Hirasawa Yui and Kotobuki Tsumugi Sega

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I’ve been quite a big fan of the K-on! girls for awhile now and not too long ago I tackled both Mio and Ritsu. Well today we’re going to be taking a peek at 2 more of the other Tea Time girls. So let’s try to beat back the winter chill a little bit by hitting the beach with Yui and Mugi.


Yui’s got an adorable face, her green eyes are wide and she has an adorable smile on her face. I’m also quite fond of how her locks frame her face.


She’s got a nice collarbone that leads us down to a very flat chest. Now this bikini top is kind of funny because it makes me think of Sena Kashiwazaki’s swimsuit top, except on a less well endowed girl (I think it’s the colour). The funny thing though is that were as Sena’s ample chest is way too big for her top, Yui is way too small to fill out the same top….there’s never going to be a middle ground here. I think a one piece would have suited her much better.


She has nice arms, very thin, but with light muscles. Very nice. Her stomach is flat and not very defined though she does have a belly button and a lightly defined pelvic bone. She doesn’t curve in at all at the waist, what we have here is a classic case of girl with zero figure. Her skirt is ridiculous, the paint job isn’t very good, specifically the trim is spread way too thin. It also doesn’t have any hook, button or tie to hold it closed….


Her legs are far better them her stomach, much more like her thin dainty little arms. In other words they are nicely defined but not overly done. Her raised foot is decent, not great, spreading the toes a little would have made it look more natural but there really isn’t anything wrong with the way this is.


I really like how bushy her hair looks from the side, it’s got fairly nice definition and I like that you can see her ear.


Her torso is really amusing because not only does she have no boobs or hips, but he spine has virtually no curve either. She’s like a pencil.


The sarong does match her movement nicely and I love the folds in the fabric.


She has a visible seam line going down one leg. Her calves are really nice and lead down into nice ankle bones.


Her shoulder length hair brushes nicely against her skin and is honestly my favorite part of this figure. They did a nice job of layering her locks and making it look quite natural.


Yui’s shoulder blades are decent, but not very defined, her spine is much more impressive by far.


The back of her skirt clings nicely to her backside.


You also have the option of displaying her with or without her skirt, honestly I don’t really like this option too much. I think the skimpy bikini bottom makes her torso look way to long.


Because she comes apart at the waist, to be able to add or remove the skirt, it leaves a gap. This is by far the strangest butt crack I’ve ever seen. However if you really push the two pieces together then your left with a fairly well sculpted backside.20131207_131424

Her base is a hexagon that is half water and half sand. I’m especially fond of the water part of the base. It’s got a nice wavy look to it and the sea foam loos great. I like the splashed up water by Yui’s foot, it’s a cute touch. The sand is uneven and rises up in different spots. Right so let’s check out Mugi next!


If Yui’s face is cute then Mugi’s is adorable! She’s got huge green eyes and her awesome trademark eyebrows. Her hair is pulled to the side in a messy ponytail that wraps around itself nicely.


She’s got a really cute bathing suit top, it’s really close to being a tube top and it matches her body type quite well. She’s got nice lightly muscles arms and pretty good hands with nice dainty fingers.


Like Yui she’s got a decent stomach, belly button, hip bones and all.


Her sarong is adorable, it’s the same yellow as her suit. The folds on it look pretty good. The ribbon on it breaks my heart though, it’s got a fingerprint right on it. Regrettably that’s something I’ll never be able to unsee.


She’s got nice thighs and good calves, her leg proportions are very nice.


I love her hair a lot, the swept off to the side look is really nice and the loose locks are gorgeous.


Sadly Mugi has a really bad injection mark on her skin.


Her sarong has a large hot pink flower decal on each side, I also really like how it’s kind of flared out at the bottom.


She has nice shoulders and a great spine. The ties on the back of the suit look great too! Super cute even.


Her sarong looks very nice from the back.


Her profile is lacking a little bit, she doesn’t have much of a gap between her nose and mouth which is always awkward.


Mugi’s sarong sadly has an injection mark near the top of the flower decal.


Her base is pretty much the same as Yui’s so there’s not much point in going over every minute detail, but I will point out that her base has a different seashell in the water.




The two girls are mega cute. They have a few issues between the two of them, but I still think they’re worth the prize figure msrp. Besides I’m not sure you can go wrong with these lovely ladies.


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2 Responses to Hirasawa Yui and Kotobuki Tsumugi Sega

  1. Topiki says:

    I seriously think Yui looks like a man in a coconut bra…..Awkward.


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