Dark Magician Girl Cu Poche


I’ll be perfectly honest about this, I liked the premise of the Cu-Poche line more then I liked the designs themselves. The first ones I saw were Madoka and Saber both of which looked completely ridiculous in my opinion. Then Kotobukiya went ahead and made it entirely personal. They announced the Dark Magician Girl, now how on earth could I possibly resist?


Starting from the top on down, DMG’s hat looks awesome. The pink ridges cut across the hat in all the right places however there are a few spots where the blue laps over the pink just a little bit.


She has a chubby little face, very cute. She has ginormous green eyes, they’re done in a very nice light green with lots of light refraction to make them look all the better. She has large blush spots on her cheeks and a big smile on her lips. I’m also pretty fond of the way her bangs fall into her face. Her hair has a light sparkle to it that in my humble opinion just adds to her magical appeal.


The gem on her chest is a nice dark blue, with a bright yellow star painted it. The pink trim on both her shoulders and chest looks really good. Speaking of her chest, being a super deformed little monster did very little to diminish her ample breast size..


Her skirt is cute and really simple, it’s just long enough to maintain a sense of dignity. The light pink ruffled fabric is very cute and counters the dark pink of her trim nicely. Her boots are almost knee high, cut off just below the knee joint. Her boots are in the same colour scheme as her hat, , it’s a cute look. There are two yellow gems on the ankle portion of each boot. Everything here looks very crisp and well done.


…..I’m not entirely sure why I placed this picture here….ah well. Of course as one would come to expect se comes with her wand. The swirly gig part comes off to be able to slip it into her hand. Her staff has glossed paint on both ends that makes it look very pretty. The gold paint is just a few shades darker then her hair. They did a great job of subtly making her shine.


There are minor paint flaws on the side of her hat, places where the dark pink paint is a little bit too thin. Her long locks curl outward from her hat, it’s pretty cute. I’m sure you also saw that little hole in her hat, that’s for an accessory that we’ll get to a bit later on.


Her little arm guards are really cute and well painted, like the boots these are encrusted with little gems too. This time though it’s two per gauntlet instead of just one. There’s a pale pink at each wrist and a yellow one closer to each elbow. The yellow one is larger then the pink one, it’s pretty damn cute.


There’s a better shot of the ones on his boots, there are very slight paint flaws on her boot. Barely even noticeable at all.


There’s a seam line running down the back of her hat, if it had been sanded down just a little bit more I think it would have been almost perfect.


Her hair has very nice definition to it, it looks very good. Her hair also has bits of shading mixed in with it. I really adore the way they did her hair.


From the back we get to see her cape, it’s in the same color as her cape. There are little bits of dark pink between the folds of the fabric. Going down a bit we see curved edge at the top of her boot, it’s so mega cute.


Her hat is crooked on her head which is just plain sickeningly cute. So that it doesn’t wobble around or fall all over the place there is actually a magnet in both her hair and hat. Magnet’s are standard for the Cu-Poche line but this one is a little different. The others all come with a magnet in their hair to attach a base piece to. This ine does not have that option which I’m honestly okay with.


Without her hat she has an adorable rounded head. There isn’t much detail to it, but then if there was the magnetic probably wouldn’t have worked even half as well.


And once from the back.


Her first optional face is her winking face. It’s mega cute and speaks of Mana’s extremely mischievous personality. The decals are applied really well and her mouth is open in a huge smile. I really love this face.


Her other option is shock, I think this face is hilarious. Her eyes are wide and filled with mortification and her mouth is just plain awesome. She’s got such an amazing look to her and coupled with her open hands she just has a look of “Oh no no no no” Kind of like she’s trying her absolute best to not have something shoved at her. Regardless she’s cute no matter how you look at it.


She has with her, her spell book. It’s well painted with a nice design on the cover, there’s a hole in the bottom of the book so you can hook it to her base and have it hovering in front of her.


The back of the book looks mostly good. There’s a seam line that cuts across the back of it and that spoils the gold paint just a little bit.


The reason for the seam on the back is this. For added display options you pop the lock off of the side of the book and now it opens. How cool is that.


And here’s how the book looks open from the outside.

Right so you remember that hole in her hat? Of course, we all do it kind of stood out. That is to help differentiate what DMG is feeling at this articular moment. She comes with a small plastic heart that you can attach via a thin clear plastic stick. Mega cute.


She also comes with the option of a star. Also very cute. I wish though that they would have given us a sweatdrop for the surprised face.


She comes with two open hands, perfect for waving, resting on her hips, or pushing something away from herself.


The dual peace signs go well with her winking face.  the sculpt is good.


The last thing we really need to talk about is her base. The main piece is magnetized and hooks to her feet. She comes with two sticks. One for her and one for the book. You can hook her to the base with either stick though. You can use the waist clip to hold her in place, this works great for flying poses. Or for a more aesthetically pleasing option you can place the stick in a hole on the underside of her hair. Handy.


Her box is a nice shade of blue and it has hazy stars all over it. It’s very pretty and very fitting of her.


The back of the box shows her various different posing options


The Cu-Poche’s come with an accessory bag, I’ve never been particularly fond of these. If you do put all your little pieces in there they are going to end up horribly scuffed up.


Overall The Dark Magician Girl is a pile of cute. She has a few minor flaws, but nothing that seriously detracts from her. If all Cu-Poche’s end up like this then I’ll surely end up buying more of them. Lot’s more I’d guess.


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I am a thirty three year old fujoshi. I adore Aniplex and Capcom both to a near criminal degree. I love cosplaying. Some of my favorites to date are Miles Edgeworth and Chrollo Lucifer. I am also currently working on Varuna. My absolute favorite genre is mystery. I LOVE a good mystery. I have a varying degree of fandoms. I love a lot of different anime, but I can honestly say I love old school american cartoons just the same. My favorite book is The Bacta War in the Star Wars X Wing novel series. I finally beat the Demi-Fiend! He was freaking hard!. I think that's all for now though.
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