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Well, I am definitely stepping out of my element here with a toy review. My personal history with purchasing these goods is extremely short, and I do not have the keen eye for detail and critique as my fellow authors, so there may be a distinct lack of gravitas here. I feel like The Hulk providing the cultural nuances of a Salvador Dali painting. Fortunately, it is a Figuart, and action figures are more up my alley. So, with that advisory out-of-the-way, “Let’s do it!!”

I have been a longtime fan of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and I still watch it regularly today. With the series’ 20 year anniversary and 20th season Power Rangers Megaforce airing on Nick (which has been pretty damn good so far), I was expecting some big things throughout the calendar and the goods have been plenty. I’ve had the Red Ranger fig for some time now, but have been hesitant to do a legit review of him, for previously stated reasons. Call it impulsive, but I felt the time was right.

"Back to the Command Center!!"

“Back to the Command Center!!”


  From a presentation standpoint alone, this fig looks great! Boasting a smooth, slender frame and points of articulation that isn’t visually distracting, Red Ranger looks very lifelike. With bicep muscles and pectorals that can be faintly seen through the costume give the further impression of a human body underneath.

Red Ranger muscles

To further accentuate presentation in adjacent with its real life costume counterpart, the helmet and torso are given different levels of gloss. The visor, preferably does a great job of reflecting light. In fact, in my title banner picture, if you look just down and left from the Tyrannosaur’s left nostril, you can see my computer monitor. In contrast, the remainder of the body is airbrushed a slightly duller hue, complementing the fabric.

2013-11-15 15.37.58

For the shoulders, the manufacturers gave the figs these rotator cuffs. I can’t think of a more appropriate name for what they are. Again, a really nice touch in terms of giving the Rangers a sleek, uninterrupted view of the body, and they do their job nicely aesthetically of covering up the ball joint in the shoulder, but getting them arm to do what you want is where it gets a bit tricky. More on that when I get to articulation.


Two more points here while I am still focusing on the bust and head, and this is the one thing about this toy that bugged me. Maybe I can be proven wrong, but his neck looks crooked to me.


This is as erect as I can make him stand (shut up, Beavis), and yet his neck always seems to crane slightly off-center. It looks goofy when I pay attention to it and he comes off like a sassy black woman telling off her boyfriend. Also, due to the helmet design, his head cannot tilt back, so having him look up will require a bit more torso work.

Tyrannosaurus buckle

The belt is a separate piece of flexible material that covers the joint connection at the waist while also giving a more organic flair to poses. The T-Rex emblem looks very nice for such a miniscule piece of hardware to inscribe. Thumbs up to that. Thumbs down, however, to the detachable holster, which fell off way to often to ignore. Belt loop fell off again

It’s pretty damn aggravating. The holster will remain secure enough for you to forget about it, but as soon as you begin to move the legs in any complex fashion, *POP* it drops to the floor. A minor inconvenience, sure, but I’ll continue to frown at it.

Back view

From behind, some slight muscle and bone definition in the shoulder blades, and it’s also where the rolling shoulder cuffs do a great job of completing the diamond pattern around the chest!! I have no idea what the deal is with the oddly placed circles on his back and tushie, but some questions are better left unanswered. Appearance Score 8.8/10

Update 11/25/13: I just recently learned that these indentions in the back are removable for inserting pegs to bases for an easier effort to stand them. That’s pretty cool, and I should’ve caught that sooner


 1384550203523Red Ranger comes with 5 sets of interchangeable hands, signature Power Sword, the Thunder Slinger (a weapon I’m having a hard time remembering the Rangers using) and dagger and gun variations of the Blade Blaster as well as a holstered mold. I enjoyed a lot of the mixing and matching, but the hand molds are a little too snug for my tastes. Since I feel like a shaved ape handling a Faberge Egg in regards to these collectables, I would prefer a more relaxed grip on these hands. The weapons he can wield fit just right, but since I (and possibly others) have no intention on letting anyone under the age of 8 handle these, is there any reason for the extra security?!

Red Ranger weapons

 The weapons all have pretty great detail for such small parts, highlighted by the Power Sword. This little baby is very impressive to look at and honestly might be my favorite part of the whole attraction!Power Sword Dino Emblem

 From all the gold embroidering to the well done T-Rex logo and the pattern going up and down the blade, this piece really is a treat to the eyes! They did a heck of a job making this look like a solid steel blade!!Power Sword

 I really can’t think of anything bad to say about this sword and it really makes me look forward to see what they are going to do with the Pink Ranger’s Power Bow, as that was my favorite weapon. Parts & Accessories Score 7.3 (hurt by the fidgety hands and that holster)


These Rangers do have a lot of flexibility, leaving a lot of the imagination as to what you can do with them, but it took me a while to get this guy in some athletic poses. He has no problem standing on his feet, and his weight feels evenly distributed enough, but he certainly does topple over a lot as soon as you start to get bendy with him.

Sword Pose

 When I first took him out of the box, I thought his legs were a big problem and were too wobbly, but I seldom handle these toys, so it turned out to just be an adjustment period for me. Turns out, as time passed, his arms provided the most clumsiness, all because of the should rotator cuff things. For what they do good, they make moving his arms that much more cumbersome. Since I can’t see which way the joint is turned, I would have to pull and twist in manners that I wouldn’t feel comfortable twisting a toy of this price tag just to get my bearings back.

Gun pose

 For this one, I couldn’t quite find a way for his left arm to reach across his chest to balance his blaster (or Slinger, whatever) for a better shot, but alas, I cannot. So I shot a pic from this angle to show off that great foot action there. I seriously didn’t know they did this with these figures.

Sword Pose Redux

  All in all, he’s a pretty flexible toy that, if enough patience is met, you can pull off some pretty sweet poses, but working with the arms is a chore, and his head has a habit of looking down. Creativity can minimize these flaws.                                                       Articulation & Posability Score 7/10




 Box is pretty stylish with the toy image superimposed on the front and a great look at the actual fig inside. May not be a lot to rave about, but gets the job done. Has nothing on my Mystery Science Theater collector’s boxes with Cro, Tom, and Gypsy toys. Packaging Score 6.9/10

 IN CLOSING: I am overall pleased with this toy and I look forward to collecting others to complete the team. Posing them can be a bit of a pain in the crooked neck, but once you get them doing what you want them to do, it’s pretty fun. Hands interchange nicely, though the fact that I have to pry the gun out of their hands is annoying and could potentially lead to long-term wear and tear, which makes me hesitant to play with these guys often. It’s a really good quality collectors item, probably nothing higher or lower than that. OVERALL SCORE 7.4/10


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  1. cb27ded says:

    I understand about the slanted neck thing. The White Ranger has a really slanted neck that it looks like he should be bopping his head from side to side with some music. lol.

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