Lelouch Lamperouge 1/8 Banpresto


Character: Lelouch Lamperouge

Series: Code Geass

Scale: 1/8

Sculptor: Ousaka Miki

Manufacturer: Banpresto

Release Date: June 2013

Run: Ichiban Kuji

My Figure Collection: http://myfigurecollection.net/item/131142

Since Evangelion dropped the ball on fun and original figures in favour of their new darker image. Boring says I. Some of them look decent, but the days of Ninja, and Merfolk is gone. Where they lost their originality it seems Code Geass may have picked it up and put it in its pocket. Banpresto recently released two sets of really great Code Geass figures, with a third on the way. The first set was a four piece of Code Geass in Wonderland figures, the second was this set from Code Black at Ashford, the third set match these but are light versions.

I thought Code Black Lelouch would be the perfect figure to celebrate my favourite holiday; Halloween. Today Lelouch is masquerading as a rock star, and looking pretty cool I might add. I suppose if he is going to put on a show then we might as well take a peek, right?


Lelouch has always been a bit of a primadona, so it isn’t a far cry for him to be a lead singer in a rock band. It also doesn’t surprise me that he strikes such a fantastic pose. Lelouch’s jacket billows out behind him as he leans toward the audience, one foot resting on his “God box” while he cradles the microphone stand. His gaze rests on the crowd as he sings his lyrics, while the concert attendees are fixed on his Geass. What do you think he is projecting to them? Kind of makes you wonder, eh?


As a kind of unusual feature for a prize figure, Lelouch comes with two different faces. The first face has a bat wing shaped eyepatch over his left eye. The position of his head is still the exact same, so it still looks like he is gazing out towards the audience. His eye looks fantastic. The iris is made up of purple and pink hues, with a bit of white to show light refracting. His mouth is open just a bit. He isn’t exactly smiling, but he definitely looks pleased. The paint on this little bat wing accessory is a bit sloppy. I am pretty fond of the tiny silver buckle on the strap. I guess it is because that is a bit unique.


His second face is identical to the first except for the missing eyepatch, which is cool  because his geass eye is awesome. I love the way it changes the entire personality of the figure. I like this face better, because it really looks like he is using geass on the crowd with the song. His facial features are applied superbly! Again his mouth is slightly open. They did a bit of shading just along the inside of his mouth. It looks really good. The detailing on the geass is perfect!


Lelouch’s hair is fabulous. The sculpt is very detailed, and looks perfectly in character. Well that is with the exception of the red streak, but we will come back to that. I am especially fond of the way his bangs curve inwards over his cheekbones. Lelouch has kind of strange hair. His bangs are long, and divided perfectly to show his facial features. The center part comes to a sort of point between his eyebrows, while the sides brush back towards his ears. The sides of his bangs being a bit longer follow the outline of his face. Like I said strange design, but executed very well on this figure. The paint is a little boring. It looks good, but there is no shading. The red highlight does make his hair stand out quite a bit though.


The back of his hair looks nice, but not so much as the front. The top portion has very little detail, for that matter I would say it is downright smooth. The ends are sculpted nicely. Each spikey little piece curls out over his collar.


This is where things get really interesting. Seeing this Lelouch immediately put me in the mind of Chrono Cross’ Nikki. I think that may have been the last time I saw an outfit this ridiculous. Maybe not though…Regardless it is strange and so is Lelouch. Overall he looks like a foppish singer for an over the top goth band.


The white button down shirt that Lelouch is wearing has a high collar that he clearly wears open. There are two buttons at the top that Lulu does not have fastened. The thing that really gets me about this shirt is it’s length. I realize that Lelouch is fairly tall and lanky, I am not sure he should be shopping at Big & Tall. This shirt is waaay too long. Sometimes girls do that sexy thing where they walk around in their boyfriend’s oversized shirt, well yeah. I think Lulu might have put on someone elses shirt this morning:/. I will give him a little credit. He did manage to close the bottom two buttons. The corset style vest he is wearing over the shirt gives it a nice mini skirt look. The corset has a lace up front, as well as ribbon trim along the bottom.


Over the weird button down mini skirt corset combo Lelouch wears a billowing coat with a tattered edge. The coat is pretty nifty. It kind of has a colonial look to it, specifically the sleeve cuffs and the design along the breast. These areas are a blue-gray colour with gold trim, and buttons. The paint on the details looks nice. We can also see the ends of his long white sleeves poking out from his jacket. I honestly wonder if his sleeves are ruffled, or if they are just big enough that they bell out at the end of the coat. Either way the sculpt looks good.


The back of jacket shows off a really cool red gradient. This is one the coolest parts of this figure.  There is a little black strap near the small of his back, and some really cool bat wings sprouting from his back. The wings are mostly plumb coloured, but there is just a bit of pinkish purple at the base of the wings. There is a white claw at the top of each one as well. Where the wings emerge from the jacket there is a jagged edge. It appears as though the wings might actually be connected to his back, and are emerging from the tears in the fabric.


The last piece of Lelouch’s upper attire to discuss is his red scarf. It looks nice as it billows around him, clearly affected by the same breeze as his jacket. There is little detail to it. There are a couple of little folds near the end, but there is no shading.


Lulu has great hands.  Each of his long slender fingers is proportioned, and positioned nicely. I just love the way he holds the microphone stand. Each fingertip has a tiny fingernail. He also wears one silver ring on each hand. The design on the rings is the symbol of geass.


Now as much as I was weirded out by Lelouch’s strange shirt, that has nothing on his pants. His long legs are clad in what may have once been a pair of nice black pants. Not so much now though. One pant leg has been cropped into a half pair of shorts…!? Why? By shorts I mean shorts, or maybe even hot pants. Why is he wearing half a pair of hot pants?? The reason is obviously so he can show off his new garter belt tattoo. Oh yes Lelouch is sporting a geass themed garter tat. What is left of his pant leg it strapped to his leg by studded, buckled top. Awkward…


The details on the buckle, and tattoo are done really well, but I still wonder why.


Lelouch has some pretty cool shoes. They are pointed toe dress shoes. The details are really great. There are holes for the laces, which he clearly isn’t wearing. The tongues are plaid though, that is ruddy cool. I love plaid.


The other things that Lelouch comes with are his tools of the trade: a microphone, and a speaker. Both pieces are pretty cool. I like the speaker, which I lovingly refer to as a “godbox”, fitting for Lelouch, eh? This box is essential to hold him up, being as he has one foot perched upon it. The darn thing has no peg for his foot, or for the base so it slides around when you move him. the sculpt is great. The mesh front of the speaker looks great, there are even vents sculpted on the back.


The microphone stand has a bat wing base which is cool, but the damn thing is to tall. He doesn’t quite hold it right. With a bit of maneuvering it works, but if it were just a bit shorter it would have been better. The mesh part of the microphone itself looks good. The stand comes in two pieces the post part and the base piece.


Lastly Lelouch’s base is a large checkered square. There is one peg for his foot, and a hole for a support post. He stands fine without the post, but I would say for long term display it is probably essential. This wouldn’t be a problem if they had made it clear, the white is fairly distracting.


Overall this figure may be pretty strange looking, but he is a lot of fun, and a little bit different. If you are a fan of Lelouch I highly recommend this one.


Creative Design.

Great Faces.

Dynamic Pose,

Unique clothes.

Fantastic Sculpt.


Microphone stand is too long.

Small paint flaws.

Unique clothes…Can this be a pro and a con?

The white support post.

Overall Enjoyment: 9/10



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