Megaten Monday Persona 2 Eternal Punishment Part 6


Sorry kiddos not much action this week, but there is a lot of intell going down.


So unless I’m mistaken we last left off with a replica blimp sinking into the sea.


Baofu takes this whole thing with a grain of salt, I really love this guy.


Katsuya however isn’t. He’s being just as much of complete spaz as you’d expect. I could think this was really cool, you know that he’s panicked over his little brothers whereabouts, but he hasn’t shown even the slightest bit of actual concern for his brother. It’s more like for the last eight hours of gameplay he’s been more worried about Tatsuya’s reputation then Tatsuya himself.


Our main man Baofu is thoroughly convinced that Tatsuya isn’t stupid enough to be dead, or to get caught up in meeting with them here and now and having to answer the mass amount of questions that they probably have.


With a slight bit of reason being shoved into his face Katsuya turns to find another target to yell at, this time in the form of Jun.


Jun doesn’t know what’s going on exactly or who Tatsuya was, but he does have that unnatural feeling of Deja Vu. Ironic considering the title of ‘Deja Vu Boy’.


Over right…..because anything is ever over that easily. That would make this game shorter then Arc the Lad 1.


That’s an incredibly valid point really, I mean even on the off chance that Sudou is actually dead (doubt it), but if Tatsuzou made one Joker then why couldn’t he make another.


See and once again the little brother is the final thing, the after thought. And we have in fact learned quite a bit. The Sudou family is responsible for the Joker curse, why we don’t yet know. The Joker has the ability to not only summon demons, but also to move between rifts in time and space. Tatsuya instills the feeling of Deja Vu in various different people, the people eho were close to him in the other world, continuing on with Tachan we also know that in some way, shape, size or form he knows whats going to happen in the future, but what the party doesn’t know is why. Quite a bit for knowing nothing.


Naturally Katsuya does want to report what has transpired to the police. Proof that some fools never learn.


Baofu bids Katsuya farewell in his own way, it’s sarcastic naturally. Just what you’d expect from him.


Unsurprisingly Ulala is all too happy to throw in the towel. She just wanted the Joker gone so it’s game over for her, or at least it would be if we weren’t about to inevitably get another pile of drama thrown at him.


She pleads with Maya not to get involved which in my humble opinion is pretty damn stupid. Why on Earth would she decide after burning the Sevens emblem to just not be involved anymore. That’s bullocks and she knows it.


Baofu yells at their retreating forms that they are way to weak. It’s pretty awesome.


He then turns to Maya to ask the important question. “Where do you stand on all this?”


Naturally pleased by Maya’s response, Baofu decides he’s going to go gather some information.


And sends Maya off to the publishing house to do her own intel, between the two of them they’ll surely end up with something good.


Jun in the meantime is busy doing what Tatsuya wanted forever, pining after him.


I totally forgot about the editor. I really don’t want to deal with her..,..ever again.


Fortunately for me there’s somebody in her office already keeping her nice and distracted.


Chizuru unless I’m completely mistaken was the fortune teller that was responsible for the fortune telling craze that they were talking about in the beginning of the game.


This chick looks so creepy, like she fell right out of Full Metal Alchemist. Yucky.


Or you could not, I apologize for not trusting this woman as far as I can throw her.


The strange feeling of Deja Vu and not belonging, not knowing who Tatsuya is or what he’s doing but having an unnatural and desperate need to help him. I can’t even imagine how awkward that must be.


That right there verifies that she is completely aware of the “Other Side”.


Did anyone that’s reading this ever read the manga Hitman Reborn? Cause all this is flowing really similar to the Millefiore arc in that series. You see the villain of the that story arc Byakuran had this power that one might even consider a curse. Throughout the different worlds, the different dimensions all the Byakuran’s in history are completely mentally connected. Like hive minded. I kind of get the impression that Chizuru is saying that all humans are in fact that way.


Irk with that last bit of mysticism Chizuru exits the room and leaves Maya with the wolf.


After reporting Maya exits the rom to see her intrepid coworkers all huddled around a TV. Oh by the way Fuji’s still alive, awesome isn’t it?


From earlier conversations we’ve gathered that on TV today Chizuru would tell the world who Joker is.


So here we have a little bit more knowledge on this whole Joker thing. A joker is someone who is possessed by the spirit of jealousy or hatred, like the dark side of the force.

Kegare (穢れ・汚れ, uncleanness, defilement) is the Japanese term for a state of pollution and defilement, important particularly in Shinto as a religious term.


This is also the 2nd Megaten game I’ve run into with the concept of draining luck.


The first one was this incident, I can’t wait to get around to reviewing this one 🙂


So defilement leads to more defilement in an unending cycle. Or as Yoda put it:

Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hatred, hatred to suffering and that the darkside is. Unending cycle.


Because doing the Joker curse would lead to further defilement which would in turn make the kegare stronger. Oh what fun.


Oh for the love of……..that’s going to be such a pain in the butt.


This concept huts me and is probably giving Maya and Tatsuya both a freaking heart attack.


This is all we get from Baofu’s lair. Vague talk about “Him” not being worth it. Tatsuya perhaps? Or maybe Sudou? It could be either really. It could also be some player that we have yet to run into. I guess only time will tell.


Then there’s the most shifty eyed police officer in history, I wuld guess that he’s probably about to send Katsuya running crying back into the party’s collective arms.


And there we have it. Katsuya  about to be on ‘temporary’ leave from work. How splendid.


Is that really what’s bothering him? So much shit happened and he’s angsting over the blimp. That really should surprise me more.


So they burnt down the sanitarium as a cover up, I must admit Shimazu that is a good play.


Pity Katsuya was there for most of the incident huh? However this guy is dense enough that they might actually convince him that there really was a fire.


…..oh God it’s starting. Random people who used the curse are turning into jokers. You know what though, I bet Anna isn’t one of them.


Whoohoo vacation! Katsuya is now free to come back to the party feeling like a whipped puppy.

How did Katsu not notice this guy sitting there? I mean I know the man is literally wearing rose colored glasses but come on! Your supposed to be a detective and you miss the guy sitting on the couch that Baofu pointed at and said “he’s from the Taiwanese mafia!” Good god man!


Shinjo? Who’s Shinjo? I don’t think I’ve heard that name yet. Hmmmmmm…… So the police know in advance who’ll become a joker.


No surprise there. It explains her relief that the joke is dead, and why she’s okay with backing out of the whole investigation now.


Both of them? Shinjo and whom? I wonder…now that I think about it whoever this Shinjo is could be the mysterious person that they were talking about on Baofu’s wire tap.


So…..Ulala’s going to become a Joker. Which then means I can punch her face in…..I feel kind of good about that really.


And she’s about to find out to which should be kind of epic.


Well it’s a rumor, rumors are coming true, and it’s been televised so a lot of people are discussing it, Vey well played on Nyarley’s part this go round.


Poor Baofu, the most intelligent of the group is the last to know, go figure.


Well there’s a shocker.


But who was watching? One of the teachers? A small child? We never found any actual museum employees…..


Baofu dear there’s a list of people that could be. Yourself included for that matter.


I do admire his drive in wanting to use Katsuya for inside information though.


A phone call from Serizawa slightly reprioritizes the groups plan though. She told Maya to run before she turns. That can mean only one thing, she doesn’t want to be the Joker who kills Maya.


Hopefully those stupid sideburns of yours, seriously though she’s man crazy so I’d guess an ex boyfriend.


Ohhhh yeah, the boss fight I was brutally robbed of in the Gym in the ‘the Other Side’. If she still had relations with that guy he’d be a total possibility.


Especially with the Die at the end there. It does make a convincing argument.


Deja Vu dear seriously get on the same page as the rest of the group.


Good boy.


So it looks like next week we’ll start rumor hopping in Hirasawa. That usually make for a good time. With any luck we’ll also get to see someone transform into a Joker. I hope she gets a paper bag on her head to that’d be awesome.


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