moving, and probably pretty fast at that. It is pretty obvious given the way his jacket billows out behind him. I suppose it could be windy, but I doubt that is the case. His clothes really look like they are moving with his body. There isn’t much to the front of the jacket, as most of it is behind him, but you can see the shiny zipper that runs down both sides. The left side even has a tiny zipper pull!


The paint on the jacket is decent. There are a couple of places where the colour goes out of bounds a bit. It most definitely isn’t bad though. The way this thing billows is just awesome. I also really like the way the fabric is pulled over his shoulder blades. They did a great job sculpting this and making it look realistic! There is that tiny zipper pull!


Here is the other side of the jacket. There isn’t as much going on colour-wise here, but the sculpt still looks great. You can also see the other side of the zipper.


Looking at the back of this figure is a real treat. Since the jacket is blowing backward it would be odd for the shirt to be lying flat, so colour me impressed by how good this looks. Not only does the jacket still impress me by itself, but we can add in the folds in his shirt. They look amazing! Another detail that I am personally fond of is the gap between the shirt and his skin. The clothes are baggy enough to be jostled about, so they shouldn’t look clingy. I think they did a really good job, again adding realism to the overall look. Lastly I appreciate his back muscles. It isn’t very often that we get to see these kinds of details on male figures, so it is always nice when it happens.


Keigo’s left arm is outstretched in front of him. The jacket is again riddled with wrinkles. I am especially fond of the way it pulls near his raised shoulder. The paint on his sleeve looks really good. The black cuff even has little lines sculpted into it like an elastic knit should have. Pretty cool.


Check out those fingers with their little fingernails. The bone structure looks really great! I absolutely love the splayed fingers.

Keigo14His palm has pretty good detail too.


His right arm is stretched out behind him, ready to swing back and wallop that ball. This sounds so redundant, but the wrinkles looks look great on his right sleeve as well. The paint here looks good, and again we have the nice little cuff.


Keigo’s right hand isn’t nearly as impressive as his left, but it still looks good. This hand is clutching his racket. He still has great bone structure, and his knuckles are awesome.


From the other side we can see the fingernails on this hand. I like the index finger being separated just a bit.


His grip on the racket is really tight. You actually have to remove the handle just below the head, so it is easy to slide into his hand. The detailing on the racket itself is pretty cool. The strings all have holes in between them as opposed to filling it with clear plastic. The string around the outside of the head lines up perfectly with the ones on the inside. It looks like a perfectly stringed racket!


Keigo’s shorts are sculpted just as nicely as his shirt. There are a lot of wrinkles, especially around the fly, and along the inside of his legs.  The waist band looks like it has elasticity to it. Inside the folds on both the shirt, and shorts they used a blue-grey hue for shading. It looks so good.


The back of his shorts look pretty good. The sartorial seams on the sides of his shorts are a nice touch, as are the pockets on either side. Again the fabric looks like it is moving with his body. This sculptor really impressed me with Keigo’s clothing/ body.


Another aspect of his sculpt that floored me, was that of his legs. Keigo has amazing legs. The muscles just look fantastic. I am going to stop talking about them before I start gushing uncontrollably. Here is a picture.


They look good from any angle. I really love the tension in his muscles!


Keigo’s tennis shoes are super detailed as well, seems to be the theme with this figure. The laces and tongue are sculpted nice. They used a black stain to distinguish the lines in the design. The sole is light purple which is true to his character design. The socks he is wearing are simple, but they look good. They are painted well, and have just enough wrinkles to get by.


I love his base! They went for an oval shape which is perfect for his wide stance. I am also really fond of the transparent glass look. There is a small rectangle that says Prince of Tennis II, and his name on it. The rest of text is swirling around in a mix of blue and grey letters depicting the show’s title. This is a really classy design. I am very impressed with this figure!!



This is a spot on figure of Keigo Atobe!

His sculpt is amazing.

His hair looks great.

His expressions are both really good.

His pose is dynamic.

Keigo has a awesome body!!



Overall Excitement: 10/10


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5 Responses to Keigo Atobe 1/8 Kotobukiya

  1. Pulver says:

    This is my first ever bought figurine and I just got it today, all excited about how it will look like since I never ever had one even in my reach. It’s so amazing and I only can agree with you with everything! Maybe I’ll now go and lick on him and his legs for a while, you gave the idea. Very accurate and neat review! I so can’t wait for my other POT figures to come.. *u*

  2. Hey there! found you on mfc 🙂
    Own him, too. He’s fantastic! I just took a closer look at him again:
    Did you notice how freakishly LONG his legs are? or is that just me?
    no really, he has super long legs.. ❤
    I'm blaming you for putting the idea of licking his legs in my head.

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