Sakai Wakana 1/10 Wave


Character: Sakai Wakana

Series: Tari Tari

Sculptor: Yukio Okumura

Scale 1/10

Manufacturer: Wave

Release Date: September 2013

Run: Standard

My Figure Collection:

Last time we visited Tari Tari we took a look at the cute and determined Konatsu Miyamoto. This month we will be looking at the complete opposite, Sakai Wakana. Sakai is a bit more moody, and where as Konatsu could be called determined, Wakana is more stubborn. Yes, there is a difference.


Don’t get me wrong by the time I was through with Tari Tari, I had developed a soft spot for her. From the appearance of this figure you would think she was a fairly bubbly character. I am not sure who they are trying to fool, but she looks nice regardless.


I didn’t sit down and write this to talk about the show though, I am here to talk about this adorable Beach Queen. Wakana’s face is really cute. I love her happy expression. Her brown eyes are painted with a glossy finish. The light reflecting off of the shiny surface gives her eyes a little spark of life. There is a bit of white paint added to her iris’ to imitate light reflection, so even in a dimmer setting she looks nice. She is clearly laughing, and her open mouth looks really good. They used a darker red for the inside, and a slightly lighter shade for her tongue.


I am not however a fan of her profile. I know I complain about this a lot, and it is a very typical cute girl trait, but I can NOT stand when the nose and top lip are the same thing. It looks so damn weird. From the front I love her face. From the side she looks a bit alien.


Wakana has a lot of great hair. No. I really mean it. She has two different styles to choose from. The first is a pretty standard ponytail, whilst the second is a cute little bun. Before we get to that though, I suppose we should talk about her bangs. They are sculpted very well. Her bangs are parted on the left, with most of her hair swept to the right. The sculpt is not smooth, it actually looks full of body. At the back of her bangs is a seamline where her hair comes apart for the switch.


The ponytail looks really nice. The strands in back are separated a bit which gives the appearance that Wakana is either standing in a breeze, or as if she were moving. There are a couple of loose strands near the nape of her neck, and this cute little curl poking up near the top. She has a really cute little hair tie. It is white with a little pink flower. The paint here is nice and crisp.


The bun is really cute, and a little bit unique.. You don’t see to many hair buns on the beach. Usually it is just a bunch of ponytails. The only problem with the bun is that it lacks detail. It is like a brown ballstuck on the back of her head. I do like the hair tie, both versions have it. The bun version still has the still has the tiny curl near the top. Love it. I have read that some people are not to keen on her hair colour as it is untrue to the anime. I beg to differ. Her hair looks just fine sans the lack of detail on the bun.


Like the other Beach Queens, Wakana does not disappoint as far as her sculpt goes. Her neck and collarbone are nicely defined, as are her breasts. Her striped swimsuit is painted well, and sculpted fantastically. It is obviously supporting her breasts. It looks realistic. They have quite a lovely shape. Not only does her top give her just the right curves, but the colours are fun and a bit unique. Very nice indeed. I may be biased though, orange, green, and blue are my favourite colours. In that order even. I also dig the little tie.


Her stomach and hips are pretty great too. Her belly muscles are nicely sculpted, and I just love the hipline. She has very nice hips. They might even give Sena a run for her money. I also love her navel. Very sexy.


Wakana’s bikini bottom matches her top except the colours go the opposite direction. The design of the swimsuit is low cut which gives a bit more emphasis to her hips. The paint on both parts of the swimsuit are painted well. I did notice that there is a severe lack of wrinkles I the fabric. That is a bit awkward.


Her arms are thin, almost too thin. They look alright, but they seem out of proportion to her meaty thighs. They do look better than Konatsu’s arms. At least hers start out thicker at the top and taper towards her wrists.


Her hands are nice. Her fingers are detailed well. Her knuckles and fingernails are sculpted good. She has very light pink paint on each fingernail. Her hands are just far enough apart to hold her beach ball in place.


Wakana’s back looks just as good as her front. She has amazing shoulder blades, and a very nicely defined spine. The straps of her swimsuit are straight and very crisp.


Her butt is pretty meaty as well. She has a very well rounded backside, and her lowcut swimsuit isn’t shy about showing it off. There isn’t much definition in the fabric though, very little wrinkle detail.


Wakana has great legs too! This sculptor really gave he a fantastic body. Her legs are shapely and sexy. I always love a nice pair of legs. Her knees are defined well. Wakana’s feet have a decent sculpt as far as shape goes. They look like great feet, but unfortunately they appear too small. Her toes are also lacking a bit of definition. They did do a good job on her toenail polish.


The beach ball is fairly good. It has alternating solid/ transparent pink panels. The solid ones have a kind of bubbly design. It looks like a beach ball should look.


Her base is the standard hexagonal Wave make. The top is textured to look like sand. It is very fitting of the Beach Queen line, and very space efficient. These bases are so easy to display. Her base also does a good job holding her up.


Her body is fabulous!

She has a nice expression.

Her swimsuit is cute and a bit sexy.

The beach ball is a great accessory.

Her base matches her well.


Her feet look too small.

Not a fan of her profile…at all.

Overall Enjoyment: 9/10


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