Sena Kashiwazaki- Alpha Max 1/6


Character: Sena Kashiwazaki

Series: Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukenai

Sculptor: Moon

Scale: 1/6

Manufacturer: Alpha Max

Release Date: October 2013

Run: Standard

My Figure Collection:

I know you guys didn’t seriously think that you had seen the last of Miss Kashiwazaki here in “Nowhere”. Afterall she may very well be the sexiest girl to ever grace our blog. She is beautiful in every incarnation, even those that Griffon tries to sabotage.


One of the things that I really appreciate about Sena’s figures is their diversity. We have seen her as a warrior, a saint, a school girl, a dancer, and a beach bombshell so what could possibly be next? well the answer is easy; a cowgirl. No. No. Not Like this.


Like this.


At 1/6 scale, even seated Sena is a pretty big girl. She is just over 6 inches tall including her cute ear accessories. Her pose this time around makes her look very insecure, like she doesn’t want to be wearing this at all. I would imagine that this is another of Yozo’s abusive schemes. Her legs are positioned specifically to obscure the view. On the other hand she isn’t trying to fix her top at all. She is holding her voluptuous breasts up with her arm, but doing nothing to improve her situation. Now that I have completely analyzed her pose, I can confidently say that this was no wardrobe malfunction, but a deliberate attempt at looking sexy. She looks like an amateur pin up girl at her first shoot!? Now that we have gone over what she may, or may not be doing lets move on to the details.


Sena’s hair looks pretty good. They used a pearly finish to give her a freshly shampooed look. Her bangs come down nicely over her eyebrows, while the longer pieces lay nicely over her breasts and shoulders. The wispy strands are pretty sexy. I am especially fond of the little curl by her right ear.


I am not fond of the way her bangs look from the side. For some reason they appear almost flat. She obviously doesn’t have much of a forehead under there. There is also a weird seam line right in front of her headband. I am a bit perplexed as to why they didn’t make her bangs all one piece, and leave the only seam being at the head gear. Now they two seamlines there as well as four behind the ears.


Her headband looks nice. The way her head is tilted to one side causes her hair just right obscuring her right ear. On this side you can’t see much of the headband. The left side gives us a good view of her ear, and headpiece. The two cow ears that crown her head are perfect. The shape of the ears is what really gets me. They are folded over just right, and have a slightly rough edge. Very nice detail. They did a good job with her spots as well.


The back of Sena’s hair is sculpted just as well as the front, maybe even better. There is clearly a bit of depth to the back of her skull, so why the flat forehead? Her shimmery locks are at least two layers deep, which gives her hair a bit of body. It looks complex, and put together very well.


Her face is the aspect that disappoints me the most. It looks…fat. I think it looks like she is supposed to be nervously biting her lip. In reality it looks strange. I don’t know maybe she has hiccups. She could be holding her breath to get rid of them. That would explain her pudgy cheeks. Her eyes are a very nice green gradient. The colours, and details are gorgeous. Someone should remind AlphaMax, however that Sena has blue eyes. Her angled eyebrows make her look angry or defiant. There is nothing about this pose that backs up that expression.


She wears a choker around her neck in a matching cow print. There is a little gold bell hanging from the front.I kind of wish they had gone with a cow bell, as opposed to a cat bell. It is cute, but an odd choice. Just under the bell you can see her collarbone if you have good lighting. I had a hard time getting it into her pictures. The rest of her chest and shoulders are very fleshy. Her breasts are perfectly symmetrical. The indention between them is deep enough that they don’t look awkwardly squished together..


The fabric of her tiny top looks alright. I am not sure what is holding the pieces up, because it is NOT her arm. Maybe she has double sided tape. The spots look nice, the sartorial seams are great, but the physics suck.I am pretty fond of the strap that hangs over her leg. The other one looks a bit stiff though.


Sena weras an armband around each arm. This is a fairly aesthetically pleasing way to hide where her arms attach to her body. Her arms are pretty shapely, especially around her elbows. She is “casually” resting back on her left hand, which is done nicely I might add. Her fingers are sculpted very well. Each digit has knuckles and tiny pink fingernails. Her palm is flat, but I guess that is ok since it just rests on the base. The top of her hand looks just as it should.


He right arm is protecting her ample bosom from being fully exposed, or so she wants us to believe. I am not buying it. This arm looks really good as well.  I really like the way her elbow, and wrist look. The sculptor did a great job on the shape of her hands. Her right hand is clenched into a fist, but there is still plenty of detail. Each fingers all have good knuckles, and even though they are hard to see, her fingernails are painted well.


When the sculptor stays true to her character design Sena has just the right amount of meat on her. This one definitely has it. Her shoulders and cheat are just a bit on the meaty side, but certainly still on the sexy side. Her waist is thin, but her stomach isn’t quite flat. It is just right. Her hipline is sculpted nicely, and she has an adorable belly button.


Sena has fantastic hips, they are wide but not fat. They do a very good job of balancing out her body. Her breasts and hips are in perfect are perfectly proportioned. This sculptor definitely knew the source material.


The bottom piece to Sena’s cowprint swim suit might be just a tad to small for her. The low cut shows off her fantastic belly. The moo moo spots are painted well, and shaped just strangely enough to be convincing.


The ruffle looks nice, even the way it lays against the ground looks natural. I have never seen a cow with a ruffle, but she looks nice so I am not complaining. Due to that low cut bottom piece we get to see a little bit more of her backside than I really wanted too.


Her tail is pretty cool. It is connected to the back of the swimsuit and lays out around her. The tassel part rests next to her right thigh. I love the spots on her tail as well.


I almost didn’t buy this figure because of her legs. They look sexy, yes but I was not a fan of the real stockings. Now that I have her I can honestly say that they look nice in person, but I am not sure about their longevity. I also think that the figure suffers from it more than it gains. She has really bad seam lines near her knees, but these are needed to tuck in the fabric and make the stockings look natural. They look great but they hinder the sculpt.


Other than the awkward seam line, her legs look really nice. The shape is good, and well proportioned to the rest of the body. The top of the stockings are plastic, and make for an easy transition between the fabric and her leg. You can also see where the seam line is. I would assume that the stocking are tucked into her leg here as well.


Her sandals are a bit simple in design. There are straps but no buckles. I don’t know she puts them on, or takes then off. The bells are really cute, and pretty detailed. She has great toes in those stockings, its to bad that they are so hard to see.


Sena’s base is a very large white circle with beveled edge, and a soft faux fur top. It looks like a sexy girl sitting on fur rug. Now she just needs a fire place.


Overall this figure is quite sexy, but I am not sure the pricetag warrants awful knee seams, and pimple nose syndrome.


She is very sexy.

Her proportions are lovely.

Her hair sculpt looks nice.

The base is awesome!


Her face looks awkward in sculpt, and expression.

Stockings look odd on otherwise plastic figure.

Her knee seams really suck!

Overall Enjoyment: 7/10


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  1. ali hassan says:

    ‘pros – she is sexy’ that is enough for me 😛

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